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In late 1956, The World Record Club organisation decided to try and enter the retail record market, and so launched the "Conquest" label.
The label name came about from the fact that the two men in charge were Norman Newell and Norman Lonsdale. Hence Normans' Conquest!

The first record was issued in December 1956, followed by a batch of 4 in January 1957. The company ran into difficulties almost straight away when they found that, although interest from the pubic was promising, the retailers and wholesalers were apathetic towards stocking the label. After another batch of issues in April 1957 and a couple in the summer, the label languished, only to have a brief revival in January 1959 with an issue of strict dance tempo records, after which the label was shelved. As well as the 18 78rpm records issued, there were also a number of 45s, EPs & LPs, all issued at the same time as the 78s.

Catalogue numbers of the 78s ran from CP-101 to CP-118, and the records were pressed by Phillips Electrical Ltd.

In November 1969, two 45rpm singles were issued on Conquest before the label disappeared forever.

Thanks to Bill Dean-Myatt for the label scan of the label.

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I believe the 78rpm listing is complete, but I would be very interested in adding some matrix numbers, please!

Thanks to the following for extra details: Richard Prout

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Cat No Matrix No Title Artist Issue Date
CP-101   Cindy, Oh Cindy
All Of You
Bryan Johnson Dec. 1956
CP-102 W-6468
Persuade Me
I Want A Man, Not a Mouse
Sabrina (with Tony Osborne & his Orchestra) Jan 1957
CP-103   Singin' The Blues
Les Howard (with Geoff Love & his Orchestra) Jan 1957
CP-104 W-6476
The Cradle Song
Crazy Little Palace
The King Brothers (with Geoff Love & his Orchestra) Jan 1957
CP-105 W-6478
Dancing Thru'
Geoff Love & his Orchestra Jan 1957
CP-106 Let Your Smile Say Goodbye
Near To You
Norma Evans (with Geoff Love & his Orchestra) Apr 1957
CP-107   Sentimental
Sunday Evening
Lord Adrian Foley (with Cyril Ornadel & his Orchestra) Apr 1957
CP-108   Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets
I Never Had A Sweetheart
Dany Clare (with Geoff Love & his Orchestra Apr 1957
CP-109   Steamboat Railroad
The King Brothers (with Geoff Love & his Orchestra) Apr 1957
CP-110   Take Me
I Need Your Love
Tommy Sampson Apr 1957
CP-111   The Ambrose Theme
Rising Star
Eddy Palmer (Novachord) Jul 1957
CP-112   The Lady Is A Tramp (quickstep)
It's De-Lovely (quickstep)
Elsa Wells' Modern Dance Group Jan 1959
CP-113 W-6540
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
A Letter To A Soldier
Annita Ray Jun 1957
CP-114   You're The Top (quickstep)
This Can't Be Love (quickstep)
Elsa Wells' Modern Dance Group Jan 1959
CP-115   There's A Small Hotel (fox trot)
Autumn Leaves (fox trot)
Elsa Wells' Modern Dance Group Jan 1959
CP-116   Love Walked In (fox trot)
Long Ago And Far Away (fox trot)
Elsa Wells' Modern Dance Group Jan 1959
CP-117   Ole Guapa (tango)
Hernamdo's Hideaway (tango)
Elsa Wells' Modern Dance Group Jan 1959
CP-118   Babette (waltz)
Love, Here Is My Heart (waltz)
Elsa Wells' Modern Dance Group Jan 1959