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These were produced by Edison Bell from about 1912 onwards for Bornand Freres of Devonshire Square, Bishopsgate, London.

Based om the known issues (see below) it would appear that the catalogue ran from No. 301 to the 340s. They may even have all been issued in one lot. Certainly, judging by their scarcity, they were probably not on sale for very long.

As you can tell by the rather scant listing, they are exceedingly rare. I have never seen one, and the scan was, I think, taken from an Ebay listing some years ago.


This is a first attempt at a listing. Please e-mail me if you can help me fill in the gaps in any of these series.

My thanks to Frank Andrews in providing most of the information for this page.
Thanks also to the following for providing more details:
Norman Field

Page last updated on: April 19, 2018

Cat No Matrix Title Labelled Artists Original issue
318 2055 (32)
2294 (41)
I Hear You Calling Me
Sam Day (tenor) (= Alfred Heather)
Sam Day (tenor) (= Crawford Kent)
Bell 12
Bell 109
324 (45)
Old Comrades
Christchurch Calls
Imperial Infantry Band Bell 306
Bell 174 ?
329 2474 (47) The Chocolate Soldier - waltz Imperial Infantry Band Bell 220
334 2401 (68)
2406 (54)
Whispering Of The Flowers
Imperial Infantry Band Bell 184
338 (74)
Faust, selection part 2
Raymond, overture part 2
Imperial Infantry Band Bell 121
Bell 144
339 2403 (84)
2491 (76)
"Messiah" - Hallelujah Chorus (Handel)
"Tannhauser" - Pilgrim's March (Wagner)
Imperial Infantry Band (= Band of HM King Edward's Horse) Bell 286
Bell 242
341 2385
The Fire Alarm - descriptive
Under The Double Eagle - march
Imperial Band (= Band of HM King Edward's Horse)
Imperial Infantry Band (= Royal Military Band)
Bell 171
Bell 177