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I am attempting to bring together all the information I can find on the 1920s & 1930s dance music, including scanned pictures of musicians, bands and original record labels, short biographies, maybe discographies and eventually some music files for listening.

I am concentrating on British Dance Bands because, living in England, they are the ones I know most about and also they are the most neglected on the web, something I intend, therefore, to redress.

I do not pretend to be the world expert on this music, and although the actual creation of this site will be a one-man effort, the information will be gathered from many sources and I welcome comments, corrections and additional information or photographs from anyone.
You may e-mail me at:
my e-mail address

The pictures around this page are the British contingent of a set of cigarette cards of dance band leaders from the 1930s. (The exception is my own picture; top, centre.) These are all thumbnails, so click on one to see an enlarged version, with the leader's name.

There are currently nine sections of the site; click on one of the links below to continue. 
All are still under construction.  


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