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The diagram above shows my pedigree back three generations. I have traced each family back at least one more generation, but I don't have images of any of the people back that far, so I thought I would confine this diagram with that in mind.
The basis of the information here was the work of my father in the 1950s & 1960s. In 1998, I started taking an interest, and with my brother Roger, and my cousins, Richard Greenhough and Charles Hippisley-Cox, have built up a huge amount of data about the families above.

If you can help with more information, do email me. There are also emailing links in my brother's website.

If you have any information regarding any of the families on this site, do not hesitate to contact me using the email link of the lower left hand box of the above chart. Please note: all the information I have will be shown on the site (except recent birth dates and places); please don't email me asking for more information.

Other Family Trees

Apart from the eight main families mentioned above, there are several other names I have been investigating; these are listed in the table below with information as to which family they link. 

Group 1: Going further back:

By following the families above back further, there is obviously another batch of families, which are currently not included on my brother's website. Until they are included, these will have some information here. Once added to my brother's site, the link will take you there; these families are shown by having an asterix (*) against the name. [NOTE: I haven't added all these families to the website yet, so some have no links]
Name of Family Family linked to Information
Beckham Philips  
Boom Thomas Actually 'Van Den Boom', this family are from Holland and I have no way of tracing them
Cooper Turner  
Keay Lavender  
Partridge* Whistance  
Spittle* Stevens  
Webster Ambrose  
Weston Greenhough  


Group 2: Closely related families.

I have also been researching some closely related families, who are not 'direct line' ancestors. Details below.
[NOTE: I haven't added all these families to the website yet, so some have no links]
Main Family Related Families Family linked to Information
HIppisley-Cox*   Greenhough The Thomases & Hippisley-Coxes have been very close families since the 1940s
Prested   Thomas My sister-in-law's family are very interesting as anyone with this surname are quite closely related, whatever part of the world they are in
Turnley   Hippisley-Cox  


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