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Cleveland was a jazz club label produced by the Cleveland Jazz Club of London from 1949, and concentrated, at least initially, on recordings by Freddy Randall & his Band. The records cost 7/6 and were only available direct from the Club. I believe they were precorded by Gui de Buire. Eight sides are known, numbered FR-1 to FR-8 and it may be that these are the only issues, and once Freddy Randall got a contract to record for Parlophone, no more Cleveland records were produced? Below is an attempt to list these.
The musicians in the band were: Freddy Randall (tpt), Ed Harvey (trmb), Bruce Truner (clt), Al Mead (pno), Bob Coram (gtr), Jack Surridge (bass), Harry Miller (drums).
Thanks to Bill Dean-Myatt for the label scan, also to Ian Shortley & Martin Nieland for extra details.

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Page last updated on: January 31, 2022

Ref No Title Artists Coupling
FR-1 Tin Roof Blues Freddy Randall & his Band FR-4
FR-2 Wolverine Blues Freddy Randall & his Band FR-3
FR-3 Viper Mad Freddy Randall & his Band FR-2
FR-4 If I Could Be With You Freddy Randall & his Band FR-1
FR-5 Hurry On Down (vocal: Beryl Bryden) Freddy Randall & his Band FR-7
FR-6 Lonesome Road Freddy Randall & his Band FR-8
FR-7 At The Jazz Band Ball Freddy Randall & his Band FR-5
FR-8 Cooks Ferry Parade Freddy Randall & his Band FR-6