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Celebrity Records were available during 1929 and 1930, a short lived venture by Celebrity Gramophones Ltd of 82, St Thomas Street, London, who made gramophones from 1927 until about 1932.

Celebrity records used a 4300 catalogue series and used U. K. masters from Worldecho and Dominion and U.S. masters from Grey Gull and QRS. All were also available on Dominion as far as I can tell.
They are extremely difficult to find.

Thanks to the following who have provided more information: Thierry Braconnier, Greg Butler, Richard Gregory, Mike Langridge, Henry Parsons.

Page last updated: February 22, 2024

I recently found this record below. Yet another catalogue series? The label is the same on both sides. It shows a "matrix" of 1764 (which isn't the Grey Gull catalogue number) and shows no tune or artists names, but is labelled "Popular Dance and Vocal Numbers by Celebrated Orchestras And Artists".

Cat No Matrix Title Artist as Labelled Main UK Issue Actual Artist
1367 3701-B
Tip-Toe Through The Tulips
Singing In The Rain
Popular Dance And Vocal Numbers by
Celebrated Orchestras And Artists
Dn A-253 Kalua Players
 (Hawaiian gtr / guitar/  xylo)


Cat No Matrix Title Artist as Labelled Main UK Issue Actual Artist
4367 3724-A
My Fate Is In Your Hands
You're Always In My Arms (waltz)
Celebrity Dance Orch Dn A-254
Dn A-255
Grey Gull Studio Orch
4369 3763-A
All That I'm Asking Is Sympathy (waltz)
I Love You, Believe Me, I Love You
Celebrity Dance Orch Dn A-257
Dn A-256
Grey Gull Studio Orch
4370 3730-A
Miss Wonderful
Dream Lover (waltz)
Raymond and his New York Dance Band Dn A-256
Dn A-257
Grey Gull Studio Orch
4370 3784-A
I Love You, Believe Me, I Love You
Sunny Side Up
Celebrity Dance Orch Dn A-256
Dn A-232
Grey Gull Studio Orch
Jay Wilbur Orch (UK)
  Confirmation of the above two issues using the same catalogue number would be useful. Let me know if you have any copies of 4370 and what the titles are.
The first one, coupling "Miss Wonderful" and "Dream Lover" has been confirmed to me with images by Thierry Braconnier.
4371 1707-1
Punch And Judy Show
Chant Of The Jungle
Californian Revellers Dn A-267
Dn A-258
Jay Wilbur & his Orch (UK)
Vincent Lopez & his Orch.
4372 231
T'ain't No Sin
If I'm Dreaming (waltz)
Raymond and his New York Dance Band Dn A-265
Dn A-267
Cecil Norman Orch (UK)
Grey Gull Studio Orch
4373 3766-A
If I Can't Have You
Spanish Doll
Californian Revellers Dn A-258
Dn A-265
Grey Gull Studio Orch
Cecil Norman Orch (UK)
4374 3718-C
Tip-Toe Through The Tulips
My Old-Fashioned Home
C.A. Parmentier (organ) Dn A-264 as labelled
4375 1790
Puttin' On The Ritz
Lady Luck
Raymond and his New York Dance Band
Dn C-301

Grey Gull Studio Band
4376 1710-4
Should I?
The Shepherd's Serenade (waltz)
Celebrity Dance Orch Dn C-300
Dn C-302
The Savoy Orpheans
Grey Gull Studio Band
4377 3834-B
1718-2 (3857)
That Wonderful Something Is Love
Happy Days Are Here Again
Californian Revellers Dn C-302
Dn C-303
Grey Gull Studio Orch.
Len Fills & his Hawaiian Orch
  On the above reported item, the label gives 3857 as the matrix number, but the record has 1718 pressed into it. 3857 is the recording of this tune by The California Ramblers (made by Grey Gull) and so it is possible copies can be found using either recording.
4378 3733
A Little Kiss Each Morning
The Man From The South
Raymond and his New York Dance Band Dn A-247
Dn C-303
Vincent Lopez & his Orch
Grey Gull Studio Band
4380 2490
Roll On, Silvery Moon (Handley)
Sleep, Baby Sleep (Handley)
Louis Klein (with orch accmp) Dn C-308 Frank Kamplain
4381 1492-2 Singing In The Rain The Samoa Band Dn A-253 Jay Wilbur & his Orch
4383 3775-B
Hot Moments
I'm In Love With Someone (waltz)
Raymond and his New York Dance Band Dn C-312 Grey Gull Studio Orch (trio)
4384 2283-2
Stein Song (6/8)
I'm Singing My Way 'Round The World
Celebrity Dance Orch Dn C-310
Dn C-313
Carl Fenton Orch (QRS)
Jack Hart & his Orch (U.K.)
4385 293
Crying For The Carolines
Celebrity Dance Orch Dn C-313
Dn C-311
Jack Hart & his Orch
Grey Gull Studio Band
4386 1042-3
Blue Danube (waltz)
Punch And Judy
Californian Revellers Dn A-62
Dn C-310
Fred Kitchen & his Orch
George Posnak Orch (QRS)
4389 1723-1
We're All Happy
We're Uncomfortable
Frederick Howarth Dn C-316
Dn C-317
Henry Hearty
4390 1717-1
Silvery Moon
Gypsy Dream Rose
Hawaiian Octette
Dn C-319
Honolulu Serenaders, (with vocals by Al Bowlly)