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A selection of records from my own collection. Although my prime interest is in Dance Band and Jazz recordings from the 1920s & 1930s, I do have other musical interests, which will mainly be reflected here.
Here are the different categories of music: click on the category to go to the corresponding list of files. 
Page last updated June 28, 2015

Group Category Description Period Last Updated
Dance Band & Jazz British British dance bands 1920s-1940s June 28, 2015
American American dance bands and jazz recordings 1920s-1940s Jan 21, 2015
Other Dance Band recordings from countries other than those above 1920s-1940s Dec 13, 2009
Orchestral Classical Classical /orchestral recordings 1920s-1940s Jan 24, 2014
Light & Library Light music mainly from library records 1950s-1960s Jan 20, 2015
Acoustic Band Early (acoustic) band recordings: ragtime, early dance &c pre-1925 Nov 6, 2010
Vocal Popular Popular vocal records ("Personality") 1920s-1940s  
Music Hall Acoustic popular vocal & music hall recordings pre-1925 Feb 19, 2015

If you are familiar with my website, you will know I love to put things into tabular form to keep them all tidy, hence the redesign of this page!

This page was first created on January 25, 2014. Last updated June 28, 2015