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A very scarce British label available from 1915 until 1920. collectors often joke that the label is a different design on each one found. While this is an exaggeration, there do seem to be quite a few different designs and the records themselves turn up very rarely. All Bulldog records were pressed by Crystalate.

The Bull Dog record company was set up by recording engineer and musician William Ditcham and music-hall singer Harry Bluff in the autumn of 1914. The obvious trademark of a Bulldog's head could not be used (probably due to the John Bull records using it) and instead they used the image of a Royal Navy Seaman.

The first records were issued in October 1915 and used the two-tone blue label (see left) which includes the new trade mark. Note that the label name does have a space between the words "Bull" and "Dog", which was absent from all the later designs. [Style 1]

The etched "label" style was introduced in December 1915 or January 1916. Initially these had red infill [style2]; this was later replaced by white infill by May 1916 [style 3]. Neither carry a trade mark, presumably as this would be too complicated to etch. It was reported in April 1917 that the etched centres had a new design with gold infill. I have not seen an image of one of these, but about this time there was a new design using a standard label in black with gold printing and this may be to what the report refers [style 4].

This label seems to have been in use for a very short period of time before being replaced by probably the most attractive design used which was yellow (or, in some cases, orange) with dark blue upper section
[style5], which in itself was probably only in use briefly.

After the October 1917 supplement, there was no mention of Bulldog records in any trade journals until October 1919 and it may be this is when the final label; green on a white background, was introduced [style 6]. The hiatus was due in part to a fire at Crystalate's factory and also the effects of the war on some industries. The price was now advertised as "still 2/6" implying the price increase from 1/6 had happened some months before. The catalogue numbering may have jumped to re-start at 650 as well, as no Bulldog records have been found between 638 and 649.

Until this point, all Bulldog records used their own masters, in a series starting at 101, recorded in London. However, at this time, Norwegian, using a K-2000 series stared to appear on Bulldog records. These had been recorded for the SOL label. The link between these two labels is Oscar Preuss, who produced SOL records and had also been William Ditcham's business partner during the war. It is not known if the SOL masters were recorded in London or Norway.

The last Bulldog records were issued in June 1920, the highest catalogue number being 686. Some Bulldog masters (including ones which never appeared on Bulldog records), can be found on early Imperial records,  which started two years later and for which one of the directors was William Ditcham. Ditcham remained recording manager for Imperial until 1930 when his place was taken by Arthur Haddy.

Bulldog records cost 1/6 initially, though the two specials by Horatio Bottomley cost 2/6. Some time between October 1917 and October 1919, the price of Bulldog records was increased to 2/6.

I am interested in trying to ascertain when the label styles changed; this can be done by noting the highest number seen for each style. Here is what I have found so far:

Style 1: Blue label -        highest 543     (ref: NF)
Style 2: red etched -      highest 565     (ref: NF)
Style 3: white etched -  highest 599     (ref: NF)
Style 4: black label -      highest 621
Style 5: yellow label -    highest 637
Style 6: white/green label - 650 to end.

My good friend Norman Field has an inordinate number of Bulldog records and as such has provided me with the highest numbers so far for the first three styles above.

The full story of Bulldog records by Frank Andrews can be found in the CLPGS magazine "For The Record" issues 36, 37 & 38, from which this summary has been extracted.

My thanks to Steve Walker for the style 6 scan and to Norman Field for the styles 3 & 4 scans.

 Style 1        

    Style 2

     Style 3

     Style 4

     Style 5

    Style 6

The  two images below were sent to me by Rob van Beek

This is an attempt at a listing. Please e-mail me if you can help me with any further information.
My thanks to the following for their help:
Frank Andrews, Graham Farnell, Norman Field, Michael Gunrem, Mike Jones, Graham Meachen, Albert Pattison, Richard Prout.

This page last updated on: April 08, 2018

Special series: these may be the only two issues. I have seen these with white etched style "labels", but Norman Field tells me his copies are either green-infilled etched or plain etched with no infill.

Cat No. Matrix No. Title Artists
200 209
Why Is The Red Blood Flowing, parts 1 & 2 Horatio Bottomley (speech)
201 211
Peroration of Mr. H.B.'s great speech at Albert Hall, London, Parts 1 & 2 Horatio Bottomley (speech)

Standard series:

Cat No. Matrix No. Title Artists
500 101
The K-Nuts (two-step) City Of London Military Band
At The Fox Trot Ball - That's All
501   The Garden Of Your Heart
Shipmate O' Mine
Tom F. Kinniburgh (bass)
502 104
For Valour (military valse)
The Call (march)
City Of London Military Band
503 101
The Allies' Parade, march fantasia City Of London Military Band
Till The Boys Come Home, march
504 109 A Little Bit Of Heaven Stanley Kirkby (baritone)
110 In Your Dainty Dress Of Dresden
505 111
Chuckles Billy Whitlock (comedian)
Frisky Old Herbert
506   Our Hotel Harry Bluff (vocal)
The Insurance Agent
507 115
Scotch Hot Billy Whitlock (xylophone)
Two Of Irish
508 115
Nil Desperandum March Billy Whitlock (Bells)
Victory March
509   A Night In The Cells Harry Bluff & Billy Whitlock (descriptive sketch)
Sentenced: The day After The Night Before
510 121
Cohen Phones To Be Naturalised Harry Bluff (monologue)
Cohen Phones To His Tailor
511 123
Le Cygne (The Swan) (Saint Saens) Geo. Ackroyd (flute) (with piano accmp)
Robin Grey (Scotch)
512 125
Ave Maria
The Keel Row
Geo. Ackroyd (flute) (with piano accmp)
513 126
Marche Lorraine (Louis Ganne) The Band Of H.M. 1st Life Guards
Le Pere La Victoire (march) (Louis Ganne)
514 128
May I (waltz)
Waltz Destiny
The Band Of H.M. 1st Life Guards
515   The Sunshine Of Your Smile Musician J. Raine with the 1st Life Guards (This is Jack Raine, later first trumpet in Jack Hylton's Band)
Bird Of Love Divine
516   Voyage In A Troopship, parts 1 & 2 The Band of H.M. 1st Life Guards
517   "Betty" - selection part 1 & 2 The Band of H.M. 1st Life Guards
518 134
For Killarny And You Rowland Yorke (baritone, with orch accmp)
Show Me The Way To Your Heart
519   Shipmate O'Mine
Up From Somerset
Topliss Green (baritone)
520 138
Billy Whitlock (comedian)
521 140
Dance With Your Uncle Joseph
I Had to
Billy Whitlock (comedian)
522 142 Kentucky Patrol Billy Whitlock (bells, with band accmp)
143 Moonlight Capers
523 144
Fight The Good Fight
O, God, Our Help In Ages Past
Cathedral Quartette of St Paul's Cathedral

Note: The St Paul's Cathedral Quartette consisted, at this time, of Donald Reid (Counter-tenor), John Collett & George Brierly (tenors) and Joseph Farrington (baritone).

524 146
Lead, Kindly Light
Jesu Lover Of My Soul / All People That On Earth Do Dwell
Cathedral Quartette of St Paul's Cathedral
525 148
Nearer My God To Thee
While Shepherds Watched / O, Come All Ye Faithful
Cathedral Quartette of St Paul's Cathedral
526 150

The Manger Throne / God Rest You Merry Gentlemen / Coventry Carol
The First Noel / Good Christian Men Rejoice / We Three Kings Of Orient
Cathedral Quartette of St Paul's Cathedral
527 152
You Great Big Wonderful Baby
I Want To Go Back To Michigan
Will Terry, assisted by Clifford Russell  (Lionel Rothery)
528 154 Kentucky Home Will Terry, assisted by Clifford Russell (Lionel Rothery)
155 Goodbye Virginia
529 156 The Comet George Ackroyd (piccolo solo)
157 The Nightingale's Awakening
530   Ting! Ting! Tra-La-La
Chinatown, My Chinatown
George Morgan (comic)
531 162 Chicken Reel The Band of H.M. 1st Life Guards
164 All Aboard For Dixie
532 165
where My Caravan Has rested
The Band of H.M. 1st Life Guards
533   The Admiral's Broom
Captain Mac
Harry Thornton (baritone)
534 168
Ye Banks And Braes
The Bonnie Banks Of Loch Lomond
Jessie Reeves (soprano, with orch)
535   Dreamlight
The Wish Of My Heart
Jessie Reeves (soprano, with piano)
536   Because I Were Shy
Old John Braddelum
Harry Thornton (baritone)
537 174
In A Old-Fashioned Town
Sometimes You'll Remember Me
Joseph Cheetham (tenor, with piano)
538 176
Cassidy (Private Michael Cassidy)
Shakespeare Snap-Shotted
Reg Low (comic)
539 178
It's Lovely To Be In Love
That's All !
Reg Low (comic)
540   "Tonight's The Night" - Murders
In These Hard Times
Reg Low (comic)
541 183
Somebody Knows, Somebody Cares
My Wild Irish Rose
Stanley Kirkby (baritone)
542 185 When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Stanley Kirkby (baritone)
186 Till The Boys Come Home
543 187
We Must Fall In
Somewhere In France
Clifford Russell (baritone, with band accmp)
544 189
Bravo Antonio
Remember Where You Came From
Clifford Russell (baritone)
545 191
Vesper Bells
Any More For The Boat Train?
Will Terry, assisted by Clifford Russell (= Lionel Rothery)
546 193
Simple Aveu
Traumerei (No. 7 - Kinderscenen)
Ferdinand W. Hill (violin, with piano)
547   Christmas At Home (descriptive)
Christmas At The Front (descriptive)
Billy Whitlock & Reg Low
548   Christmas At The Old Red Bar
The Night Alarm
Billy Whitlock & Reg Low
549 202
Peach Blossom
Daddy Long Legs
Olly Oakley (banjo, with piano)
549 199
Uncle Johnson
Merrie England
Olly Oakley (banjo, with piano)  [This issue reported by Richard Prout from an actual copy in his collection]
550 199
Uncle Johnson
Merrie Company
Olly Oakley (banjo, with piano)
551 201 Valse Chantante Olly Oakley (banjo, with piano)
203 Minuet (in C Major, op 14, No. 1) (Padersewski)
552 205
The Rosary
The Sweetest Flower That Grows
Donald Reid (counter tenor, of St. Paul's Cathedral Quartette)
553   Coming Home
Jessie Reeves (soprano)
554 213 Blue Eyes Stanley Kirkby (with orch accmp)
214 Dinna Forget
555   There's a Light That's Burning In The Window
You Were The First To Teach Me How To Love
Clara Davine and Donald Reid
556   She's The Girl I Left Behind Me
Farewell, Isabelle
Clara Davine
Donald Reid (tenor)
557   "Shell Out" - The British Artillery
Somewhere In France, Dear Mother
Clara Davine and Donald Reid
558 225
Dancing Dan
Jolly Jock
Billy Whitlock (xylophone, with band accmp)
559 227
Step Out
Dancing In The Meadow
Billy Whitlock (bells)
560   A Laughing Dream
Billy's Aeroplane - descriptive
Billy Whitlock (comedian)
561 230 Barcarolle ("The Tales Of Hoffman", Offenbach) The Ackroyd Trio (violin, flute & harp)
231 The Angel's Call ("La Serenata")
562 232
Serenade - Standchen (Heykins)
Tit'l's Serenade
The Ackroyd Trio (violin, flute & harp)
563 234
Ave Maria
Love's Old Sweet Song
The Ackroyd Trio (violin, flute & harp)
564 241
All That I Ask Is Love
Little Grey Home In The West
Mr. Tom Kinniburgh (bass, with orch accmp)
565 236
The Trumpeter
Why Is The Red Blood Flowing?
Mr. Joseph Cheetham (song, with orch)
565   Somewhere At Sea
Laddie In Khaki (The Girl Who Waits At Home)
Mr. Tom Kinniburgh (bass, with orch accmp)
566 236
The Trumpeter
God Send You Back To Me
Joseph Cheetham (tenor, with orchestra)
567   He's A Rag-Picker
On The 5.15
Will Terry & Clifford Russell
570   Un Peu D'Amour (A Little Love, A Little Kiss)
White Moon
Eileen Boyd (contralto)
572   Kitty Lee
Dolly Darling
Clifford Russell (baritone)
573   Good-Bye Dad, We Must Part
Your King And Country Need You
Clifford Russell (baritone)
574   They Didn't Believe Me
Bad As You Are, I Love You
Jessie Reeve (soprano) and Harry Thornton (baritone)
575 264
The Return Of The Regiment
Beat The Drum
Lieutenant J. Ashton (banjo, with piano) (of the Manchester Regiment)
576 266
A Ragtime Episode
Joviality - march
Lieutenant J. Ashton (banjo, with piano) (of the Manchester Regiment)
577 268
The Record March
A Footlight Favourite
Lieutenant J. Ashton (banjo, with piano) (of the Manchester Regiment)
578 270
The Rosary
The Lost Chord
Sgt Charles Leggett (cornet) (late of H.M. Scots Guards) (with orch accmp)
579 271
The Garden Of Your Heart
In An Old-Fashioned Town
Sgt Charles Leggett (cornet) (late of H.M. Scots Guards)
580 274
Melodyland, selection parts 1 & 2 The Select Orechestra
581   Gaby (foxtrot)
The Special Constables
The Band Of H.M. 1st Life Guards (cond: George Miller)
The Select Orchestra
583 279
Le Regiment De Sambre Et Meuse - march
The New Colonial March
The Band Of H.M. 1st Life Guards (cond: George Miller)
584 281
Love Of Mine - waltz
Un Peu D'Amour
The Band Of H.M. 1st Life Guards (cond: George Miller)
"Lancelot" - Air De Ballet
Je Sais Que Vous Etes Jolie
The Band Of H.M. 1st Life Guards (cond: George Miller)
586 284
Poet And Peasant - overture parts 1 & 2 The Band Of H.M. 1st Life Guards (cond: George Miller)
587 286
Weymouth Chimes
The Bells Of St Malo
The Band Of H.M. 1st Life Guards (cond: George Miller)
588 290 Whipped Cream J. J. Ashton (banjo)
291 The Whitewash Man
589 292
Whistling Rufus
Pro Patria
J. J. Ashton (banjo)
590 294
Hot Corn
Smokey Mokes
J. J. Ashton (banjo)
591 296
Melodie In F, opus 1 Ferdinand W. Hill (violin, with piano)
Meditation (from "Thais")
592 297
Spring Song (Mendelssohn)
Ferdinand W. Hill (violin, with piano)
593 301
Cohen Phones The Gas Company
The Tram Conductor
Harry Bluff & Billy Whitlock (sketch)
594   Pretty Polly
Pierrot And Pierette
Mary Moya (piano)
595 304
Stand Back, Boys, Here Comes a Soldier
Pak Up Your Trouibles In Your Old Kit Bag
Harry Marlow (baritone)
596   There's a Long Long Trail A-Winding
Taffy's Got His Jennie In Glamorgan
Harry Marlow (baritone)
597 307
When You Wore A Tulip And I Wore a Big Red Rose
Your Mother's eyes
Stanley Kirkby (baritone)
598 303
The Auctioneer
Cohen Phones The Exchange
Harry Bluff & Billy Whitlock (sketch)
599 311
When Tommy Comes Marching Home Again
Down Home In Tennessee
Harry Marlow (baritone)
600 314
Maire, My Girl
Tommy Lad
Harry Thornton (baritone)
602 318
When You Are A Long, Long Way From Home
A Broken Doll
Stanley Kirkby (baritone)
603   Maid Of The Nile, I Love You
Are You From Dixie?
Harry Thornton & Harry Marlow
604   I Stopped, I Looked, I Listened
In Other Words
Harry Marlow (baritone)
605   If You Were The Only Girl In The World
Minnie Burnett & Harry Thornton
606   Sergeant Solomon Isaacstein
Let's All Go Round to Maudie's
Gus Harris (comedian)
607 333
Smiler Rag
Rhapsody Rag
J. J. Ashton (banjo)
608   It's A Long Long Way To My Home In Kentucky
Take Be Back To Dear Old Blighty
The Two Dicks (duet)
609   Welcome Honey, To Your Old Kentucky Home
She Is The Sunshine Of Virginia
Harry Marlow (baritone)
610   Hello, Hawaii, How Are You?
When The Kiltie Lads Come Home
Harry Marlow (baritone)
611 342
Major General Worthington
There'a A Good Time Coming
J.W. Rickaby (comedian)
612   The Tanks That Broke The Ranks Out In Picardy
I Don't Want My Dinner To Go Cold
Harry Marlow (baritone)
613 346
The Legend Of The Sea
The Whistler Dance (from "The Bing Boys Are Here")
The Select Orchestra
615 349
In God's Own Keeping
A Perfect Day
Harry Thornton (baritone)
616 359
The Long Trail - march
Crazy Lizzie
Band of H.M. 1st Life Guards, dir. George Miller
617 352
Fitful Sunshine
The Guard's Parade - march
Band of H.M. 1st Life Guards, dir. George Miller
618 355
William Tell, overture, parts 1 & 2 Band of H.M. 1st Life Guards, dir. George Miller
619 357 William Tell, overture, parts 3 & 4 Band of H.M. 1st Life Guards, dir. George Miller
620   The Bing Boys Are Here - selection parts 1 & 2 Band of H.M. 1st Life Guards, dir. George Miller
621 359
The Long Trail - march
The Springtime Love - waltz
Band of H.M. 1st Life Guards, dir. George Miller
622   Zampa Overture parts 1 & 2 The Overseas Military Band
623 365
Light Cavalry - overture
Lohengrin - prelude to act 3
The Overseas Military Band
624 363
Colonel Bogey
Manhattan Beach - march
The Overseas Military Band
625 367
1812 Overture, opus 49, parts 1 & 2 The Overseas Military Band
626 370
Prettiest Song Of All Billy Whitlock (bells)
Sweet Chiming Bells
628 375-2
Always Jolly
Billy Whitlock (comedian)
629   When The Boys Come Marching Home
It's A Stew' And I Couldn't Do It
Billy Whitlock
631 379
Arizona (Melville Gideon)
Poor Butterfly (Hubbell)
Messrs. Cove & Thompson
632 380 Down Where The Swanee River Flows Messrs. Cove & Thompson
381 Somebody Would Shout Out "Shop"
633 384
The Conscientious Objector
When The Bells Of Peace Are Ringing
Fred Field (baritone, with orch.)
634 379
Down Where The Swanee River Flows
Messrs Cove & Thompson
636 162 Chicken Reel The Band of H.M. 1st Life Guards
351 Crazy Lizzie
637 126
Marche Lorraine
The Long Trail- march
The Band of H.M. 1st Life Guards
650 641
The Jazz Band
The Missouri Waltz
Ferdinand Hill's London Trocadero Orchestra
651 640
Hindustan Ferdinand Hill's London Trocadero Orchestra
Helen Of Troy
652 645
Unfinished Melody
The Wild, Wild Women
Ferdinand Hill's London Trocadero Orchestra
653 644 Apres La Guerre Ferdinand Hill's London Trocadero Orchestra
646 Everything Is Peaches Down In Georgia
654 396
I've Got The Sweetest Girl In Maryland
Harry Marlow (baritone)
655   Some Sunday Morning
Someday I'll Make You Love Me
Harry Marlow (baritone)
657 402
Give Me A Cosy Little Corner
Califormia And You
Marlow & Maple
658 404
At The Jazz Town Novelty Ball
Marlow & Maple
659 K-2001
Under Paris's Broer
Casanova Waltz
The Christiana Dance Orchestra
660 K-2005
The Fisherman's Waltz (David Hellstrom)
My Hawaiian Girl - one-step (J. Gleene)
The Christiana Dance Orchestra
661   Hold My Hand, I've Got The Wind Up
Kelly, I'm Glad To See You Back
Harry Marlow (comedian)
662 408
The Pilgrim Of Love
Lambert Harvey (tenor, with orch)
663 409
Absent Mr. Lambert Harvey (with orch accmp)
Roses Of Yesterday
664 346
The Legend Of The Sea - valse
If You Could Care - waltz
The Select Orchestra
665 414
Chant De Veslemoy
Saeterjentens Sondag
Ferdinand W. Hill (violin, with piano)
666 415
Solveig's Song
Ferdinand W. Hill (violin, with piano)
667 K-2027
The Missouri Waltz
The Little Toreador, two-step
H. Christopher (accordeon)
668 K-2029
Orpheum intermezzo - two-step
H. Christopher (accordeon)
669 399
Abe, Abe My Boy
Some Sunday Morning
Harry Marlow (baritone, with orch.)
670   That Wonderful Mother Of Mine
California And You
Harry Marlow (baritone, with orch.)
671   Where Did You Find That Lady?
It's Hard To Settle Down
Harry Marlow (baritone, with orch.)
672 422
Sand Dunes
The Missouri Waltz
Grand Symphony Orchestra
673 423
The Vamp Grand Symphony Orchestra
674 K-2049
Eastdale Polka
Italian Mazurka
H. Christopher (accordeon)
675 K-2053
Roma Schottische
Upland Mazurka
H. Christopher (accordeon)
676 427
Cabbages, Ca-beans and Car-rots
Where Do Flies Go In The Wintertime?
Tom Lovell (comic)
677   The Garden Of Your Heart
That Old-Fashioned Mother Of Mine
Robert Frenton (bass) (= Tom Kinniburgh)
679   Memories
Till We Meet Again
James & F. Edwards (tenor duet)
680 434
The Siege Of Delhi
Loch Katrine; Cameron; Dunoon
Piper Major Andrew Mackintosh (bagpipes)
681 436
The Stiringshire Militia
MacDonald's Return; Lady Loudon; Gray Bob
Piper Major Andrew Mackintosh (bagpipes)
682 438

The 93rd Farewell To Edinburgh; Rose Among The Heather; Jenny Dang the Weaver
Far Over Stury
Piper Major Andrew Mackintosh (bagpipes)
683 440
Melody In F, opus no. 1
Duetto In A Flat
The Grosvenor Quintette
684   And He Say "Oo-La-La, Wee Wee" !
You'd Be Surprised
Harry Marlow (baritone)
685 K-2030
Chatterbox Rag H. Christopher (accordion)
Golden Fox Trot
686 292
Whistling Rufus
Pro Patria
J. J. Ashton (banjo)
   Images of the following were sent to me by Rob van Beek and may represent one of the gaps above, or a test which never was issued commercially on Bulldog. (Copies of the images are shown with the others at the top right of this page)
Gaby Glide
Ragtime Violin
Accordeon solo (probably H. Christopher)