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These labels were produced by the Jazz Appreciation Society of Newark, and seem to have been short-lived ventures.
The green-and-white label reissued some rare 1920s American jazz recordings originally from Paramount; the Red label is more recent jazz and the black-and-white label issued contemporary recordings, usually of New Orleans jazz.

Thanks to Bill Dean-Myatt for providing the label images, except the red label is from Robert Girling.

Thanks to Robert Girling for providing details for the listings for this label.
Thanks to the following for extra details: Richard Prout

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Page last updated on: November 28, 2021

There are three series of this label, none of which seems to have gone beyond three issues!

Firstly the green labelled early jazz re-issues.

Cat No Matrix/Control No Title Artist Source / Date
Jazz 5001 2370
Yonder Comes The Blues
Stack O'Lee Blues
Ma Rainey and her Georgia Band Paramount 12357; early 1926
Jazz 5002 2651 / SSS-1346x
2653 / SSS-1345x
Stock Yards Strut
Salty Dog
Freddie Keppard's Jazz Cardinals Paramount 112399; September 1926
Jazz 5003 1502 / SSS-1355x
2603 / SSS-1554x
Play That Thing
Adam's Apple
Ollie Powers' Harmony Syncopators
Jummy Blythe and his Ragamuffins
Paramount 12059; September 1923
Paramount 12376; June - July 1926

Next, the red labelled series.

Cat No Matrix/Control No Title Artist Source / Date
Jazz S-1 UPC-1023
Red Light Rag
Sugar Foot Strut
Pete Daily and his Chicagoans  
Jazz S-2  
Jazz S-3        

Now, the black and white labelled series.

Cat No Matrix/Control No Title Artist Source / Date
0001 SSS-1006 or 8
Come Back, Sweet Papa
New Orleans Hop Scop Blues
George Webb's Dixielanders  
0002   Panama
165 Blues
Tony Short Trio Recorded December 2, 1945
0003 SSS-1185x
Dippermouth Blues
Riverside Blues
George Webb's Dixielanders