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The Henecy Company was based at 54, Dane Street, Dublin. The records bearing their name were manufactured for them by various British companies between about 1924 and late 1929 (as far as is known). Pathe and Edison Bell were both known to have pressed Henecy Records, as well as a (sor far) unidentified German company.

Catalogue numbering probably started at 101 and ran up to at least 132. The early pressings of the low numbers had an A-prefix, but there is only one series of numbers used.

Explanation of images:
Image 1: From Ray Stevenson. This is a German-made record from the early 1920s, using American recordings.
Image 2:
Supplied by Richard Gregory. This is an Edison Bell product from the early 1920s, with a British master no.
Image 3: Supplied by Bill Dean-Myatt. This is a Pathe pressing. I've had to mess with the label colour so that it could be read !

Image 4:
Again, from "Hillandale News". The style of label is that used by Crystalate for their private issues. Tha master number, however, seeems to be an British Edison Bell one, so that is quite mystrerious.

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Thanks to the following people who have provided more information: Bill Dean-Myatt, Richard Gregory, Mike Langridge

Page last updated on: February 10, 2023

Cat No Matrix No Title Artist Source Issue
A-101 1789 Come Back To Erin (Claribel) Ferera's Hawaiian Serenaders (New York)
A-102 1790 The Wearing Of The Green (intro: Killarney) (T.H. Glenney) Ferera's Hawaiian Serenaders (New York)
  A-101 and A-102 were coupled on the same disc. I don't know whether any subsequent issues were like this also.
A-104 N-69288
Stand Up And Sing To Your Father (Burr Perkins)
At The Irish Jubilee (Brown, von Tilzer)
Billy Jones (humourist, with orch accmp) Pathe Actuelle 10300
A-109 10222
A Bargee's Barcarolle
The Ballad Of The Medical Student
Jimmy O'Dea (or Jimmy MacDonagh) & Fay Sargent Edison Bell
A-110 10227
Cinderella Up-To-Date (Louis Tierney)
The Foggy Dew (C. Milligan Fox)
Jimmy O'Dea (monologue)
Fay Sergeant
Edison Bell
115 N-95058
Traditional Irish Reels (intro. Teetotaller's Reel; Shashkeen Reel; Paddy, Will You Now)
Traditional Irish Reels (intro. Paddy On The Railroad; Miss Monaghan; Peter Street
Dick Smith's Ceilidhe Trio (violin, piano & piccolo) Pathe
116 N-95060
Traditional Irish Set Dance: The Blackbird
Traditional Irish Set Dance: The Job Of Journeywork
Dick Smith's Ceilidhe Trio (violin, piano & piccolo) Pathe
117 N-95062
Traditional Irish Double Jigs (intro. McGowan's Jig; The Bridal; Trip To The Cottage)
Traditional Irish Slip Jigs (intro. Jody Callaghan; Rocky Road To Dublin)
Dick Smith's Ceilidhe Trio (violin, piano & piccolo) Pathe
123 10807
I'm Alone ("Lily of Killarney" - Balfe)
If I Can Live (A.H. Clough, T.W. Stephenson)
Josephine Curran (soprano) Edison Bell
124   In My Wild Mountain Valley (Benedict)
Silent O' Moyle (T. Moore, trad.)
Josephine Curran (soprano) Edison Bell
125 11050
A Father's Love Ballad (Fitzball, Wallace)
O Sole Mio (in English) (di Capua, Teschmacher)
Seamus O'Donnchadha (= Jacques Dunphie) Edison Bell
128 1404-2
Alas! Those Chimes (Wallace)
Second Minuet (Besley)
Josephine Curran (soprano, with piano accmp) Piccadilly
130 2096-2
Set Dances: The Blackbird; Job Of Journeywork)
Reels: Divin Among The Tailors; Speed The Plough; The Mason's Apron
Dick Smith's Ceilidhe Trio (Dick Smith, fiddle; Tommy Breen, piccolo; Charlie O'Byrne, piano) Piccadilly
131 2097-25
Hornpipe: Eileen
Double Jigs: McArdle's Fancy; Walls Of Liscarroll; Munro's Fancy
Dick Smith's Ceilidhe Trio (as above)
Tommy Breen (piccolo), Charlie O'Byrne (piano)
132 Hornpipes: Kildare Fancy
Set Dances: Jockey At The Fair; St Patrick's Day; Humours Of Bandon; Three Captains
Dick Smith's Ceilidhe Trio