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 If you have any information to add to this page, please send it to me. Also if you know of the location of any original records, I would be very interested in recorded copies if possible.

Programme Name Swinging In The Bathtub (A Morning Tonic)
Sponsor Reckitt's Bath Cubes, Reckitt's of Hull
Artists Roy Fox and his Orchestra, vocals by Sid Buckman, Mary Lee & Denny Dennis
Announcer Roy Fox
Date of broadcasts Radio Luxembourg: Fridays, April 8th 1938 until September 30th 1938
Radio Normandy: Thursdays: April 7th 1938 until September 29th 1938
Each shows was 15 minutes long. The series ran for 26 shows
Notes: The records were 12" single-sided shellac discs, usually with two tunes on the one side, playing for about 4 minutes overall. Some had just one longer tune.
Current Status Many of these records were issued on Halcyon & Saville LPs in the 1970s & 80s. They were transferred from illegally made 12" acetates made in the 1950s. Unfortunately, the LP transfers omitted all the announcements and mixed up the items. The acetates have most of the announcements, but, unfortunately, are also rather randomly mixed up and do not have the matrix information. The whereabouts of the original shellac discs is unknown (apart from 3 I have myself and 2 owned by Charles Hippisley-Cox, one of which is broken!). The acetates are in safe hands, though they are very fragile due to their age. 

The original discs did not have catalogue numbers.
The original Broadcast Date is that for Radio Normandy - my thanks to Raymond Welch-Bartram for providing the dates and Programme numbers for two of the broadcasts, from which I've been able to project some of the adjacent Programmemes.

ROY FOX AND HIS ORCHESTRA: Roy Fox dir: Sid Buckman-t-v / Les Lambert-t / Jock Bain - Freddie Welsh-tb / Art Christmas-cl-as / Hugh Tripp-as-bar / Tommy Davies -as / Andy McDevitt-cl-ts / Harry Balen-vn / Jack Nathan-p-a / Harry Thorne-g / George Gibbs-sb / Maurice Burman-d / Denny Dennis-Mary Lee-v.         London, May-June 1938

Matrix No. Title and Vocalist L.P. Re-issue Programme No. Orig B'cast
CTPX-5974 Singing In The Bath Tub (theme) (2 versions) Halcyon HAL-1    
CTPX-5975     Programme 1 7-Apr-1938
CTPX-5976     Programme 1 7-Apr-1938
CTPX-5977 Rosalie - vDD
Everybody Loves My Baby
Halcyon HAL-9
Halcyon HAL-1
Programme 1
(disc 3)
CTPX-5978     Programme 2 14-Apr-1938
CTPX-5979 Black Eyes
The Daughter Of The Old Grey Mare - vSB
Halcyon HAL-1
Programme 2 14-Apr-1938
CTPX-5980     Programme 2 14-Apr-1938


CTPX-6101 Some Of These Days
Trustin' My Luck - vDD
  Programme 4 29-Apr-1938
CTPX-6102     Programme 4 29-Apr-1938
CTPX-6103     Programme 4 29-Apr-1938
CTPX-6104     Programme 5 5-May-1938
CTPX-6105     Programme 5 5-May-1938
CTPX-6106 I Double Dare You - vSB
Halcyon HAL-9
Halcyon HAL-7
Programme 5 5-May-1938
CTPX-6107     Programme 6 12-May-1938
CTPX-6108 Someday Sweetheart
Whistle While You Work - vML-DD
Halcyon HAL-1
Programme 6 12-May-1938
CTPX-6109 The Joojah Tree - vSB
China Boy

Halcyon HAL-1
Programme 6 12-May-1938
CTPX-6110 Happy Feet
You Took The Words Right Out Of My Heart - vDD
Halcyon HAL-1
Halcyon HAL-9
Programme 7 19-May-1938
CTPX-6111 Mean To Me
Bob White - vML
Halcyon HAL-1
Saville SVL-168
Programme 7 19-May-1938
CTPX-6112 Me, Myself And I - vSB
Nobody's Sweetheart
Halcyon HAL-9
Halcyon HAL-7
Programme 7 19-May-1938


CTPX-6351 California, Here I Come
You're An Education - vML
  Programme 8 26-May-1938
CTPX-6352 Louise Halcyon HAL-7 Programme 8 26-May-1938
CTPX-6353 Sweet Someone - vDD
Halcyon HAL-9
Halcyon HAL-1
Programme 8 26-May-1938
CTPX-6354     Programme 9 2-Jun-1938
CTPX-6355     Programme 9 2-Jun-1938
CTPX-6356 Coffee In The Morning - vSB
What Can I Say After "Sorry"?
  Programme 9 2-Jun-1938
CTPX-6357     Programme 10 9-Jun-1938
CTPX-6358 You're A Sweetheart - vDD
Miss Annabelle Lee
  Programme 10 9-Jun-1938
CTPX-6359 I Love To Whistle - vML
Do Something
  Programme 10 9-Jun-1938
CTPX-6360 You Appeal To Me - vDD
Dizzy Daisy (piano solo by Jack Nathan)
Halcyon HAL-9
Halcyon HAL-7
Programme 11 16-Jun-1938
CTPX-6361 Every Day's A Holiday - vML
Yes, There Ain't No Moonlight - vSB
  Programme 11 16-Jun-1938
CTPX-6362 I Like To Do Things For You   Programme 11 16-Jun-1938


CTPX-6551 Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet - vch      
CTPX-6552 My Heaven On Earth - vDD      
CTPX-6554 Sunday In The Park - vDD
Basin Street Blues
Halcyon HAL-7
Halcyon HAL-7
 (disc 1)  
CTPX-6558 The Big Dipper Halcyon HAL-7    


CTPX-6868 Two Shadows - vDD
Congo (rumba)
Saville SVL-168
Halcyon HAL-1
CTPX-6871 Let's Do It - Let's Fall In Love Halcyon HAL-1    
CTPX-6872 I Got Rhythm
Love Walked In - vDD
Halcyon HAL-1
Halcyon HAL-9
CTPX-6874 Taking It Easy
Love Is Here To Stay - vDD
Halcyon HAL-7
Halcyon HAL-7
CTPX-6877 Lost And Found - vDD
Rumba Mistral - vRO (?)
CTPX-6881 Bye, Bye Blackbird Halcyon HAL-7    


CTPX-7276 Ain't She Sweet? Halcyon HAL-1    
CTPX-7281 Singing In The Rain Halcyon HAL-7  (disc 1)  
CTPX-7282 The Meanest Thing You Ever Did - vDD
San (featuring Andy McDevitt - clarinet)
Halcyon HAL-7
Halcyon HAL-7
CTPX-7284 Caravan
What A Fool I've Been - vDD
Halcyon HAL-7
Halcyon HAL-7
CTPX-7286 You Went To My Head - vML
Limehouse Blues
Halcyon HAL-9
 (disc 3)  

The matrix numbers on the other items have not been identified, neither has the full extent of the recordings yet been discovered. Those known are listed below in alphabetical order; some undoubtedly fit into the gaps in the sessions listed above.

Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen    
The Birth Of The Blues Halcyon HAL-1  
College Swing - vML Halcyon HAL-9  
The Dipsy Doodle - vML Saville SVL-168  
Do You Mind If I Dream Of You? - vML Halcyon HAL-7 (Disc 1 - follows "Song of India")
The Gypsy In My Soul - vML Halcyon HAL-9  
Heavenly Party - vDD Saville SVL-168 (Disc 1 - follows "Tiger Rag")
How'd Ja Like To Love Me? - vML    
If I Can't Sing, I Gotta Dance - vML    
Impressions Of Harlem Halcyon HAL-1  
In My Little Red Book - vDD    
It's The Natural Thing To Do - vDD Halcyon HAL-9  
It's The Rhythm In Me - vML Halcyon HAL-9  
Just A Simple Melody - vML Halcyon HAL-9  
Lady Be Good Halcyon HAL-1  
Let's All Dance - vSB Halcyon HAL-7  
Mama, I Wanna Make Rhythm - vML Halcyon HAL-9  
Mayfair Merry-Go-Round - vDD    
Mean To Me - vML    
Merrily We Roll Along - vSB & chorus    
Mr Sweeny Learns To Swing Halcyon HAL-1  
Moonlight Madness    
Nice Work If You Can Get It - vML Halcyon HAL-9  
The Old Spinning Wheel Halcyon HAL-7  
On A Rainy Day - vSB Halcyon HAL-7  
On The Sunny Side Of The Street Halcyon HAL-1  
Oooooh! Boom! - vML    
Rockin' The Town - vML Halcyon HAL-9  
Showboat Shuffle Halcyon HAL-7  
The Snake Charmer - vML Halcyon HAL-9  
Someday, Sweetheart - vDD    
Song Of India Halcyon HAL-1 (Disc 1 = see "Do you mind If I dream of You")
Speak Easy    
Spooky Takes A Holiday    
That's A Plenty Halcyon HAL-1 (Disc 1)
Tiger Rag Halcyon HAL-1 (Disc 1 - see "Heavenly Party")
Way Down Yonder In New Orleans Halcyon HAL-1  
Who? - vSB & chorus Halcyon HAL-9  
Why'd You Make Me Fall In Love? - vML    
You Couldn't Be Cuter - vML    
You'll Be Reminded Of Me - vDD    
You're The Cream In My Coffee Halcyon HAL-1  (Disc 1)