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This was a short set of records made by Decca for Fanfare Musical Productions Ltd. (hence, FMP) of 31, Whitcombe Street, London, WC2. They were standard 10" 78rpm discs costing 6/6 each. They contain hints and tips by leading British jazz instrumentalists. The first batch of 5 were issued in mid-1949, but there were some subsequent issues in 1950 or 1951. The label states "A.R.P. Recording" but I don't know who that refers to.
Initially the label was black with gold printing, but subsequent pressings sport a white or very pale blue label with red printing, as seen here.

The records were sold by Farley Radio Services Ltd in 1951.

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Cat No Matrix No Title and description Artist
TD-101 BPS-5
Saxophone Vibrato, part 1 - How to obtain vibrato, intensity, speed
Saxophone Vibrato, part 2 - How to use vibrato in fast & slow numbers; How to practise it and improve intonation
Leslie Gilbert (lead sax and featured soloist, Ted Heath's Orch.)
TD-102 BPS-3
Bop Style For Piano, part 1 - How to develop a bop phrase; Styles for left hand chord changes
Bop Style For Piano, part 2 - The use of grace notes in bop phrasing; Double tempo phrases
Ralph Sharon
TD-103 BPS-7
Basic Bob Drumming, part 1 - The cymbal work in bebop; Bass drum and left hand
Basic Bob Drumming, part 2 - Rhythmic variations; Trick rhythms
Norman Burns (Ambrose Orchestra)
TD-104 BPS-9
Phrasing And Style For Saxophone, part 1 - Rhythmic legato style phrasing of written parts
Phrasing And Style For Saxophone, part 2 - Correct quaver phrasing; staccato rhythmis playing
Harry Hayes (lead sax, Ambrose Orch, and famous featured soloist)
TD-105 BPS-11
Trumpet Tone And Attack, part 1 - Hand vibrato and Lip vibrato
Trumpet Tone And Attack, part 2 - Attack; Clean phrases
Kenny Baker
TD-106 BPS-17
Definition And Tone For Bass, part 1 - Sustained tone; Walking bass
Definition And Tone For Bass, part 2 - Bass range;  Tone balance
Jack Fallon
TD-108   Drums Jack Parnell
TDA-501 BPS-13
Rhythm Accompaniment: Lady Bird (Dameron)
Rhythm Accompaniment: September In The Rain
Ralph Sharon (piano), Laurie Morgan (drums), Joe Muddell (bass)
TDA-502 BPS-15
Rhythm Accompaniment: Shaw 'Nuff (Gillespie, Parker)
Rhythm Accompaniment: Sweet Lorraine (Burwell, Parish)
Ralph Sharon (piano), Laurie Morgan (drums), Joe Muddell (bass)