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An extremely scarce label from the Vocalion stable from the early 1920s. Note the similarity in design to the equally rare "Adelphi" label, also from Vocalion which dates from later in the 1920s. It is not know the proprietor for Adelphi Records yet, but Cymot records are most likley to have been made for export to South Africa to be sold by Cymot Ltd of Cape Town (who took their name from The Cycle and Motor Trade Supply Company).
Most of those listed below were found in South Africa, which lends weight to this theory.

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My thanks to Rainer Lotz for this label scan.

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The following have provided information:
Norman Field, Rainer Lotz, Steve Walker

Only a handful Cymot records have been located to date, with quite a variance in numbers implying that there could have been many issued!

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Cat No Matrix No. Title Artist on Label Original issue & Recording Date
623 2711 (C-5385)
2804 (C-5435)
When The Leaves Come Tumbling Down
Quadrant Dance Orchestra (= Victor Vorzanger's Famous Broadway Band) Aco G-15127; c. December 1922
Aco G-15158; c. January 1923
778 11504
I Ain't Never Had Nobody Crazy Over Me
When You Walked Out, Someone Else Walked Right In
Coronet Jazz Band (= Broadway Syncopators)
Coronet Jazz Band (= The Ambassadors)
Vocalion 14598; c. May 30, 1923
Vocalion 14620; c. Jun 20, 1923
861 G-477 (C-6101)
G-601 (12373)
Black Sheep Blues
When Clouds Have Vanished And Skies Are Blue (w)
Quadrant Dance Orchestra (= Whitehall Dance Orchestra)
New Orleans Dance Orchestra (= Ben Selvin & his rch.)
Aco unissued; c. Nov 21, 1923
Vocalion 14724; c. Nov 29, 1923
869 G-470 (11937)
C-654 (C-6102)
Sitting In A Corner
Heather Bells (waltz)
Davison's Dance Orchestra (= Broadway Syncopators)
Quadrant Dance Orchestra (= Whitehall Dance Orchestra)
Vocalion 14675; Aug-Sep 1923
Aco unissued; c. Nov 21, 1923
936 G-606 (12387) Wedding Of The Winds (waltz) Green's Dance Orchestra (= Green Bros. Marimba Band) Vocalion 14767; February 1924