Pub Guide


This section is a guide or log of pubs I have visited personally and my thoughts about them.

What I look for in a pub:
Real Ale; Unpretentious food, prepared and cooked on the premises; A comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

What I don't want in a pub:
Fizzy Keg or "smoothflow" beer; Microwaved pre-packaged food; Piped music; Noisy children; "Trendy" branded styling. Sadly, these days, the Marston's sign outside a pub almost guarantees you'll get a cold, over-sparkled pint that I don't like at all.

Food comments:
You may see in some of my comments about the food, that the menu is rather "fishy". I'm not a great fan of fish and I'm put off by pubs which seem to serve almost exclusively fish dishes. It's just a personal opinion. I believe pubs should try and serve a selection of different foods if they are to survive, and they should aim at good quality middle-range food; i.e. not too up-market and not too basic.

So, here are links to my guides or logs. They are split down into various areas of the country.
Note: This is a new section of my site and it still being created, so there won't be much here to start with  -  first created October 5th 2009

Birmingham. I even go to pubs near to where I live occasionally!

Cornwall (South West). A beautiful place for a holiday.
                      (Note: not updated since 2009)

Isle of Wight. My favourite holiday destination.


Shropshire. Mainly the south of the county.

Staffordshire. The south west part, e.g. Kinver and district.

Warwickshire. The western part nearest South Birmingham.

Worcestershire. Mainly covering the north of the county.