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One of the many labels produced for J. Blum & Co; these Diamond records used Kalliope masters, which were also used by Pioneer, Stella, Victory etc.

Then there was  a 10" vertical cut disc produced by Pathe from 1915 for the Diamond Disc Record Company Ltd of 81 City Road London. Like Pathe records of the period, it initially had no paper label, but the details were etched in light blue in the label area (see 2nd image). Unlike Pathes it was an "ouside start" record. They were cheap at 1/6 each. In 1916, Pathe took over completely and for the next few years the record had paper labels until it's demise in about 1918.
There may well be a third label, dating to the pre-1920 period, but only a sketch for the design has ever been seen.
Thanks to Bill Dean-Myatt for providing the label photos.

"Blum" label

This is a first attempt at a listing. Please e-mail me if you can help me fill in the gaps in any of these series.

My thanks to the following for providing the information for this page: Frank Andrews, Norman Field, Mike Langridge, Bob Lilley

Page last updated on: April 21, 2018

Cat No Matrix Title Labelled Artists
116 1783
Vals Nydia
Un Peu D'Amour
Duke Of Wellington's Own
153 1893 Love's Old Sweet Song Alan Turner (vocal)
158 2066
I Know A Lovely Garden
A Song Of Sleep
Jessie Broughton (contralto)
162 2071 Excelsior, part 1 Carr & Richards
189 1851 Ring Out Those Bells The Two Quids
206 B 1
B 2
The Blind Boy
G.H. Chirgwin [possibly using Edison Bell masters]
221 2526
There's One In A Million Like You
My Heart Has Learned To Love You
Robert Carr (baritone)
253 2582
La Rumba (tango Argentine)
Venus (tango Argentine)
L'Orchestre Militaire
257 246yy
Melinda's Wedding Day
You're My Baby
The Two Quids
Will Thompson

These details probably refer to the Pathe product?

Cat No Matrix Title Labelled Artists
O316   Little Miss Lancashire ("Shell Out")
I Want Loving All The Time ("Shell Out")
Miss May Terry
O378 B   7110
A   A93187
The Three Trees
The Trombone Player
Albert Whelan (Australian entertainer)
O384 A   7120
B   7121
Is There..... ?
Beth Tate (The Californian Girl) (with orch accmp)