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In March 1949, this Harmony record briefly appeared, issued by The Mayfair Record Company of 45, Dorset St, Baker St. London, which included recordings by Jimmy McPartland's Orchestra, Billy Ternant & his Orchestra and a very young Frankie Howerd. The records cost 5/9 and were pressed by Decca.

I suspect the ACP (or CP) matrix numbers are a continuation of Crystalate's CP- series for private recordings, which they started in the 1920s, but were continued by Decca after they took over Crystalate's record division in the late 1930s.

Thanks to Graham Farnell, Bill Dean-Myatt & Justin Macauley for helping with this listing.

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Thanks to the following who have sent me more details: Paul Buck, Steve Friedrich, Richard Harrison, Charles Hippisley-Cox.

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Cat No Matrix Title Artist
A-1001 ACP-1624-1
Three Little Fishes
I'm Nobody's Baby
Frankie Howerd (acc by Billy Ternant & his Orch.)
A-1002 UR-8816
Daughter Of Sister Kate
In A Mist [arr. Marion McPartland]
Jimmy McPartland & his Orchestra
Jimmy McPartland & his Orchestra (feat. Marion McPartland, piano)
A-1003 CP-1608-1
I Cried for You
The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
Billy Ternant & his Orchestra
A-1004 CP-1610-1
She's My Lovely
Just One Of Those Things
Billy Ternant & his Orchestra
A-1005 CP-1622-1
Clopin Clopant
Beautiful Eyes
Billy Ternant & his Orchestra
A-1006 CP-1620-1
Have You Seen Irene ?
Brush Those Tears Away
Billy Ternant & his Orchestra
A-1007 UR-8815
Royal Garden Blues
Singing The Blues
Jimmy McPartland & his Orchestra
A-1008 CP-1614-2
St. Louis Blues
Can't We Be Friends ?
Doreen Henry (vocal, accmp by Billy Munn & his Jazzclubmen)
A-1009 ACP-1630-1
What's New ?
Ballin' The Jack
Jimmy McPartland & his Orchestra (supervised by Steve Race)
A-1010 ACP-1640
Adios Mi Chaparita
The Wedding Samba
Santiago and his Music
A-1011 ACP-1639-1
Bagels In Mexico
The Armadillo
Santiago & his Latin Music (vocal: Santiago & the Kordites)
Santiago & his Latin Music (vocal: Santiago)
A-1012   Dance Medley
Moonlight Serenade
Billy Ternant & his Strict-Tempo Orchestra (supervised by Carl Bryant)
A-1013   Not issued   
A-1014 ACP-1644
Oh! Annabella
One Love
Billy Ternant & his Strict-Tempo Orchestra (supervised by Carl Bryant)