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This would appear to be a product of the Francis, Day & Hunter organisation and dating to the late 1940s. The catalogue series was in an S-1000 range and the matrices usually in a TL-series. Any further information would be gratefully received. The song in this image was puiblished in 1948, which helps to date this record. (Thanks to Bill Dean-Myatt for this information.).
The songs on the records listed below were also all copyrighted in 1947 or 1948.

Thanks to Norman Field for the label image.

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Thanks to the following for providing informaiton: Jerry King

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Cat No Matrix No Title Artist
S-1001 TL-1477
The Knick Knack Song (Connor, Erard)
When A Gypsy Plays A Violin (Parker, Carr)
Billy Ternant & his Orchestra (vocalists: The Keynotes)
Billy Ternant & his Orchestra (vocalist: Pat O'Regan)
S-1002 TL-1479
They Told You A Lie (Connor, Foley)
Oh! Give Me That Sweet Old Look Again (Al Terego (= Frederick Day))
Billy Ternant & his Orchestra (vocalist: Eva Benyon)
Billy Ternant & his Orchestra (vocalist: Pat O'Regan)
S-1004 10061
When You Said Goodbye (Kaps, Montagu)
Waltzing With You (Connor, Stoltz)
Harry Dawson (with orch. cond. Eric Robinson)