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Jaycee records were pressed by Crystalate from their Imperial masters during the mid-1920s.  The masters date from around 1926  and the records were sold in the Co-Op.
"Jaycee" was a Co-Op brand, which they also used on their own tobacco (and maybe other items they sold), but I've not managed to find out what it means, though one can assume the initials "JC".
The records are pretty rare and the series, which was in a J-100 range, was quite short-lived, probably only 20 different records. Such a small catalogue usually impiies one issue only; in other words these were issued all in one go and maybe didn't sell very well, so they didn't repeat the order with Crystalate.
Guessing from the value on the copyright stamp (5/8d), the records probably cost about 1/6, the same price as the Imperial issues.

The label is difficult to scan because of the colouring, but it is a bright red with gold printing.

An attempt to list these rare records. Please email me is f you can add to the list.

Extra information provided by: Arthur Badrock, Paul Cleary, Peter Edwards, Norman Field, Mike Jones, Bill Dean-Myatt.

Page last updated on: June 28, 2022

Cat No Control / Matrix Nos. Title Artists Main UK Issue
J 101        
J 102 849 / 6644-2
850 / 6681-3
Am I Wasting My Time On You?
My Cutey's Due At Two To Two Today
"Jaycee" Dance Orchestra (= Sam Lanin & his Orch) Imperial 1636
J 103        
J 104        
J 105        
J 106 784 / 6421
809 / 6437-2
Always (waltz)
Thanks For The Buggy Ride
'Jaycee' Dance Orchestra (= Nathan Glantz & his Orch.) Imperial 1573?
Imperial 1601
J 107 4435
She Can Make A Nice Cup Of Tea
I Want A Pie With A Plum In
John Nolan (with orch accmp) (= Dick Henderson) Imperial 1650
J 108 4475
Am I Wasting My Time On You?
Poor Papa
Tom Thatcher (= Tom Kinniburgh)
Eddie Hayman (= Eddy Reed)
Imperial 1649
Imperial 1648
J 109 855 / 6600
When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob-Bob-Bobbing Along
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
K. Irving (with orch accmp) (= Irving Kaufman)
Wal Peters (with piano and violin obbligato) (= Ramon Newton)
Imperial 1645
Imperial 1647
J 110        
J 111        
J 112 4559
The More We Are Together
Everything Will Happen For The Best
 ? (= Geiffrey Gelder's Kettners Five) Imperial 1687
J 113        
J 114        
J 115 3991
Pal Of My Cradle Days
Billy Hayman (w/ orch accmp) (= Dick Henderson) Imperial 1567
J 116        
J 117 4538
I've Never Seen A Straight Banana
No Sir! No Sir! That's Not My Girl
John Nolan (with orch accmp) (= Harry Fay) Imperial 1678
J 118 4536
For Baby And Me
Hi Diddle Diddle
Dick Bird (with orch accmp) (= Eddie Reed) Imperial 1679
J 119        
J 120 4567
The More We Are Together
Who Took Me Home Last Night?
John Nolan (with orch accmp) (= Harry Fay) Imperial 1693