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There were two distinct labels using this name.

One was an Edison Bell product, like "Bell" (see first label, near right) and all issues were 5" in diameter. The catalogue number ranged from 350 to about 370 and all were nursery rhymes or children's stories. These date from the first half of the 1920s.

The other was a Vocalion product and were available in both 5" and 6" sizes (see second label image for design). In most cases they are taken from the Little Marvel catalogue and have the same catalogue numbers. As such, I am not going to list these separately here, but will note them in my Little Marvel series listing.

The Vocalion product, at least, seems to have been sold mainly (if not only) in Australia and New Zealand and ran on after the Little Marvels had been withdrawn in the UK.

They date from the early to late 1920s.

They are both fairly scarce label, certainly in the UK, and this may be because they were made for export as mentioned above.


Below, I shall list the Edison Bell proiduct and the early Vocalion issues, which had their own catalogue series with an F- prefix.

Edison Bell product

Vocalion product

The initial information is from the files of the late Arthur Badrock. Please e-mail me if you can help me fill in the gaps in any of these series.

Thanks to the following for providing more details: Zak Coombs, Richard Prout

Page last updated on: April 13, 2023

First: The Edison Bell product; No artist name is shown on the labels.

Cat No Matrix Title Artists
350 139
Ten Little Nigger Boys
Old Mother Hubbard
351 209
The House That Jack Built, part 1
The House That Jack Built, part 2
Charles Penrose
352 196
The House That Jack Built, part 3
The House That Jack Built, part 4
Charles Penrose
353 206
The Laughing Ploughboy
The Laughing Nigger
Charles Penrose
354 200
Tom, Tom The Piper's Son, part 1
Tom, Tom The Piper's Son, part 2
Charles Penrose
355 202
Rhymes And Jingles, part 1
Rhymes And Jingles, part 2
Charles Penrose
356 237
There's Life In The Old Dog Yet
The Laughing Jazz Drummer
Charles Penrose (with piano accmp)
357 235
Laughing P.C. Brown
Silly Old Billy
Charles Penrose
358 239
The Three Little Kittnes
There Was A Crooken Man
Nursery Rhyme
359 241
Sing A Song Of Sixpence
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Nursery Rhyme (= Uncle Stan & Clown Argo)
360 243
Simple Simon
"A" Was An Archer
Nursery Rhyme (= Uncle Stan & Clown Argo)
361 245
Three Nursery Rhymes
Little Bo Peep
Nursery Rhyme (= Uncle Stan & Clown Argo)
363 249
Cock-A-Doodle Doo
There Was a Crooked Man, Dickory Dickory Dock, etc
Nursery Rhyme
364 251
Hey Diddle Diddle
Old Mother Goose
Nursery Rhyme
365 253
Once There Lived A Little Man
Try Again and Ding Dong Bell
Nursery Rhyme
367 257
The Spider And The Fly, part 1
The Spider And The Fly, part 2
Nursery Rhyme

Now the Vocalion one. Later (6") Fairy records from Vocalion are just reissues of Little Marvel records with the same catalogue numbers (q.v.) Any of this style which don't have the F-series catalogue number will be found listed on the "Little Marvel" page.

Cat No Matrix Title Artists Notes


F-28 C-5123
The Farmer In The Dell
Rose, Thistle & Shamrock Patrol
song (with piano accmp)