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Great Scott records was set up by John Drummond (the 15th Baron Strange) at his home at Megginch Castle, Perthshire, Scotland in late 1933. Drummond purchased the recording equipment from Edison Bell Ltd, which was being wound up at the time. The equipment was of a high quality, having been designed by Edison Bell's pioneering engineer, P.G.A.H. Voigt. Between 1933 and late 1935, the company made a number of recordings, both commercial and private , mainly of local artists and of Scottish music. Even the commercial issues were pressed in small quantities and are very scarce these days.

First scan kindly provided by
Charles Hippisley-Cox, second one courtesy of Bill Dean-Myatt.

This listing is based on research by the late Chris Hamilton, who published it on his website, now sadly long gone, with much extra information from Bill Dean-Myatt.

Please e-mail me if you have any additions or corrections to this page.

My thanks to the following who have send me more information: Peter Adamson, Mike Comber

Page last updated on: March 03, 2023

The catalogue numbers correspond with one of the matrix numbers of each record, hence there will be  at least only half as many records as there are catalogue numbers. In addition, assuming the private recordings were also allocated matrix numbers, there will be many gaps, so it is almost impossible to know how complete this listing is. Details of any not shown, including private recordings are welcome.

Cat No. Matrix No. Title Artists
A-116 Cherry Ripe
Birds In The High-Hall Garden
Rita Masterton (soprano)
David Malcolm (baritone)
A-124 A-124
Dream Love Refrain, waltz
Soldiers' Song
The Scottish Light Orchestra
Eddie Conner and his Band
A-125 The Waiter
The Isle Of Man
J.C. Lawrance (comedian, with piano accmp)
A-132 A-130
Romance (Stoneley)
An Autumn Thought (Ross)
Professor Stoneley (violin, with piano accmp by John P. Ross)
Professor Stoneley (violin, with John P. Ross, piano and 'cello accmp)
A-134 Border Ballad
MacGregor's Gathering
John Mathewson (baritone)
A-142 A-128
Lang, Lang Syne
The Packman
J.C. Lawrence  (comedian, with orch accmp)
Archibald Hardie (comedian, with piano accmp)
A-154 A-152
Russian Fantasy, medley
The Fayre Four (concertinas)
A-155 A-154
The Bonnie Braes O' Airlie
A Dream
D. Taggart Stewart (tenor)
A-158 A-158
Mary Of Argyle
Light Cavalry Overture
Ernesto Jaconelli (accordion)
A-165 The MacGregor Patrol
The Fayre Four (concertinas)
A-175 A-175

Reels – The De’il among the tailors; The drummer; Staten Island; Mason’ apron; Roll her on the hill (all trad)
Strathspeys – Highland whisky (Niel Gow); Cameron’s got his wife again (trad); South of the Grampians (James Porteous);
Stumpie (trad)
Eddie Conner and his Band
A-180 A-180
Meg O' Amulree
No' The Real Mackay
Jock McKendrick (comedian, with violin & piano accmp)
A-183 A-183
Wee Cooper O' Fife; Piper O' Dundee
Leezie Lindsay; Wee Hooise By The Sea
Hugh Campbell (baritone, acc by James Hollingsworth, piano)
A-193 A-193
Land Of The Kilt
Lads Of The Sporran
MacKenzie Reid (accordion) [labelled as by Ken Reid]
A-200 A-186
Don't Blame Me
The Fairy Masquerade
Harry Smead and his Band
A-211 A-211
Loch Lomond
The Nice Wee Lassie
Jock McKendrick (comedian, with violin & piano accmp)
A-213 A-213
I'll No' Bother
Donal' Macindo
Jock McKendrick (comedian, with violin & piano accmp)
A-220 A-220
The Last Round-Up
Harry Smead And His Band
A-221 A-221
The Last Round-Up
Love Birds
Harry Smead And His Band
A-224 A-223
American Medley
Bonny Ann; Marquis Of Huntly; Mason's Apron
David Raitt (piano-accordeon)
A-226 A-226 ?
Gin I Were A Baron's Heir
Annie Laurie
Hugh Campbell (baritone, acc by James Hollingsworth, piano))
A-230 A-229
Aye Waukin' On
The Laird O' Cockpen
Hugh Campbell (baritone, acc by James Hollingsworth, piano))
A-231 A-227
Forty Good Shillings; Kirsty Forsyth
Jeanie's Bawbee
Hugh Campbell (baritone, acc by James Hollingsworth, piano))
A-233 A-233
Scots Selections
Hymn Of Lourdes
Silver City Harmonica Band
A-235 A-235
American Medley
March, Strathspey and Reel
Silver City Harmonica Band
(test pressing)
unidentified (could be "Do You Love Me Still?")

Unknown dance band (consisting of trumpet, 2 saxes, violin, piano, double bass, drums/vibraphone)

A-242   Lass O' Bon Accord; Marquis Of Huntly; Timour The Tartar
Eileen Alannah
Angus Fitchet (violin, with piano accmp)
Great Scott Trio
A-244 A-244
The Lea Rig
Bonnie Wee Thing
Arthur Lonie (tenor)
A-246 The Silver Ring
The Lass With The Delicate Air
Stella A. Hannigan (soprano)
A-247 As I Sit Here
She Is Far From The Land
Stella A. Hannigan (soprano)
A-250 Hail Caledonia
Green Grow The Rashes-O
Alexander Sinclair (baritone, with piano accmp)
A-252 Myself When Young; The Sandwich Man
Flow'r Of Brittany; For You Alone
Jack Lamond (bass-baritone)
A-255 A-255
O For The Wings Of A Dove
How Beautiful Are The Feet
Fraser White (boy treble, with piano accmp) [chorister at St Ninian's Chapelk, Perth]
A-258 John's Party
Beautiful Pay Night
Wullie Lindsay, Cissie Lang & Co.
A-260 Pride Of The Family
Underneath The Bed
Wullie Lindsay (comedian)
A-262 Patsy Burke
I'll Follow Ye Down To Carlo
Cissie Lang (Irish brogue monologue)
A-264 A-264
The Buxburn Shoppie, parts 1 & 2 Archibald Hardie (comedian, with piano accmp)
A-266 A-266
Laddies At The School
 [= Women's Rural Institute]
Archibald Hardie (comedian, with piano accmp)
A-268 A-270
Waltz Country Dance
Glasgow Highlanders
John Reid's Highland Orchestra
A-271 Scottish Reform
Reel & Reel O' Tulloch
John Reid's Highland Orchestra
A-280 A-280
Mad Medley, parts 1 & 2 MacKenzie Reid (accordion)
A-283 A-283
White Heather Selections
Waltz Country Dance
Charles Rae (violin, with piano accmp)
John Reid's Highland Orchestra
(private rec.)
Gentlemen Rankers
Colonel Hutchison (vocal, with piano accmp)
A-305 A-305
Maire My Girl
Afton Water
J.C. Menzies (tenor)
A-317 There's Something About Killarney
When The Roses Are Blooming In Ireland
Willie McCarron (boy soprano)
A-319 Bluebell
Take Me Hame To Bonnie Scotland
Willie McCarron (boy soprano)
A-321 A-321
Paraphrase 65, tune: Desert
Psalm 21, tune: St George's Edinburgh
Dundee Gaelic Choir (cond: Douglas K. Patrick; piano: Alice Hutchinson)
A-323 Till, Till, Oigh Mo Ruin
Mairi Mhin, Mheall-Shuileagh
Dundee Gaelic Choir (cond: Douglas K. Patrick; piano: Alice Hutchinson)
A-325 Wae's Me For Prince Charlie
O' A' The Airts
Dundee Gaelic Choir (cond: Douglas K. Patrick; piano: Alice Hutchinson)
A-327 A-327
Sweet Sue
The Astorians Dance Band (at the Astoria Balroom, Glasgow)
A-329 A-329
The Harbour Of Home, Sweet Home (waltz)
Who Walks In When I Walk Out?
The Astorians Dance Band (at the Astoria Balroom, Glasgow)
A-334 William Tell, selections parts 1 & 2 T. Alletson (xylophone, with orch accmp)
A-340 The Cycle Parade
Highland Patrol
St Margaret's Silver Band (Dundee)
A-342 The Fairy's Wedding
St Margaret's From Bonnie Dundee
St Margaret's Silver Band (Dundee)
A-345 The Jolly Miller
Two Comrades
St Margaret's Silver Band (Dundee)
A-347 A-347
Sands Of Sahara: A Desert Lullaby (Cecil Low) [vcl: Johnny Beveridge]
Solitude: Reverie (Cecil Low)
Royal Strathmore Orchestra (cond. Cecil A. Low)
A-351 A-351
Scottish Reform
Dashing White Sergeant
Robert Kirk (violin) & Andrew M. Ross (piano)
A-353 Foursome Reel
Highland Schottische
Robert Kirk (violin) & Andrew M. Ross (piano)
A-360 A-359
Scots Wha Hae
Robin Tamson's Smiddy
Alfred J. Forbes (tenor, acc by Henry Hollingworth's Trio)
Alfred J. Forbes (tenor, acc by Mrs. W.J. Davies, piano)
A-364 Ae Fond Kiss
The Bonnie Lass O' Ballochmyle
Alfred J. Forbes (tenor, acc by Mrs. W.J. Davies, piano)
A-365 Kirkconnel Lea
Bonnie Galloway
A.H. McCall (tenor)
A-368 A-367
McGregor's Gathering
John G. Cameron (baritone)
A-370 A-369
School Companions
The Sailor's Yarn
Wm. Hartley's "Tiny TGots" Orchestra (cond. Chrissie Liddle)
A-371 A-371
Melody Land, part1 (Hartley)
Melody Land, part2 (Hartley)
Wm. Hartley's "Tiny TGots" Orchestra (cond. Chrissie Liddle)
A-375 Ae Fond Kiss
The Bonnie Lass Of Ballochmyle
Neil Morrison (tenor)
A-379 The Gentle Maiden
Wha'll Be King But Charlie?
A. E. Cruickshank (baritone, acc by Alex Centre, piano)
A-380 Our Director
Savoy Irish Medley
Silver City Harmonica Band
A-382 Naval Cadet
The 93rd's Farewell
Silver City Harmonica Band
A-384 Irish Selections
Scotch Selections
Silver City Harmonica Band
A-388 A-425
My Love Is Like A  Red, Red Rose
Scotland Yet
George Hill (tenor, acc by Sydney J. Plenderleath, piano)
A-390 A-390
Old John Bradelum
The Egg
James A.H. Whiteley (piano)
A-392 A-392
Waverley, parts 1 & 2 Miss M. Mackie & Charles Rae (violins, with J.A.H. Whiteley, piano)
A-394 A-394
Bonnie George Campbell
J. Mallabar Carrick (baritone, acc by The Alicia Trio)
A-396 A-396

Highland Selection: The Highland Wedding (march); Miss Drummond Of Perth (strathspey); The De'il Among The Tailors & Variations (reel)
A March, Reel and Sprathspey selection
Helen MacRae (violin) and Margaret Sinclair (piano)

Margaret Sinclair (piano)
A-402 O' A' The Airts
Bonnie Wee Thing
J.C. Menzies (tenor)
A-406 A-406
79th Farewell; Caledonian Society; SAndy Duff (march, strathspey & Reel)
Farewell To The Creeks; Because He Was a Bonnie Lad; Mackay's Reel
Perth and District Prize Pipe Band
A-408 A-408
Bonnie Ann; Maggie Cameron; Duntrune (march, strathspey & reel)
Rowan Tree; Minstrel Boy; Badge Of Scotland (marches, with seconds)
Perth and District Prize Pipe Band
A-410 A-410
My Home; Pride Of Scotland (slow marches)
Highland Rory; Marquis of Huntly; Katie Dalrymple (march, strathspey & reel)
Perth and District Prize Pipe Band
A-413 A-412
St. Kilda
Alex Henderson (violin), Alex Innes (tin whistle) & Edith Aitken (piano)
A-414 A-414
Niel Gow's Lamentation For James Moray of Abercairney
The Braes O' Auchtertytne; Miller O' Drone; Speed The Plough
Alex R. Henderson (violin) & Edith Aitken (piano)
A-416 A-416
Pastoral Air; Fyvie Castle (J. Scott Skinner)
Pipe Marches: Lochaber Gathering; The Athol Highlanders' Farewell To Loch Katrine
Alex R. Henderson (violin) & Edith Wilson (piano)
A-418 A-418
Scottish Selection: Road To The Isles; Keel Row; Katie Dalrymple
Scottish Selection: Cock O' The North; Hielan' Laddie; The Wind That Shakes The Barley
Alex Innes & his Tin Whistle (with Edith Aitken, piano)
A-421 Silent Worship (Did You Not Hear My Lady)
Angus Morrison (tenor)
A-423 O Open The Door
Jessie, The Flower O' Dunblane
Angus Morrison (tenor)
A-425 At The Launch Of The Cunarder (descriptive), parts 1 & 2 Swanson & Yaw (comedians, with Tommy Nelson's Band)
A-442   The Haughs Of Cromdale
John Reid's Highland Orchestra
A-445 Come Ashore, Jolly Tar
Hamilton House
John Reid's Highland Orchestra
A-456 A-456
Some (as "Song") of these days; Dinah; Cocktails for two
Tiger Rag; Chinatown, My Chinatown
A.R. Parkes (piano) and J.F. Boothby (drims)
A-476 A-476
Adeste Fideles; La Marseillaise
Cuckoo Waltz
Jas. Donaldson (button accordion)
A-480 A-480
There's A Wee Bit Toon
Bonnie Langholm
John Hyslop (bass-baritone, with piano accmp)
A-500 A-499
The Garden Of Your Heart
Love's Armour
Leslie Whaley
A-508 A-508
Little Town In Old County Down
We're A' Scottish Here
A.H. McCall (tenor)
A-524 A-524
Broon's Reel
Rory O'Moore
McKenzie Reid (piano accordion)
A-532   Quadrilles, 4th figure
Quadrilles, 5th figure
John Reid's Highland Orchestra
A-548 A-548
You're Getting Old
Dangerous Dan McFoo
Gordon Stephen (entertainer, with piano accmp)
A-556 Harmonica Selections 1
Harmonica Selections 2 (incl. The Bluebells of Scotland)
James Halkerston (harmonica)