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Brechnerphone records were made at Lindström's Hertfordshire factory, using masters also found on Scala records. In fact the original Scala catalogue number is shown in small type on the labels underneath the Brechnerphone catalogue number (as well as being embossed into the record's surface).
It has not yet been determined for whom the records were made, but it seems reasonable to assume there were quite a lot of them as the catalogue numbers on the currently known  examples run from 357 to 461.
Even if they started at 300 (which would be odd - 100 is more likely) and run to 500, the fact that only three have appeared in recent years implies they were sold in very small numbers!

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Cat No Matrix No Title Artist Original Issue
357 35411
Ragtime Medley, part 1
Ragtime Medley, part 2
Olly Oakley (banjo) Scala 323
459 41066
Nobody Knows, Nobody Cares
Some Day You'll Know
L. Bruce Palmer (baritone) (= Stanley Kirkby) Scala 287
461 40735
C. Beresford (tenor) (= Philip Ritte) Scala 317