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The Regent Fittings company of 120, Old Street, London sold these discs during WWI. Masters came from Grammavox and Popular (i.e. the Sound Recording Company), and were manufactured in the UK by The Crystalate Manufacturing Company.

There were three distinct catalogue series:
1800 - on :  Songs and Balllads
1900 - on :  Comic and popular song
2000 - on :  Band

Issue dates, presumably from catalogues or trade magazines:  [these details from Mike Langridge]

September 1915: Nos. 1800 - 1814; 1820 - 1822; 1900 - 1908; 2000 - 2008.
October 1915: Nos. 1815 - 1819.
November 1915: Nos. 1823 - 1824.
February 1916: Nos. 1825 - 1830; 1909 - 1915; 2009 - 2010.

As you will see, this is quite a small catalogue of records, mostly issued in September 1915, with a few supplementary issued over the following months.


This is a first attempt at a listing. Please e-mail me if you can help me fill in the gaps in any of these series.

My thanks to Frank Andrews and Mike Langridge for providing most of the initial information for this page.
Thanks also for extra information to:
Norman Field, Graham Farnell, Chris Steward

Page last updated on: May 20, 2022

Cat No Matrix Title Labelled Artists Source
1800 2332
The Sunshine Of Your Smile
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
W. Dacres (= Will Thompson)
Sydney Curtis (= Lionel Rothery)
Grammavox D-212
Grammavox D-236
1801 2354
It Takes An Irish Heart To Song An Irish Song
Where The River Shannon Flows
Sydney Curtis (= Lionel Rothery)
W. Dacres (= Will Thompson)
Grammavox D-237
Grammavox D-235
1802 2329
I'll Make You Want Me
Farewell, Isabelle
Geo. Langdale (= Will Thompson) Grammavox D-209
Grammavox D-235
1803   Never Mind
Yesterday You Called Me Sweetheart
Harry Kingston
Fred Sherwood
Grammavox D-215
Grammavox D-180
1804 2285
In The Valley Where The Bluebirds Sing
Beautiful Bird, Sing On
Howard Banks (= Harry Thornton) Grammavox D-176
1805 2271
Annie Laurie
The Old Rustic Bridge
Maude Lakin (= Mary Williams)
Percy Graham (= Will Thompson)
Grammavox D-184
Grammavox D-181
1806 2276
Dear Old Mother
There Will Always Be A Corner For You, Dear Mother
G. Rochester
A. Beverley
Grammavox D-185
1807 2232
The Miner's Dream Of Home
The Miner's Mother
Arthur Allan (= Albert Watson)
G. Rochester
Grammavox D-147
Grammavox D-180
1808 2227
The Collier's Child
Don't Go Down The Mine, Dad
Harry Vernon (= Robert Carr)
A. Allen (= Albert Watson)
Grammavox D-154
Grammavox D-147
1809 2086
Two Eyes Of Grey
I Hear You Calling Me
J. Rowland (bass) (= Norman Williams)
Alf Egerton (= Thomas Jackson)
Grammavox D-46
Grammavox D-187
1810 2062
The Holy City
Every Valley Shall Be Exalted
Stanley Matheson (= Harry Thornton)
Arthur Allen (tenor, with piano acc.) (= Albert Watson)
Grammavox D-43
Grammavox D-128
1811 2256
Terence's Farewell
Come Back To Erin
T. Regan (tenor) (= Gerald O'Brien) Grammavox D-165
1812 2226
The Green Isle Of Erin (Roekel)
The Dear Little Shamrock
T. Regan (tenor) (= Gerald O'Brien) Grammavox D-160
Grammavox D-167
1813 2155
Home, Sweet Home
Old Folks At Home
Miss E. Vesper (= Grace Ivell)
Miss M. Larkin (= Mary Williams)
Grammavox D-157
Grammavox D-177
1814 2111
The Two Grenadiers
Your King And Country Want You
S. Rowland (= Harry Thornton)
Miss N. Warwick (= Nancy Charman)
Grammavox D-45
Grammavox D-222
1815 2041
Lead, Kindly Light
R. Tempest (= Tom Kinniburgh)
F. Oliver (= Thomas Jackson)
Grammavox D-5
Grammavox D-208
1816 8036
O, Come All Ye Faithful
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Choir (with organ accmp) Grammavox G-18
Grammavox G-19
1817 8037
Good King Wenceslas
The First Nowell
Choir (with organ accmp) Grammavox G-20
1818 123
Largo (Handel)
Christians Awake
R.F. Military Band
Grammavox A-74
Grammavox A-119
1819 2031
Asleep In The Deep
The Heart Bow'd Down (M. Balfe)
J. Rowland (bass) (= Norman Williams)
Allan Morley (bass) (= Tom Kinniiburgh)
Grammavox D-11
Grammavox D-6
1820 2360
The Nightingale And The Rose
The Butterfly
Agnes Newcombe (= Ena Vine) Popular P-588
1821 2363
Show Me The Way To Your Heart
Till The Boys Come Home
Agnes Newcombe (= Ena Vine)
Dora Bevan
Popular P-587
1822 2368
Blue Eyes
The Heart Of Molly Malone
Walter Dacres (= Will Thompson) Popular P-596
1823 2364
When You Come Home (Squire)
Ten Little Bridesmaids
Miss Francis Holbrook (contralto) (= Marguerite Scott)
George Todd (comic, with orch accmp) (= Ted Cowan)
Popular P-607
Popular P-611
1824 4244
Which Switch Is The Switch, Miss, For Ipswich?
They All Did The Goose-Step Home
Geo. Todd Popular P-611
Popular P-610
1825   Kitty Lee
Somewhere In France, Dear Mother
Walter Dacres Popular P-634
1826 2388
She's The Girl I Left Behind Me (My Mother)
O Mother Mine   (with cornet solo)
S. Curtis (= Lionel Rothery) Popular P-636
Popular P-638
1827 2375
A Little Bit Of heaven
Irish Eyes Of Love
P. Nolan (= Lionel Rothery)
W. McCready
Popular P-601
Popular P-635
1828 2387
Bad As You Are
Is It Nothing To You ?
Walter Dacres
S. Curtis (= Lionel Rothery)
Popular P-635
Popular P-637
1829 2393
Vesper Bells
Remember Where You Came From
S. Curtis (= Lionel Rothery)
Jack Ford (= Jack Charman)
Popular P-638
Popular P-626
1830   All For Her Country's Sake (In Commemmoration of Miss Cavell)
When The Joy Bells Ring
A. Cready Popular P-651
1900 4204
P.C. 49
It's A Long Way To Tipperary
Jack Ford (= Jack Charman)
R. Hadfield (= Harry Cove)
Grammavox E-112
Grammavox E-107
1901 2326
Hello! Hello! Who's Your Lady Friend?
Get Out And Get Under
Jack Ford (= Jack Charman) Grammavox D-214
Grammavox E-118
1902 4229
Goodbye, Virginia
I'm On My Way To Dublin Bay
The Two Macks (= Harry Cove & Will Thompson) Popular P-597
Popular P-594
1903 4235
He's A Rag Picker
All Aboard For Dixieland
Robert Hadfield & Walter Dacres (= Harry Cove & Will Thompson) Popular P-597
Popular P-614
1904 4253
Sprinkle Me With Kisses
Robert Hadfield & Walter Dacres (= Harry Cove & Will Thompson) Popular P-615
1905 4255
Oh You Great Big Wonderful Baby
Same Sort Of Girl
Robert Hadfield & Walter Dacres (= Harry Cove & Will Thompson) Popular P-616
1906 .
My Old Iron Cross
Wotcher My Old Brown Son, How Are Yer?
Tom Perkins (= Alf Willis) Popular P-603
Popular P-604
1907 4247
There'll Be Nothing But Boys In Khaki By The Seaside
Geo. Todd (= Ted Cowan)
H. Morton
Popular P-610
Popular P-612
1908 .
I Want To Go Back To Michigan
The Minstrel Parade
Robert Hadfield & W. Dacres (= Harry Cove & Will Thompson) Popular P-493
Popular P-605
1909 2382
The British Artillery
We Must All Fall In
Robert Hadfield & W. Dacres (= Cove & Thompson)
Wilfred Tellson (= Lionel Rothery
Popular P-632
1910 4259
Not To-Night, Josephine
Show Us How To Do The Fox-Trot
Miss Cope
Bella, Bernard & Bob
Popular P-619
Popular P-625
1911 4261
They All Do The Charlie Chaplin Walk
I Met Her By The Rippling River
Geo. Todd Popular P-622
Popular P-628
1913 4273
You Can't Get Many Pimples On a Pound Of Pickled Pork
We Go To Sleep Again
Geo. Todd (= "W. Musgrave") Popular P-629
Popular P-628
1915 .
Chinatown, My Chinatown
The Syncopated Walk
The Brothers Dodd (= Harry Cove & Will Thompson) Popular P-593
Popular P-624
2000 282
Landing Of The British Expeditionary Forces In France - Off to The Firing Line
War Conditions In The Trenches
The R.F. Military Band Grammavox A-161
2001 231
The Lost Chord
The Broken Melody
Royal Fortune Military Band (cornet solo: Gordon Bell)
Harp, Flute & Violin
Grammavox C-35
Grammavox C-34
2002 6060
Medley Of Irish Reels
Medley Of Irish Jigs
Accordion solo (= Lee Horne) Grammavox C-31
Grammavox C-30
2003 6061
Hornpipe Medley
High-Level Hornpipe
Accordion solo (= Lee Horne) Grammavox C-30
Grammavox C-31
2004 234
Irish Jigs, selection Part 1
Irish Jigs, selection Part 2
Royal Fortune Military Band Grammavox A-139
2005 266
The Little Grey Home In The West
Where My Caravan Has Rested
Royal Fortune Military Band Grammavox A-164
Grammavox A-165
2006 6081
Message Of Spring
Neapolitan Flowers
H. Farrar (piccolo, with piano & violin) (= Mark Brewer)
H. Farrar (flute, with piano & violin) (= Mark Brewer)
Popular P-592
2007 2376
When The Angelus Is Ringing
Simple Melody
R. Hadfield (= Harry Cove)
Hadfield & Dacres (= Harry Cove & Will Thompson)
Popular P-602
Popular P-605
2008 258
Summer Glory
Royal Fortune Military Band Popular P-589
2009 278
Allies National Anthems, A: Japan, Servia, Russia
Allies National Anthems, B: Belgium, France, England
Royal Fortune Military Band Grammavox A-163
2010 6025
Blue Bells Of Scotland
Hornpipe Medley
Concertina solos (= Steve Bartle) Grammavox C-11
Grammavox C-14