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Colonial & Colonial Perophone

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Colonial and Colonial Perophone records were manufactured in Germany by Homophon in the period immediately before WWI. They were made on behalf of Lockwoods of City Road London, for export only. This is generally believed to mean they were exported to Australia.

I have not seen examples of enough to know for certain, but it seems likely that the earlier records were "Colonial" and the "Colonial Perophone" ones came a little later on.  "Perophone" records (also excessively rare) are probably a next phase; the only example I have seen having a catalogue number in the 500s.

Incidentally when I say "seen" in the above text, I have only seen label scans; as they were not sold in the U.K., I have never actually physically seen any of these, even in over 45 years of collecting.

Thanks to Adam Miller for providing the Colonial label scan, and to Bill Dean-Myatt for the Colonial Perophone scan.


Please e-mail me if you can help me fill in the gaps in any of these series.

My thanks to the following for providing inforamation:
Mike Atkin, Norman Field, Paul Kilmartin

Page last updated on: January 17, 2020

Note: An asterix (*) after the Cat. No. means it has been reported as a Colonial Perophone record. Frank Andrews reported that Colonial 303 wsa highest known to him. Unfortunately I don't have the information he gathered!

Cat No Matrix Title Labelled Artists  Date Code
253 952
Colonial Army March
Old Daddy Peg Leg
Band of the Imperial Lancers
Colonial Orchestra
261 1176
Misere from "Il Trovatore"
Polonaise from "Mignon"
Solo and Chorus of Royal Opera House, Paris
Madame Christine
277 6057
New Colonial March
The 3rd Dragoon Guard's March
The Band of The Imperial Lancers 27-10-10 / G 21 S
1079 / E 14 R
278 6013
Wee MacGragor
Coronation Bells
The Empire Prize Band 20109 / E 28 11 ? (E28H?)
13-10-10 / D 16 S
298   Pick Of The Basket, No. 1 (intro. Sword Motif from Valkyrie; Salut D'Amour; Merry Widow Waltz; Handel's Largo; Intermezzo Cavalleria) [anon]  
360*   Empire Holiday March Empire Prize Band  
470* 60223
Why Can't We Have The Sea In London?
I Was Dancing Around With Matilda
Billy Williams
Jack Pleasants
471* 60335
Cohen On The 'Phone
On Strike
Harry Bluff (talking) 3-2-12