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Curwen were music publishers and this label was an outlet for some of their music. The records were recorded and pressed by Synchrophone, who were also producing Octacros records, which have a similarly-designed label, and date from 1934.

Thanks to Greg Butler for the label scan of the standard Curwen label.
Thanks to Peter Adamson for the scan of the Curwen "puppet" label.

Curwen label

Curwen Puppet label

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Page last updated on: September 28, 2019

This listing is based on information found in an Octacros ledger compiled at Decca, and doesn't, give any details of the performers' names. More details from actual records gratefully received.

Cat No Matrix No Title Artist
C-101 5136-3
Deus Miserator
Cantate Domino
English Singers Quartet
C-102 5151-3
I Live Not Where I Love; Quick, We Have But a Second
Highland Love Song; My Little Pretty One
English Singers Quartet
C-103 5191
Come Sleep; What If I Seek For Love Of Thee
Ballad Of Yarrow; When Daffodils Begin To Peer
English Singers Quartet
C-104 5125-7
Silent Worship
Pedlar's Song, Come Buy (Ursula Greville)
Norman Stone (vocal, with piano accmp)
C-105 5126-2
Down By The Salley Gardens (?)
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
[song, with piano accmp]
C-106 5213-2
East Wind
North Wind
Jack Sheehan's Players
C-107 5209-2
African Passion
African Despair
Jack Sheehan's Players
C-108 5138
There Was A Tree
Wee Cooper O' Fife
English Singers Quartet
C-109 5170
What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor?
Fire Down Below; Johnny Come Down To Hilo
C-110 5215
Way Down Rio; The Drummer And The Cook
C-111 5263
Air On A G String
Largo & Vivace from Purcell Sonata
[violin, with piano accmp]
C-112 5275-3
An Absent One; Cradle Song; Whims
So Seems It To My Deep Regret; Sunday Eveniong In Autumn
[cello, with piano accmp]
C-113 5212-2
Valsette Brute
Raquette Extra Sec
Jack Sheehan's Players
C-114 5282-2
Jack Sheehan's Players
C-115 5211
The Frog And Toad Dance
Jack Sheehan's Players
C-116 5286-2
Procession Of The Crabs (Chisholm)
The Sweating Infantry; The Rolling Stone
Jack Sheehan's Players
C-119 5277-4
Summer Landscape Parts 1 & 2 Griller String Quartet
C-120 5278
Minstrel's Lament For His Mistress
Summer Landscape Part 3
Griller String Quartet; sung by Norman Stone
Griller String Quartet

The following are in a CG-3100 catalogue series, which would appear to continue on from a G-3100 range possibly issued on the Octacros label (q.v.).  See label example above.
The details for the records below (along with the label scan above) all courtesy of Peter Adamson.

Cat No Matrix Title Description
CG-3109 5406 Puppet Record, first, part 1
 (1. Prologue; 2. Epilogue (Ursula Greville); 3. The Puppets Band; 4. Concertina solo)
CG-3109 5407 Puppet Record, first, part 2
 (1. Fairy Waltz (Margaret Lytell); 2. Bird Songs; 3. Bells; 4. Traffic Noises
CG-3110 5408 Puppet Record, second, part 1: Three Songs
   1. Angelica's Song (I'm Owre Young), sung by Ursula Greville
   2. Loo Pee Loo's Song, sung by ?
   3. I Wish I Was A Working Man (Ursula Greville & Hermon Ould) sung by Frank Phillips
Ursula Greville & Frank Phillips
CG-3110      5201-2 Puppet Record, second, part 2: Two Songs
   1. Pedlar's Song
   2. Come Buy (Ursula Greville & Hermon Ould)
Norman Stone