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Defiance records were a very short-lived venture by a company called W.H. Reynolds Ltd, who took over the defunct Disc Record Company's Harrow factory in 1915, following the DRC's demise a few months before. They announced that they were planning to produce Defiance records, made from a new unbreakable material called Renoplex, and 24 records were listed in a press release. None of these has yet been found in recent research.

From the known details, the masters are from ARC (American Record Company), but others could be from any source that the former Disc Record Comapny had access to.

The first image shown here is a composite, based on a rather poor monochrome copy and a description of the colours. It has been cleaned up, thanks to some excellent and painstaking work by Norman Field & Steve Walker, but can only be a guide until an actual record turns up.

Finally, courtesy of John Culley, we have a good image from the actual record, probably the same one as above. You can see that it isn't quite as colourful as imagined!

I have also included a scan of the advert from December 1915. Thanks to Norman Field for the scan, taken from Frank Andrews' archive.

This initial list is from details on a trade magazine (probably "Sound Wave") from December 1915 (see image above.
It may be that these were the only ones issued and only one batch made, even though the advert says they have a "full catalogue of 200 titles".

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Page last updated on: March 21, 2023

Cat No Matrix No Title Artist
A-1   Charlatan March 
Willow Grove March
A-2   Our Director March
Ye Ancient March
A-3 A5 / 031414
A6 / 031307
Waltz Me Around Again, Willie 
Coconut Dance
The Defiance Military Band
A-4   Lustspiel Overture
Zampa Overture 
A-5 A9 /  031238
A10 /  030773
The Church Parade
Semper Fidelis 
The Defiance Military Band
A-6   Southern Roses, waltz
The Beggar Student, waltz
A-7   Riding Through The Glen
Irish-American Two-Step 
A-8   Overture La Cain
Over The Waves, waltz
A-9   Alice Blue, waltz
La Circe, waltz 
A-10   Swedish Guard March
Directorate March 
A-11   Medley Of Jigs And Reels
The Mouse And The Clock 
A-12   Stradella Overture
Munitioners March