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Although Madison is generally thought of as one of the Grey Gull group of labels, it really has a life of its own. For a start, no mention is made on the labels of Grey Gull or Boston, just "Madison Record Co". The main thing is that Madison has its own matrix number ranges and masters which seem to crop up at random between 1927 and 1932. Also Madison continued on for nearly two years after Grey Gull had ceased producing records.
      Madison records were produced for Woolworth's (a few are labelled as by 'Woolco Entertainers') and cost a dime. The records themselves appeared in red/orange, brown and black shellac. They tend to be both brittle and gritty similar to other Grey Gull-type records. The recording quality, style and musicians are the same as other Grey Gull labels too, with the bulk of the dance music provided by trumpeter Mike Mosiello and saxophonist Andy Sannella and their friends.
       There were two series of 'Madison only' matrix numbers. One started at 5001 in spring 1926 and reached 5043 (the highest I've seen) by late summer 1929. These were issued on catalogue numbers in a 1600 series. 
      The matrices then changed to start at 101. However many of these sides used the same masters as the rest of Grey Gull and used the 100 series of matrix numbers as a control number (often the genuine matrix number being expunged from the wax). This means that until you compare the recording with the same title on another GG group label, there's no way of knowing whether it is a 'Madison only' master or not. These matrices/control numbers continue to the mid-300s before restarting at 400. All the 400 series are unique Madison masters and all date from after all the other Grey Gull sides. The highest I've seen so far is 438, dating from 1932. 
     Generally, the 'Madison only' masters are of genuine Tin Pan Alley hits rather than the non-copyright titles which make up much of the Grey Gull repertoire.
      The catalogue numbers have many series:  1600 series in the 1920s, also an 8000 series. A 50000 series, some of which may be found with a zero dropped (i.e. as a 5000 series), running to about 5099,  6000-(approx) 6040 (the last series). 

 Below is a listing of all unique Madison masters I have traced so far.  
 Any information about missing titles will be received gratefully!
 All dance band titles are Foxtrots unless noted otherwise.
I would like to thank Frank Curran, Jim Baldwin, Michael May, Chas. Mulder, Fredrik Tersmeden, Ryan Barna and Michael Jones for providing me with extra details for these listings.

Firstly, the 5000 series.

The vocalists shown are Arthur Fields, Arthur Hall, Irving Kaufman, John Ryan & Tommy Weir.

Matrix Title and vocalist (Where Known) Cat No. Artist Name 
(if a pseudonym, the real name is shown in brackets)
5001-Y How Many Times? - v 1606 Newport Society Orch
5002-Y When The Red Red Robin... - v 1608 St Louis Serenaders
5003-Y Horses 1609 Newport Society Orch
5005-Y Hello, Aloha, How Are You? 1610 Carpenter & Wylie
5006-A Mary Lou - vAH 1613 Universal Dance Orch (?Lanin)
5008 For My Sweetheart 
(matrix 2228-A shown in the wax of inspected copy)
1612 Billy Hancock 
(This is possibly Arthur Hall)
5009-D Where Do You Work-A John? 1611 James Wylie (Jack Kaufman)
5012-A Tonight You Belong To Me (waltz) 1623 Harmony Dance Orch
5013-A There's Everything Nice About You - vAF 1622 St Louis Serenaders
5014-C It Made You Happy When You Made Me Cry - vAF 1620 Harmony Dance Orch
5015-A Charmaine 1624 Al Sherman
5016-A Dew-Dew-Dewy Day - vJR 1626 Kings Dance Orch
5017-A You Only Want Me When You're Lonely 1627 Musical Masters Orch
5018-B Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella - v 1630 Perfection Trio
5019-B My Blue Heaven - v 1631 Melody Trio
5020-A Among My Souvenirs 1632 Jack Rhan (John Ryan)
5022-B Together (waltz) 1637 Anon
5023-B Mary Ann 1636 Roy Butter (Arthur Fields)
5024-A My Melancholy Baby 1636 Jack Rhan (John Ryan)
Ramona (fox-trot)
Ramona (Waltz)
1638 Anon
5026-B Sonny Boy - vAF 1640 Cotton Pickers Orch
5027-B Jeannine, I Dream Of Lilac Time (waltz) - vAF 1639 Harmony Dance Orchestra
5028-A My Angel (Angela Mia) - vAF 1643 Harmony Dance Orchestra
There's A Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder - vAF
There's A Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder - vIK
1641 St Louis Serenaders
5030-B Hallelujah, I'm A Bum 1642 John Bennett (Al Bernard)
5031-E Sonny Boy 1644 Carl Olsen (Irving Kaufman)
5032-E Me And The Man In The Moon - vJR 1647 Peoples Dance Orch
5033-E I'll Get By - vJR 1648 Madison Dance Orch
(5034) All By Yourself In The Moonlight - vAF 
(uses Grey Gull mx 3276 on my copy)
1645 Madison Dance Orch
5035-A Carolina Moon (waltz) - vIK 1646 Madison Dance Orch or Southern Dance Orchestra
5036-B Dream Mother 1651 Jim Anderson
5037-A Pagan Love Song (waltz) - vJR 1650 Musical Masters Orch (trio)
5038-A Honey - vJR 1652 Southern Dance Orch (trio)
5039-A Sleepy Valley (waltz) - vJR 1653 Musical Masters Orch (trio)
5040 Louise - v 1649 Southern Dance Orch
5041-A If I Had A Talking Picture Of You - vTW 1656 Synco Jazzers
5042-A Tip-Toe Through The Tulips With Me - vTW 1654 Newport Dance Orchestra
5043-B Love - vTW 1655 Frisco Players

Now I shall list the 100-350 series - only the ones I know - and only dance band items.
With this matrix series, if enclosed in brackets, they are just control numbers and the master is the same as the Grey Gull one. An Asterix (*) after the number signifies that it has been checked against the Grey Gull title and is definitely a different recording.

Note: Extra vocalists to the above: Paul Small, Jerry White.

Matrix Title and vocalist (Where Known) Cat No. Band Name
102 St Louis Blues 50001 Nashville Jazzers
117 Step On It 50009 Atlanta Syncopators
118 Necking Nellie Home 50009 Synco Jazzers
119 I Wanna Be Sure It's Love - v 50010 Joy Dispensers
120       * Tip-Toe Through The Tulips - v 50010 Melody Hounds
(121) I Found My Sunshine    
(reported copy uses matrix 3474-A 
which is actually "Two Red Lips")
50011 Radio Syncopators
122 If I Had A Talking Picture Of You -v 50011 Atlanta Syncopators
123-A    * Happy Days Are Here Again - vIK 50025 Frisco Players
124-A Sunny Side Up 50026 Carlton Dance Orch
125-A-B Beale Street Blues 50015 Atlanta Syncopators
128-B The Blue Danube (waltz) 50019 Carlton Dance Orch
150 My Melancholy Baby 50036 Newport Society Orch
153 Song Of India 50019 Atlanta Merrymakers
156 Antoinette, I Love You 50023 Joy Dispensers (quintet)
(157) Won By A Kiss (waltz) - vTW                   (mx 3594)
Note: Also known as "I've Lost My Faith in You".
50023 Tuxedo Dance Orch
158 And It Won't Be Long Now - vJW 50024 Newport Dance Orch
159 Sweet Little Sis - vJW           (maybe matrix 3518) 50024 Atlanta Merrymakers
(160) Gee, It's Great To Build A Nest - vJW    (mx 3621)
Note: Also known as "Rest Nest".
50025 Carlton Dance Orch
(161) Blue Days Waiting For You - v              (matrix 3623) 50026 Melody Hounds
163-A Turkey In The Straw 5018 White City Jazzers
164 Why Should I Take You Back? - vJR 5038 Tuxedo Dance Players
(165) Darlingest                                               (matrix 3662) 50037 Joy Dispensers
166 Caring Just For You 50036 Tuxedo Dance Orch
167 My First Choice Sweetheart    
181 Darling, It's You-vAF 5049 Radio Symcopators
(183) I Can't Sleep In The Movies Anymore - vAF
                                                                 (matrix 3592)
50051 Radio Syncopators
188 Talking Picture Lou 5058 White City Jazzers
(189-B) Boop Oop A Doop - vAF                    (matrix 3310)
Note: Also known as "Geraldine"
5059 Synco Jazzers (Fred Hall O)
192 Two Red Lips 5063 Synco Jazzers
(193) Blue And Lonesome - vJR                 (matrix 3597) 5064 Atlanta Syncopators
200-A   * Hello Baby - vIK 50037 Synco Jazzers
201-A-B * Crying For The Carolines - vIK 5038 Atlanta Syncopators
218-B Arkansas Traveler 5041 Frisco Players
219-A Pop Goes The Weasel 5041 Frisco Players
Stein Song - vAF                                   (matrix 3952)
Stein Song - vIK
50051 Synco Jazzers
221-B   * Should I? - vAF 5049 Newport Dance Orch
223 St James Infirmary 5047 Atlanta Syncopators
233-A The One I Love Just Can't Be Bothered With Me 5059 Carlton Dance Orch
234       * A Cottage For Sale - v 5058 Oceanic Dance Orch
245-A    * Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - vTW 5063 Newport Dance Orch
246       * When It's Springtime In The Rockies (wz) - vTW 5064 Newport Dance Orch
280 Swinging In A Hammock 5081  
300-A   * Little White Lies - vRan Weeks? 5086 Madison Dance Orch
301-A Somewhere In Old Wyoming (waltz)-v  (mx 1001-A) 5087 Madison Dance Orch
(302) Talk About Heaven - vAF     (Emerson mx 31210) 5086 Madison Dance Orch
316 A Little Lady - v            (Probably mx 3598-B) 5091 Madison Dance Orch
317 Betty Co-Ed                 (Probably mx 4095-C) 5091 White Way Serenaders
(318) Absolutely Marvelous                    (matrix 3749-A)
(Note: Also known as "Sweet Marie")
5092 University Syncopators
319-A Bye, Bye Blues - vIK          (Probably mx 4109) 5092 Paul's Novelty Orchestra
303-B Blue Waters 5087 University Syncopators
(330) The Rackett                                            (matrix 3843) 6002 Levee Syncopators
(336) Needing You                                          (matrix 3846) 5099 Ginger Ale & his Sparklers
(337) Horse Feathers                                     (matrix 3866) 5098 Tuxedo Syncopators
338-A Virginia 6009 Louisville Master Players
(340) In My Dreams - v                                   (matrix 3911) 6010 Big Show Syncopators
(344) There's A Czecho-Slovak Waiting For Me - vAF
                                                              (matrix 3453-A)
6003 Tom Smith's Melody Makers

Finally, then, the 400 series of matrix numbers, all of which are unique to Madison.
Additional vocalists: Jesters Quartet, Frank Luther.

Matrix Title and vocalist (Where Known) Cat No. Band Name
401 Go Home And Tell Your Mother - vPS 5097 Lew Gold and his Orch
402 Here Comes The Sun - v 5096 Lew Gold and his Orch
403 Confessin' (That I Love You) - vPS 5098 Lew Gold and his Orch
404 When The Organ Played At Twilight 5095 Paul Small
405-2 Three Little Words - vFL 6000 Madison Dance Orch
406 Cheerful Little Earful - vFL 5099 Madison Dance Orch
407-A Body And Soul - vFL 6004 Majestic Dance Orch
408-A Blue Again - vIK 6009 Tom Smith's Melody Masters
409-A The Little Things in Life - vIK 6002 Cosmopolitan Dance Players
410-A You're Driving Me Crazy - vIK 6003 Woolco Entertainers
411 Lady, Play Your Mandolin - vJQ 6012 Manhattan Entertainers
412-A Would You Like To Take A Walk? - vJQ 6010 Manhattan Entertainers
413-A I'm Alone Because I Love You (waltz) 6011 Manhattan Entertainers
415-A Tie A Little String Around Your Finger - vIK 6013 Broadway Syncopators
416-A Running Between The Raindrops - vIK 6014 Broadway Syncopators
417-2 Walking My Baby Back Home - vIK 6010 Manhattan Entertainers
419 Hello, Beautiful - v 6017 Majestic Dance Orch
420-A Just A Gigolo 6016 Jean Valentine
421-1 Oh, Donna Clara - v 6018 Majestic Dance Orch
425 Out Of Nowhere - v 6019 Madison Dance Orch
426-A By The River Saint Marie 6020 Majestic Dance Orch
427-A There Ought To Be A Moonlight Saving Time 6021 Carlton Dance Orch
428-A When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain (waltz) -v 6025 Madison Dance Orch
432-2 Dancing In The Dark - v 6032 Marlborough Dance Orch
434 Charlie Cadet 6035 Madison Dance Orch
435-B Goodnight, Sweetheart 6034 Majestic Dance Orch
436-1 Time On My Hands - v 6036 Majestic Dance Orch
437-1 Home - v 6037 Madison Dance Orch
438 Now's The Time To Fall In Love - v 6038 Madison Dance Orch
  I Found A Million Dollar Baby - v 6023 Carlton Dance Orch.