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The Flag

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This was one of the many pre-WWI records produced by Beka of Germany for the British market, probably dating to about 1912. There were about 600 issues, with catalogue numbers matching Beka Grand records, and available in both 10" (see image) and 12" sizes, the latter bearing lilac and gold labels. The 12" catalogue numbers matched those of Beka Meister records.

The Flag records don't seem to have been advertised in the trade journals, and it is quite likely it was a "tallyman" record, sold door-to-door under a contract to purchase a fixed number of records over a fixed period (and receive a 'free' gramophone on loan). This would fit with the British patriotic style of other known tallyman labels such as Britannic and John Bull. The Beka Record Co had withdrawn from providing John Bull records in the summer of 1911, so maybe The Flag Records dates from just after that time. This would also fit with the German application for the trade mark which was submitted in December 1911.

However, these records do turn up regularly in Australia, so that may also provide a clue to their mystery.


My thanks to Frank Andrews in providing most of the information for this page. Please e-mail me if you can help with any additions to the listing.
On those where I only know one side, I have not assumed the same coupling as the Beka Grand original issue, despite what I have written above, until I have the full information on the discs!

Thanks also to the following who have provided extra details: Mike Atkins, John Carpenter, "Discogs.com", Norman Field, Adrian Smith

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Cat No Matrix Title Labelled Artists
7 40554
Sullivan Memories, Part I
Sullivan Memories, Part II
Flag London Orchestra (= Beka London Orchestra, dir. Julian Jones)
17 40454
Pantomime Memories, selection I
Pantomime Memories, selection II
Flag London Orchestra (= Beka London Orchestra, dir. Julian Jones)
25 40472
War March Of The Priests ("Athalie" - Mendelssohn)
Overture "Ruy Blas" (Mendelssohn)
Flag London Orchestra
Flag Symphony Orchestra (cond. S.L. Wertheim)
55 40039
Dancing With Ma Baby (B.R. Anthony)
Inspiration, valeta valse (L. C. Everett)
Flag London Orchestra
80   Here, There And Everywhere, march (A. Bosc) Royal Artillery (cond: Mr E.C. Stretton)
95 40437
Frivolity - barn dance
Romping Rosie
John Pidoux (banjo)
96 40439
Sambo's Pic-Nic
Coonland Memories
John Pidoux (banjo)
132 40353
The Heart Bowed Down (Balfe)
Tempest Of The Heart ("Il Trovatore" - Verdi)
Alan Turner (baritone)
140 40514
Chorus Gentlemen (H. Löhr)
The Drum Major
Bantock Pierpoint (baritone)
158 40521 When We Went To School Together Harry Trevor (baritone)
182 40312
Little By Little And Bit By Bit
Won't You Go With Me To Gogo
Will Terry (comic)
190 40049
My Wife's Sister's Pussy Cat
I Ought To Be Punished
Harry Champion (comic)
Tom Wootwell (comic)
196 9711
At The Seaside
Oh, Isn't It Singular?
Ernest Shand (comic)
242 40559
Il Corricolo, galop
The Sweep's Intermezzo (Paul Rubens)
Flag London Orchestra
264 40664
Tom O' Devon (Kennedy Russell)
Three For Jack (W.H. Squire)
Harry Thornton (baritone)
358 40840
Les Petits Matelots, march (Ganne)
Life Guards March (Allier)
Flag London Orchestra
398 41030
Once Again (Sullivan)
Love's Request (Reichardt)
Philip Ritte (tenor)
426 41112 The King's Body Guard, Grand Processional March (Raymond) Flag London Orchestra
434 40994
Reminiscenses Of Wales, part 1 (Fred Godfrey)
Reminiscenses Of Wales, part 2 (Fred Godfrey)
Flag London Orchestra
447 41105
I'm Always Doing Something Silly
The Brown Cow
Jay Laurier (comic)
454 41230
"Pinafore", selection part 1 (Sullivan)
"Pinafore", selection part 2 (Sullivan)
Flag London Orchestra
478 41321
I Like Your Apron And Your Bonnet (Lawrance)
Some Day You'll Know
Stanley Kirkby (baritone)
500 41352
No More Stopping Out Late (Bert Lee)
It Was Three O'Clock In The Morning (David, Penso)
Jack Charman
Jack Charman & Stanley Kirkby
504 40410
You're The One
Let's All Go Mad
Billy Williams (comic)
505 41406 Sally O Mally [sic] Billy Williams (comic)
506 41408
I Don't Care
Why Can't We Have The Sea In London?
Billy Williams (comic)
525 ? 41500 Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly?   [incorrect label, Cat No may be wrong - YouTube] Flag London Orchestra (= Beka London Orchestra)
530 41361
Sneezing  (Laurier)
I Shall Sulk (Wells, Terry)
Jay Laurier (comic)
542 41558
Carroty (J.P. Long)
Song Of Songs Up To Date
Bert Weston (comic) (= Alf Willis)
583 41480
Piccaninny Mine, Goodnight
My Juliet
Stanley Kirkby (baritone)