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A 10" record dating to about 1914, manufactured in Germany (Prussia) for the British market, including some British recordings. At that time, William Burman, of City Road, London was the sole agent for these records. None have been seen recently in Britian, and their production would have been curtailed by the outbreak of WWI that year. Frank Andrews, in Hillandale News 229, says he thinks the source recordings may have come from the Turmalin Company. These listed here appear to have the same source as Operaphone records, and in fact Operaphone 135 matches Derby 135 seen here. Operaphone records were usually pressed by Turmalin.

The two examples which have been sent to me (as images) have both come from the Antipodes, one from Australia and one from Tasmania, so from currently-known information, it may well be that they were made for exporting there only and not sold in the UK.

There was a version of this label made and sold only in Germany (which I'm not inrteresed in here). The design is identical, other than the titling is all in German and the "recorded in England.." round the lower edge is not present.

Thanks to Chris McDonald for the label image.

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Cat No Matrix No Title Artist
[no number] E-207
That Naughty Melody
I'm Going Back To Carolina
Harry Cove
135 E-63
The Wedding Glide
How D'Ye Do, Miss Ragtime?
Harry Cove
The Two Rags
2523 B-27-a
Pantomime Souvenirs, part 1
Pantomime Souvenirs, part 2
Military Metropole Band