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        These pages are just notes about the labels which may be found on 78s. Click on the label to see a larger image. Many labels have more pictures, information and sometimes listings which may be found by clicking on the link.  I have included labels from all periods, not just the 1920s and 1930s, just because I find them all interesting!  
         All label scans are from my own collection unless otherwise noted. Information about the labels is from various sources, including my own researching, but Brian Rust's "The American Record Label Book" was very useful as was Don Taylor's "The English 78 Picture Book" and various articles by Frank Andrews and Arthur Badrock in "Hillandale News" "For The Record" and "The Talking Machine Review".           
        In order to make the pages more managable (and quicker to load), I have split this section into alphabetical parts. Click on the appropriate letter below to see the section you want. 

The main label sections are devoted to British labels, including those made in Britain for sale in Australia, and those from the pre-WWI period which were sold in Britain but manufactured abroad (usually in Germany). Labels which don't fall into these categories will be found in the "non-UK labels" section, see link below.  I am planning to extend the main section to include post-WWII UK labels, but this will take some time to gather, as it is not a period in which I generally take an interest.

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Non-UK Labels

A listing of known O.R.B.S. wartime records

NOTE: Please do not e-mail me asking questions about what a record is worth or how to sell records.
Also, I do not own these records, so please do not ask for mp3 copies.