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A 7" vinyl or plastic record produced for children in the early 1960s by Pickwick International.
All are dated 1962 on the labels.
I would guess that the recordings are all American. The labels usually state "Made in England" but some say "Made in U.S.A." which implies the same records were made and sold in both countries in identical form. Sometimes the labels show no performers names, and occasionally the US version do show arists' names when the UK ones don't. If known, I will show the names. Similarly with the "matrix numbers"; sometimes these are only shown on the US labels.

The records were sold in picture sleeves, usually depicting a scene from a nursery rhyme on the record, and the plastic material of the record was sometimes multicoloured.

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Richard Prout

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Cat No Matrix No. Title Artists
7HT-901 C-7110-A The Woody Woodpecker March (Bibo, Wheeler)
The Woody Woodpecker Waltz (Podanny)
Bobby Colt (with orch cond. Warren Vincent)
Judy James (with orch cond. Warren Vincent)
7HT-902 7C-34A
Happy Birthday To You (Hill)
For He's A Jolly Good Fellow; Hail, Hail, The Gang's All Here (arr. Leslie)
7HT-903 29A
Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (Leslie, Vincent)
Tunes For Little People: Little Boy Blue; Little Jack Horner; Little Bo-Peep (Leslie, Vincent)
7HT-904   David And Goliath (Fishman)
Daniel In The Lion's Den (Fishman)
Edmund Blakeman (with full cast and The Cricket Symphony Orchestra)
7HT-905 C-46-A
Tubby The Tuba (George Kleinsinger; Paul Tripp)
Billy Boy; Georgie Porgie (arr. Leslie, Vincent)
Jerry Bruno (with The Playmates) (with orch cond. Maury Laws)
The Playmates (with orch cond. Maury Laws)
7HT-906 132A
The Story Of Sleeping Beauty, parts 1 (adapted by C. Leslie)
The Story Of Sleeping Beauty, parts 2 (adapted by C. Leslie)
Norman Rose (with full cast & The Berlin Symphony Orchestra)
7HT-907 65A
If You Were A Boy ; Alligator Song ("Peter Pan" - Leslie)
Never-Never Land Wish; I Am Captain Hook; Finale ("Peter Pan" - Leslie)
The Cricketones (with full cast & orch cond. Warren Vincent)
7HT-908 7C-124A I'm Popeye The Sailor Man (Lerner)
I Wanna Be A Life Guard (Rothberg, Timberg)
Captain Paul & The Seafaring Band
7HT-909   How Much Is That Doggie In The Window? (Merrill)
Bingo (Leslie)
The Cricketone Orchestra and Chorus
7HT-910   Robin Hood (Leslie, Vincent)
Young Folks' Favourites: I've Been Working On The Railroad; Arkansas Traveler; I Saw A Ship A-Sailing
Full Cast & Orchestra, cond. Warren Vincent
7HT-911   Over The Rainbow (Harold Arlen, E.Y. Harburg)
Let's Catch A Star (Leslie, Vincent)
Bobbie Leslie & The Cricketones (with orch. cond. Cy Leslie)
Marge Cameron (with orch cond. Warren Vincent)
7HT-912   Yellow Rose Of Texas (arr. Stein)
Down In The Valley (arr. Stein)
The Cricketone Orchestra and Chorus
7HT-913 7C-98A
Pied Piper Of Hamelin (Leslie)
Puss 'n Boots (Fishman)
anon (= Maxine Adams & The Cricketones)
anon (= Paul DeWitt, Maxine Adams & The Cricketones)
7HT-914 47A
Pinocchio, parts 1 (Roy Freeman)
Pinocchio, parts 2 (Roy Freeman)
Bill Marine, Betty Wells, Jim Pollack and The Playmates (with orch cond. Maury Lewis)
7HT-915   Cinderella (Leslie, Vincent)
Best Loved Kiddie Songs: Skip To My Lou; Row Row Row Your Boat; Tom, Tom, The Piper's Son
7HT-916 7C-145A
We're Off To See The Wizard (Harold Arlen, E.Y. Harburg)
The Thank You Song (S. Frank, H. Frank, J. Stein)
The Hanky Pank Players
7HT-917   Songs Of The Sea: Blow The Man Down (arr. Leslie)
Songs Of The Sea: Sailing Sailing (Marks)
Captain Paul and The Crewmen
7HT-918   Rock-A-Bye Baby (arr. Stein)
Lullaby (Brahms, arr. Stein)
Van Talbert (Wurlitzer organ)
7HT-919 7C-90A
Tutu The Littl'st Ballerina (C. Leslie, R. Freeman)
When I Grow Up (C. Leslie, R. Freeman)
Betty Shepard & The Cordials (with full cast & orchestra)
Marge Cameron (with full cast & orchestra)
7HT-920   He's Got The Whole World In His Hands (arr. Stein)
Abide With Me (arr. Stein)
The Cricketone Orchestra and Chorus
7HT-921 7C-27A
Goldilocks And The Three Bears (Leslie, Vincent)
Rock-A-Bye Baby; Bram's Lullaby [sic] (arr. Leslie, Vincent)
anon (= Full Cast and Orchestra)
anon (= Vocal with Orchestra)
7HT-922 49A
The Gingerbread Man (Leslie, Vincent)
Brave Little Sambo (Leslie, Vincent)
Betty Wells, Bill Marine and The Playmates (with orch cond. Maury Lewis)
7HT-923   Square Dances For Children, part 1 (Leslie, Vincent, Freeman)
Square Dances For Children, part 2 (Leslie, Vincent, Freeman)
The Cricketones (calls by Warren Vincent) (with orch cond. Warren Vincent)
7HT-924 38A
Three Little Pigs (Leslie)
A Tisket A Tasket; Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat; To Market, To Market (Leslie)
The 4 Cricketones (with full cast & orchestra)
The 4 Cricketones (with orch accmp)
7HT-925 7C-26A
Little Red Riding Hood (Leslie)
Hickory Dickory Dock; Oats Peas Beans and Barley Grow (Leslie)
anon (= Cricketones (with orchestra))
7HT-926 7C-84A
Alphabet Song; Counting Song (Leslie, Vincent)
Table Manners Tune (Leslie, Vincent)
The Cricketones (with orch cond. Warren Vincent)
7HT-927 7C-83A
Hansel And Gretel (arr. Leslie, Freeman)
Country Holiday (arr. Leslie, Freeman)
Ralph Lowe, Buddy MacKenzie, Toni Waiman, The 4 Cricketones (with orch)
Jerry Rood (with full cast & orchestra)
7HT-928 7C-78A
Me And My Teddy Bear (Leslie, Vincent)
Animal Songs: Pop GFoes The Weasel; Three Blind Mice; Mary Has A Little Lamb (Leslie, Vincent)
The Cricketones (with orch cond. Warren Vincent)
7HT-929 7C-127A
Jolly Clarinet Polka (Fishman)
Happy Helena Polka (Fishman)
The Cricket Polka-Tone Orchestra
7HT-930 20A
Cowboy Favourites: Red River Valley; Big Rock Candy Mountain (arr. Leslie, Vincent)
Cowboy Favourites: Polly Wolly Doodle; She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain (arr. Leslie, Vincent)
7HT-931   Alice In Wonderland (Leslie, Vincent)
Songs From Mother Goose: Simple Simon; There Was An Old Woman; The Muffin Man
7HT-932 7C-32A
Ten Little Indians (Leslie, Vincent)
Singing Games: London Bridge Is Falling Down; All Around The Mulberry Bush; One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
Toni Waiman and The 4 Cricketones (with full cast & orch)
The 4 Cricketones (with orchestra)
7HT-933   The Shoemaker And The Elves (Leslie)
Tom Thumb (Leslie)
Paul DeWitt & The Cricketones (with orch cond. Todd Fuller)
Paul DeWitt (with orch cond. Todd Fuller)
7HT-934 7C-63A
Songs From Mother Goose: Old Woman Who Lived In The Shoe; Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater; Humpty Dumpty;
Songs From Mother Goose: Jack And Jill; Jack Sprat; Old MacDonald Has A Farm
The Cricketones (with full cast & orch cond. Warren Vincent)
7HT-935   Let's Play Musical Chairs, side 1 (Leslie)
Let's Play Musical Chairs, side 2 (Leslie)
Paul DeWitt (with orch cond. Todd Fuller)
7HT-936 7C-82A
Jack And The Beanstalk (Leslie)
Turkey In The Straw (arr. Leslie)
anon (= Ralph Lowe, Buddy MacKenzie, Toni Waiman & The 4 Cricketones)
anon (= Kenneth Jay, with the George Norman Orchestra)