Michael Thomas' website

I live in Birmingham, England.
This site reflects some of my interests, notably in old recordings (78s) and family research.

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About Me

Do you really want to know?
Includes links to pages about my schools.
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  British Dance Bands

Lots of information about British Dance Bands of the pre-WWII period.

Family Research

Some of my research into my family tree and links to my brother's extensive genealogy website.

  Record Labels.

Images, information and listings of British 78rpm record labels

Also: Dates of this year's record fairs in England.


Pub Guides

As an enthusiast of traditional beer (Real Ale) and lover of good home-cooked food, I've started to keep notes of pubs I visit and what I like or dislike about them. I thought other people may find this useful or interesting.

  MP3 files 

Transferred by myself from 78s and early LPs in my own collection. Click on the link above to see the various categories.