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The John Bull record, launched in the Autumn of 1909, was the product of The English Record Company which had been formed the previous year. They started a new system for selling records, known as the Tally-man system. This involved sellng the records directly to the public using door-to-door agents.  The client would sign a contract to buy so many records over a set period, probably about 50 in a year, for a set price of 2/6 per record. For this they would get an ERCO gramophone loaned to them, which would become theirs at the end of the contract. (ERCO = English Record COmpany.) ERCO gramophones were made in Germany for the English Record Company by Carl Lindström Ltd.

The trade press criticised this manner of selling records, saying that members of the public were being tricked into signing a contract, thinking they were getting an exclusive product for a special price. However, I suspect the English Record Company was tapping into a group of people who preferred to choose their records from a catalogue in the comfort of their own homes. Probably as a result of the criticism, the suppliers of John Bull records changed occasionally and it is quite difficult to work out who was pressing what and from which masters and in what sequence they were made. Even if one could see a John Bull catalogue (has anyone ever seen one recently?) it may not help as repressings of titles by different companies often kept the original face numbers.
To be honest, the only way to try and sort this out is to view many John Bull records and where the source recording is in doubt, to try and compare the recordings with those found on other labels.

So, based on much reading of articles (mainly by Frank Andrews), this is my current conclusion.   [May 28 2018].

At the beginning, the records were pressed in Germany by the Beka Record Company, which was taken over by Carl Lindström in 1910. They had no catalogue numbers and were ordered by the face number which was the Beka matrix number. This was usually in a 40000- series, which denoted British recordings, but many with lower numbers have been reported, though I don't have any of these myself and so cannot examine them.

In May 1911, the English Record Company failed, but a new company with the same name was started up almost immediately. The new company had an arrangement with Favorite Records to press their John Bull records in Linden, Germany. They retained the Beka face numbers, but you will see the Favorite matrix numbers (and face numbers) pressed into the records, and where possible they used the Favorite recordings of the same tunes.  Where Favorite didn't have a particular tune recorded, they often recorded it specifically for issue on John Bull, sometimes by the same artist(s) who had recorded the title for Beka.

In some articles, Frank says that Beka and Favorite were pressing John Bull records at the same time, from the start, but I doubt that to be the case.
Anyway, things get much more difficult to work out from this point.

Other John Bull records are pressed in Germany from Dacapo masters, presumably by Dacapo themselves. Other masters used are more difficult to recognise but I believe they are Bel Canto masters. In addition to the masters being in the right number range (5000-), the records usually have the letters BC embossed under the label, which I can only think means "Bel Canto" (though it has been mentioned it could stand for "Beka Company"). Bel Canto was one of those German recording companies who, while they did have their own "Bel Canto" label, generally seemed to sell their masters for other companies to use. Just fo confuse matters, I have at least one John Bull record with a genuine Beka master on one side and a "replacement" Bel Canto on the other. I doubt that this is an isolated case either.

Then, finally, many John Bull records state "British Manufacture Throughout" round the foot of the labels. Frank does mention that The Disc Record Company of Harrow may have pressed John Bull records, but if they did, they would have "Made In England" embossed in the clear area outside of the label, and I've not seen any of those. There are, of course, other possible British manufacturers, such as Crystalate and Carl Lindström's Mead Works in Hertford. However, the most likely candidate is The Inverness Works, Staines Road, Hounslow, Middlesex. This company had been manufacturing Musogram Records until 1909, at which point the English Record Company took over the factory, renaming it The Irolite Manufacturing Company, and most likely pressing John Bull records there. Frank Andrews says that there had been issues with getting enough John Bull records from the German suppliers, which was why they took on the Hounslow factory. One of the managers at the works was Sidney Taylor, previously a recording expert with the Neophone Record Company, but there is no proof he made any specific recordings in England for John Bull. The Irolite Factory stopped pressing records in December 1911 and the factory later passed to Columbia.

What makes this all complicated is the fact that the Beka master numbers (usually in a 40000 series) are retained on the label and shown embossed in the record (in "type") even when the record is now pressed from another recording. The only way to know for sure it IS the Beka master being used is if the master is also visible hand scribed in the record, usually under the label. Also I notice that Beka masters have other codes whitten into the "wax", often a '#' sign.

What is still to be resolved is the fact that some of the British manufactured John Bulls use masters which should only exist in Germany, such as early Beka and Bel Canto (if that's what they are) masters. However, Norman Field has a theory, which seems very likely. Many of these German companies, such as Dacapo, Favorite, Bel Canto all became part of the Carl Lindström group by about 1912. Lindström would then have found they had duplicate recordings of the same pieces of music so it would make sense for them to sell off the unwanted extra metalwork. The Disc Record Company in Harrow was one such which was pressing old Beka masters in Britain, which should have been in Germany, so maybe The Irolite Company had bought old masters from Lindström as well? (The timing of this needs to be checked as far as Irolite is concerned.)

1912 was a pivotal year for record companies. Carl Lindström Ltd started selling cheap records (at 1/6) in Britain from the spring (Coliseum & Scala) and later started buiding their own factory in Hertford. It is reported that the company was trying to push out any tally-man businesses in this way, but then they joined in the tally-man business in October 1912 with their own Albion Record label. I suspect selling these via the tally-man system was quite short lived, after which they became another cheap label, selling at 1/6 or even 1/- to undercut the competition. It is possible to find John Bull records overstuck with Albion labels.

By the end of 1912, the English Record Company was in financial difficulties and between then and July 1913  the company was gradually taken over by Grünbaum & Thomas, a German company who pressed Favorite (and maybe other?) records. The last John Bull record issued is beiieved to have been in September 1913, pressed by Favorite and still priced at 2/6. In November 1913, the English Record Company was sold to The Albion Record company for £1,000 and it seem likely that it was at this point they overstuck Albion labels onto existing John Bull record stock (see previous paragraph). I also have a John Bull (German manufactured) with Ariel labels pasted over.

There are two series of John Bull which use numbers other than the Beka face numbers. One had a catalogue number starting at B-1, the other had face numbers starting at H-1 (sometimes these have the  same H number on both sides like a catalogue number). I have not managed to understand when or why these were produced. Both series use the same spread of company masters to be found on the other series, and, as before, different recordings (i.e. from different companies) can be found with the same B- or H- number. there are quite a few where the H- number is the only number known for a recording and the original matrix number cannot be seen or traced. In addition to these, there are John Bulls with a 5000 series catalogue number.

I've tried to
work out the sequence in which the different John Bulls were produced, based on published research, but I'm not convinced I have the full story yet. One issue in the past is that I think John Bull records were looked upon as less important than the labels from the recording companies, but in my opinion it is a mistake to dismiss such labels. As I mention above, there were recordings made specifically for John Bull, so there is something unique to be found on some of them.


Label with reversed "N" in name

King George V Coronation Record

Sleeve, couresy of Robert Girling



This is a first attempt at a listing. Please e-mail me if you can help me fill in the gaps in any of these series.

My thanks to David Moore & Mike Langridge in providing most of the information that started this page.
On rooting through the late Arthur Badrock's paperwork, it seems there were a number of people involved in helping David accumulating this data. Johnny Hobbs made his considerable "stock" of John Bull records available to David for him to copy the details, and Arthur Badrock also added information and typed up a draft listing of the label. Unfortunately, none of this had been published before; I have put it all on the site here.

Thanks also to:
Frank Andrews, Mike Atkin, Patrick Barclay, Robin Bratchley, Graham Farnell, Norman Field, Robert Girling, Yves Goffin, Simon Halsey, Mike Jones, Richard Prout, Mark Schuler, Jeff Smallcombe.

Page last updated on: March 30, 2024

Firstly, the non-catalogue numbered sides.

Face No Matrix Title Labelled Artists Coupling Source
1   Off To Philadelphia Harry Thornton 40179 ?
277 277 Washington Post H.M. Grenadier Guards Band 293 Beka
277 1460-f Washington Post Garde Republicaine Band 293 Favorite
282 282 Whistling Rufus Band of H.M. Grenadier Guards 283 Beka
283 283 The Warbler's Serenade Band of H.M. Grenadier Guards 282 Beka
284 284 A Coon Band Contest Band of H.M. Grenadier Guards 285 Beka
285 285 The Stars And Stripes Forever Band of H.M. Grenadier Guards 284 Beka
293 293 Jefferson Guards H.M. Grenadier Guards Band 277 Beka
293 272-o El Capitan Garde Republicaine Band 277 Favorite
301 301 Dixieland Band of H.M. Scots Guards 303 Beka 64
303 303 Laughing Water Band of H.M. Scots Guards 301 Beka 64
338 338 Entry Of The Gladiators H.M. Scots Guards Band 11182 Beka
363 1817-o La Kraquette John Bull Military Band 998 Favorite
997 997 Church Parade (arr. J.D. Markey) H.M. Scots Guards Band (cond: F. Wood) with bell effects 3004 Beka
997 6265-t Church Parade John Bull Orchestra 3004 Favorite
998   The Whistler And His Dog John Bull Military Band 363 Favorite
1002 Xbo-2097
Smokey Mokes (A-59076)
Cadet March (A-59086)
John Bull Orchestra   Jumbo
1017 Xbo-3269
Darkies Two-Step (A-21937)
Pompadour Two-Step
John Bull Orchestra   Jumbo
1071   Shirts Joe Britton (comedian) 4084  
2726 2726 The Geisha: Mimosa Waltz John Bull London Orchestra 2739 Beka
2732 4421-t- Gold And Silver Waltz John Bull Military Band 40392 Favorite
2732 2732 Roses Of The South John Bull London Orchestra 40392 Beka
2732   Roses Of The South John Bull Orchestra 40392 Bel Canto
2739 2739 Over The Waves John Bull London Orchestra 2726 Beka
2910 2910 Sir Roger De Coverly / Hope The Hermit Band of H.M. Grenadier Guards 2914 Beka
2914 2914 Scots, Wha Hae / Bonnie Laddie / The Campbells Are Comin Band of H.M. Grenadier Guards 2910 Beka
2917 2134%-o Weymouth Chimes John Bull Military Band 40836 Favorite
2918 2918 Wedding Bells H.M. Scots Guards Band (cond: F. Wood) 2919 Beka
2918 2133-o Big Ben Polka John Bull Military Band 2919 Favorite
2919 2919 Les Cloches De St. Malo H.M. Scots Guards Band (cond: F. Wood) 2918 Beka
2919 2131-o Les Cloches De St. Malo John Bull Military Band 2918 Favorite
3004 3004 Il Trovatore (valse and miserere) H.M. Scots Guards Band (cond: F. Wood)
(some issues labelled H.M. Grenadier Guards Band)
997 Beka
3004 8071-o Il Trovatore John Bull Orchestra 997 Favorite
3067 3067 "Patience" - selection H.M. Scots Guards Band (cond: F. Wood) 3072 Beka
3067 6648-t "Patience" - selection John Bull Orchestra 3072 Favorite
3072 3072 1812 Overture H.M. Scots Guards Band (cond: F. Wood) 3067 Beka
3072 6647-t 1812 Overture John Bull Orchestra 3067 Favorite
3606 11342 Boulanger March Bells 11101 ?
4084   Do What You Can For Ninepence Joe Britton (comedian) 1071 ?
5031 2879-o Nicky March, from "A Waltz Dream" John Bull Orchestra 41040 Favorite
5162 5162 The Better Land Sergeant Leggett (cornet) 5163 Beka
5163 5163 O Dry Those Tears Sergeant Leggett (cornet) 5162 Beka
5179   Nelly Gray W.G. Calligan, W. Malten, W. Towle & W. Norcross 5185 Bel Canto
5185   Massa's In De Cold Cold Ground W.G. Calligan, W. Malten, W. Towle & W. Norcross 5179 Bel Canto
5189 1976-o The Whistling Coon Herbert Hemingway (whistling) 5190 Favorite
5189   The Wistling (sic) Bowery Boy W. Norcross (bass) 5190  
5190 778-t Off To Philadelphia Herbert Hemingway (whistling) 5189 Favorite
5190   Off To Philadelphia W. Norcross (bass) 5189  
5256a 18398 Through The Green Valleys Of Wales John Bull Orchestra 5256b Beka ?
5256b 18457 Albert Edward March John Bull Orchestra 5256a Beka ?
5281a   Evening Pastimes John Bull Orchestra 5281b  
5281b   Pilotes March John Bull Orchestra 5281a  
5318   My Bungalow In Bond Street Jack Charman 5325  
5318   My Bungalow In Bond Street Jack Charman 5325 Favorite ?
5325   Silver Bell Phil Gordon 5318  
5325   Silver Bell Jack Charman 5318 Favorite ?
5326a 4344-t- Captain Ginjah, O.T. (Geo. Bastow) Joe Britton (comic) ( = Jack Charman) 5326b Favorite
5326a   Captain Ginjah, O.T. Charles Denton 5326b Bel Canto
5326b 4343-t- Fish Sauce (Chas. R. Whittle) Joe Britton (comic) ( = Jack Charman) 5326a Favorite
5326b   By The Sea Charles Denton 5326a Bel Canto
5327a 5817-t- When Father Papered The Parlour Billy Williams 5327b Favorite
5327a 5259 Why Does Mrs Flanagan Want To Go To The Isle Of Man? Robert Nelson 5327b Bel Canto
5327b 4304%-t Follow The Tramlines (Hettie King) Jack Charman 5327a Favorite
5327b 5260 Follow The Tramlines Robert Nelson 5327a Bel Canto
5328 5328 All Clear Out Of The Park Frank Miller (= Stanley Kirkby) 5334 Bel Canto ?
5328 11905-o All Clear Out Of The Park Harry Bluff 5334 Favorite
5331a 5791-t There'll Always Be A Corner By The Fire For You Stanley Kirkby (baritone) 5331b Favorite
5331b 4345-t 'Tis a Faded Picture Jack Charman (baritone) 5331a Favorite
5331a 5252 Mr Pat O'Hare Arthur Field 5331b Bel Canto
5331b 5255 'Tis a Faded Picture Arthur Field 5331a Bel Canto
5334 5334 Why Do You Think I Look So Gay? Charles Denton (= Harry Bluff) 5328 Bel Canto ?
5334 4322-t Why Do You Think I Look So Gay? Charles Denton 5328 Favorite
5335a   Take Your Girlie Where The Band Is Playing Charlie Gow 5335b Favorite ?
5335b   Here Comes The Chocolate Major Charlie Gow 5335a Favorite ?
5606 11057
Souvenir de Petersburg, polka
Boulanger March
Fairy Bells with orchestra   Beka
6031 6031 Abide With Me - hymn John Bull Orchestra 6032 Beka
6032 6032 Jesu, Lover Of My Soul - hymn Band of H.M. Scots Guards (cond: F.W. Wood) 6031 Beka
7943 7943 The Holy City Henry Turnpenny (tenor, with piano accmp) 7949 Beka
7949 7949 Serenade Roland Cunningham (tenor, with piano accmp) 7943 Beka
8299 8299 The Diver Violet Elliott (contralto, with piano accmp) 8300 Beka
8300 8300 Beloved It Is Morn Violet Elliott (contralto, with piano accmp) 8299 Beka
8313 8313 Habanera ("Carmen" - Bizet) (in French) Mlle. Zelie de Lussan (soprano, with piano accmp) 8314 Beka
8314 8314 Je Connais un pauvre enfant ("Mignon") (in French) Mlle. Zelie de Lussan (soprano, with piano accmp) 8313 Beka
9711 9711 At The Seaside Ernest Shand 9712 Beka
9712 9712 Oh! Isn't It Singular? Ernest Shand 9711 Beka
9720 9720 Paragraphs Albert Whelan 9723 Beka
9723 9723 Arkansas Traveller Albert Whelan 9720 Beka
9826 9826 Hello, It's A Different Girl Again Whit Cunliffe 9827 Beka
9827 9827 You'll Get On In England Whit Cunliffe 9826 Beka
10182 10182 Venetian Song Henry Turnpenny & Mme C. Vicars (duet) 10183 Beka
10183 10183 Life's Dream Is O'er Henry Turnpenny & Mme C. Vicars (duet) 10182 Beka
10593 10593 Hail ! Smiling Morn (H. Spofforth) W. Marwood, C. Vicars, H. Turnpenny, M. Borwell 10595 Beka
10595 10595 The First Nowell W. Marwood, C. Vicars, H. Turnpenny, M. Borwell 10593 Beka
11057 11057 Souvenir De Petersbuug Fairy Bells with orchestra 5606 Beka
11101 11101 Anita Polka Fairy Bells with orchestra 3606 & 11102 Beka 97
11102 11102 Oceana Polka Fairy Bells with orchestra 11101 Beka 97
11108 11108 Le Cygne J. Weintraub (viollin) 11112 Beka
11112 11112 Intermezzo Cavalleria Rusticana J. Weintraub (viollin) 11108 Beka
11181 11181 Kaiser Friedrich March John Bull London Orchestra 40037 Beka
11182 11182 Under Freedom's Flag John Bull London Orchestra 338 Beka
11183 11183 Intermezzo Cavalleria Rusticana John Bull London Orchestra 40018 Beka
11183   Intermezzo Cavalleria Rusticana John Bull Orchestra 40018 ?
11589 11589 Silver Threads Among The Gold Alfred Hicks (cornet, with orch.) 11590 Beka
11589   Silver and Gold John Saloman, R.A.M. (cornet, with orch.) 11590  
11590 11590 Home, Sweet home Alfred Hicks (cornet, with orch.) 11590 Beka
11590   Home, Sweet home John Saloman, R.A.M. (cornet, with orch.) 11590  
11615 11615 They're All Single By The Seaside Jack Charman (comic) 11638 Dacapo
11638 11638 I'm On My Honeymoon Jack Charman (comic) 11615 Dacapo
11641 11641 Maisie Lou Jack Charman 11705 Dacapo
11641   Maisie Lou Johnnie Black (baritone) (= Jack Charman) 11705 Favorite ?
11643 11643 Don't Go Out With him To-Night Jack Charman (comic) 11651 Dacapo
11651 11651 Have You Heard John James O'Hara? Jack Charman (comic) 11643 Dacapo
11705 11705 There's Something Fascinating In The Moon Jack Charman 11641 Dacapo
11705   There's Something Fascinating In The Moon Jack Charman 11641 Favorite ?
12394 12394 Silver Bells Fairy Bells with orchestra 12395 Beka
12394 4153-t Silver Bells R.I. White (bells) (= Billy Whitlock) 12395 Favorite
12395 12395 Radetzky March Fairy Bells with orchestra (some labels as Albert Muller (bells) with orchestra 12394 Beka
12395   The Prettiest Song Of All R.I. White (bells) ( = Billy Whitlock) 12394 Favorite
13369 13369 Our Navy March (Thiele) John Bull Orchestra 13370 Beka
13370 13370 Cadel March (Sousa) John Bull Orchestra 13369 Beka
13439 13439 Evening News Prize Waltz John Bull London Orchestra 41074 Beka
40018 40018 Tancredi Overture John Bull London Orchestra 11183 Beka
40018   Tancredi Overture John Bull Orchestra 11183 ?
40020 40020 Mikado, selection John Bull London Orchestra 40021 Beka
40021 40021 Yeoman Of The Guard, selection John Bull London Orchestra 40020 Beka
40037 40037 Waldmere March John Bull Orchestra 11181 Beka
40039 40039 Dancing With Ma Baby John Bull Orchestra 40040 Beka
40040 40040 Inspiration, valeta valse John Bull Orchestra 40039 Beka
40046 40046 Father Did Look Funny Harry Champion 40048 Beka
40047 40047 Funny Little Bobtail Coat Harry Champion 40050 Beka
40048 40048 I See You've Got Your Old Brown Hat On Harry Champion 40046  
40049 40049 My Wife's Sister's Pussy Cat Harry Champion 40185 Beka
40050 40050 Mr. Knick Knock Harry Champion 40047 Beka
40059 40059 My Wife's Sister's Pussy Cat Harry Champion 40185 Beka
40087 40087 "La Traviata" - Prelude to Act IV (Verdi) The Municipal Band Of Venice 40832 Beka
40088         Beka
40089         Beka
40090         Beka
40091         Beka
40092         Beka
40093 40093 Gems Of Scotland Royal Artillery, cond. E.C. Stretton 40094 Beka
40094 40094 Gems Of Ireland Royal Artillery, cond. E.C. Stretton 40093 Beka
40129   Intermezzo Two-Step (Moret)   40406  
40159 6621-t The Land Where The Angels Are Stanley Kirkby ? Favorite
40165 40165 Christmas Time In Merry England John Bull London Orchestra 40182 Beka
40179 40179 If Those Lips Could Only Speak Fred Barnard (some or all copies are credited to Harry Trevor, which means this is most likely by Robert Carr) 1 & 40181 Beka
40181   I'm Wearing My Heart Away For You Harry Trevor ( = Robert Carr) 40179 Beka
40182 40182 For Auld Lang Syne Harry Trevor ( = Robert Carr) 40165 Beka
40183 40183 Happy Convict Tom Wootwell 40184 Beka
40184 40184 Matrimony Tom Wootwell 40183 Beka
40185 40185 I Ought To Be Punished Tom Wootwell 40049 Beka
40214 40214 Jolly Good Luck To The Girl Who Loves A Soldier Harry Trevor (baritone) (= Robert Carr) 40218 Beka
40218 40218 In The Twi-Twi-Twilight (Herm E. Darewski Jr.) Harry Trevor (baritone) (= Robert Carr) 40214 Beka
40219   The Angel Of My Dreams (H.E. Pether) Harry Trevor (baritone) (= Robert Carr) 40259 Favorite ?
40234 40234 Washington Grays John Bull Orchestra 40289 Beka
40241 40241 My Dreams Phillip Ritte (tenor) 40361 Beka
40248 40248 Here's A Health Unto His Majesty Bantock Pierpoint 40249 Beka
40249 40249 Twankydillo - old Sussex song Bantock Pierpoint 40248 Beka
40259   Love Me And The World Is Mine Harry Trevor (baritone) (= Robert Carr) 40219 Favorite ?
40260 40260 Meet Me, Jenny When The Sun Goes Down David Gray 40264 Beka
40261 40261 A Picture No Artist Can Paint Harry Trevor (baritone) (= Robert Carr) 40266 Beka
40264 40264 Don't Forget Mignonette David Gray 40260 Beka
40265 40265 O Rest In The Lord ("Elijah" - Mendelssohn) Jessie Broughton (contralto) 40713 Beka
40265 6588-t O Rest In The Lord ("Elijah" - Mendelssohn) Jessie Broughton (contralto) 40713 Favorite
40266 40266 Pansy Harry Trevor (baritone) (= Robert Carr) 40261 Beka
40269 40269 Oh The Steamer, Oh The Sea Will Terry 40270 Beka
40269 3385-o Oh The Steamer, Oh The Sea Adrian Romer (comedian) 40270 Favorite
40270 40270 We All Came Into The World With Nothing Will Terry 40269 Beka
40270 3388-o That's The Reason Noo I Wear A Kilt Adrian Romer (comedian) 40269 Favorite
40271   I Want No Other Little Girl But You Will Terry (comic) 40272  
40272   Saturday Afternoon Will Terry (comic) 40271  
40273 40273 I Wish I Had A Pal Like You Pete Brown (= Will Terry) 40359 Beka
40275 40275 Genevieve (Stephen Adams) Jessie Broughton (contralto) 40279 Beka
40279 40279 Song of Seville (Carmen) Jessie Broughton (Contralto) 40275 Beka
40280 40280 Still As The Night Jessie Broughton 40314 Beka
40285 40285 With Flying Colours John Bull London Orchestra 40328 Beka
40289 40289 Le Regiment Favori John Bull Orchestra 40234 Beka
40296 40296 They All Follow Me (The Belle Of New York) John Bull London Orchestra 40297 Beka
40297 40297 Cosy Corner Girl (The Earl And The Girl) John Bull London Orchestra 40296 Beka
40307 40309 The Moon Has Raised Her Lamp Harold Wilson & James Saker 40308 Beka
40308 40309 The Larboard Watch Harold Wilson & James Saker 40307 Beka
40309 40309 Vaudeville Medley The National Quartette 40310 Beka
40310 40310 The Farmyard Medley The National Quartette 40309 Beka
40311 40311 Lazily Drowsily Jessie Broughton 40512 Beka
40312         Beka
40312 40312 Little By Little And Bit By Bit Will Terry 40313 Beka ?
40313 40313 Won't You Go With Me To Gogo? Will Terry 40312 Beka
40314 40214 The Better Land Jessie Broughton 40280 Beka
40315 40315 Come And Have A Drink With Me Will Terry 40336 Beka
40316 H-52 ? Dinah's Wedding John Pidoux (banjo) 40922 ?
40317 40317 White Coons John Pidoux (banjo) 40318 Beka
40318 40318 Queen Of Diamonds John Pidoux (banjo) 40317 Beka
40324 40324 Les Cloches De Corneville (Planquette) John Bull London Orchestra 40389 Beka
40324 1329%-f Les Cloches De Corneville (Planquette) Garde Republicaine Band 40389 Favorite
40328 40328 The Sharpshooters John Bull London Orchestra 40285 Beka
40329 40329 Helter Skelter John Bull London Orchestra 40553 Beka
40329 2116-o The New Colonial March John Bull Military Band 40553 Favorite
40333 40333 Asleep In The Deep Norman Williams (bass) 40448 Beka
40333 5193 Asleep In The Deep Thomas Howell (bass) 40448 Bel Canto
40333 1432-t Asleep In The Deep Norman Williams (bass) 40448 Favorite
40336 40336 Come Along In The Flip Flap Will Terry (comic) 40315 Beka
40338 40338 Nazareth (Gounod) Norman Williams (bass) 40423 Beka
40338 599-t Nazareth Wilfred Platt (bass) 40423 Favorite
40343 40343 Carmena Edith Lorraine 40411 Beka
40348   No Wedding Bells For Me Hamilton Hill 40349  
40349   Bonnie Jean Hamilton Hill 40348  
40351 40351 The Bellringer (Wallace) Alan Turner (baritone) 40352 Beka
40352 40352 Beauty's Eyes Alan Turner (baritone) 40351 Beka
40353 40353 The Heart Bowed Down Alan Turner 40355 Beka
40353 4449-o- The Heart Bowed Down (Balfe) Harry Thornton (baritone) 40355 Favorite
40354 40354 A Soldier's Song Alan Turner 40356 Beka
40354 1826 ? A Soldier's Song Alan Turner 40356 Bel Canto ?
40355 40355 Tempest Of The Heart Alan Turner 40353 Beka
40355   The Volunteer Organist (Harry Lamb) Stanley Wentworth (baritone) 40353 Favorite
40356 40356 Toreador's Song ("Carmen" - Bizet) Alan Turner 40354 Beka
40356 90 ? Toreador's Song ("Carmen" - Bizet) Alan Turner 40354 Bel Canto ?
40359 40359 Carolina Brown Pete Brown (comic) (= Will Terry) 40273 Beka
40361 40361 For Ever And Ever Alan Turner 40241 Beka
40363 40363 Alice Where Art Thou? (Ascher) Bernard Turner (tenor) 40364 Beka
40364 40364 Yes! Let Me Like A Soldier Fall Bernard Turner (tenor) 40363 Beka
40364   Yes! Let Me Like A Soldier Fall Robert Cunningham (tenor) 40363  
40374 40374 O! That We Two Were Maying Jessie Broughton & Alan Turner 40375 Beka
40375 40375 The Sailor Sighs Jessie Broughton & Alan Turner 40374 Beka
40384 40384 Mary Bernard Turner 40422 Beka
40386 40386 Belphegor March John Bull London Orchestra 40481 Beka
40387 40387 Graceful Dance from Henry VIII John Bull London Orchestra 40388 Beka
40388 40388 King Henry's Song John Bull London Orchestra 40387 Beka
40389 40389 Grand March "La Reine De Saba" (Gounod) John Bull London Orchestra 40324 Beka
40389 2448-o Triumphal March ("Aida") John Bull Orchestra 40324 Favorite
40390 40390 Serenade Moonlight John Bull London Orchestra 40391 Beka
40391 40391 Poppies John Bull London Orchestra 40390 Beka
40392 40392 Choristers' Waltz John Bull London Orchestra 2732 Beka
40392   Choristers' Waltz John Bull Orchestra 2732 Bel Canto
40392 2135-o- Choristers' Waltz John Bull Military Band 2732 Favorite
40395 40395 Pageant Lancers, figs 1 & 2 John Bull London Orchestra 40396 Beka
40395 11847-o Mikado Lancers, figs 1 & 2 John Bull Orchestra 40396 Favorite
40396 40396 Pageant Lancers, figs 3 & 4 John Bull London Orchestra 40395 Beka
40396 11848-o Mikado Lancers, figs 3 & 4 John Bull Orchestra 40395 Favorite
40397   Mikado Lancers, fig 5 John Bull Orchestra 40399 Favorite
40398 40398 Dreams Of Ragtime John Bull London Orchestra 40400 Beka
40399   Boston Belle, barn dance (A.E. Godfrey) John Bull Orchestra 40397 Favorite
40400 40400 Moorland Flowers John Bull London Orchestra 40398 Beka
40406   Meadow Flowers, schottische   40129  
40407 40407 Your Number's Up Pete Brown (comic) (= Will Terry) 40408 Beka
40407 6623-t- Your Number's Up (Godfrey & Lyle) Pete Brown (= Will Terry) 40408 Favorite
40407   Your Number's Up Rastas Brown 40408 Bel Canto
40408 40408 I'm Wait, Wait, Waiting Pete Brown (comic) (= Will Terry) 40407 Beka
40408 6624-t- I'm Wait-Wait-Waiting (David & Penso) Pete Brown (= Will Terry) 40407 Favorite
40408   I'm Wait, Wait, Waiting Rastas Brown 40407 Bel Canto
40411 40411 Jewel Song ("Faust") Edith Lorraine 40343 Beka
40422 40422 Marguerite Bernard Turner (tenor) 40384 Beka
40423 40423 Ora Pro Nobis Bernard Turner (tenor) 40338 Beka
40423 1383-t Ora Pro Nobis Norman Williams (bass) 40338 Favorite
40424   O Come All Ye Faithful Ivy Hope, Jessie Broughton, Bernard Turner & Norman Williams 40425  
40425   Hark, The Herald Angels Sing Ivy Hope, Jessie Broughton, Bernard Turner & Norman Williams 40424  
40426 40426 She Is Ma Daisy (Lauder) Kenneth McKenzie (Scotch comedian) 40427 Beka 214
40427 40427 I Love A Lassie (Lauder) Kenneth McKenzie (Scotch comedian) 40426 Beka 214
40426   She Is Ma Daisy (Lauder) Kenneth McKenzie (Scotch comedian) 40427 Favorite ?
40427   I Love A Lassie (Lauder) Kenneth McKenzie (Scotch comedian) 40426 Favorite ?
40427   I Love A Lassie (Lauder) Kenneth McKenzie (Scotch comedian) 40426 Favorite ?
40437 40437 Frivolity John Pidoux (banjo) 40428 Beka
40438 40438 Romping Rosie John Pidoux (banjo) 40437 Beka
40439 40439 Sambo's Picnic John Pidoux (banjo) 40440 Beka
40440 40440 Coonland Memories John Pidoux (banjo) 40439 Beka
40441 40441 Call Round Any Old Time Harry Kenrick (comic) (= Will Terry) 40451 Beka
40441   Call Round Any Old Time Fred Vernon (comedian) (= Harry Fay ?) 40451 Favorite ?
40442   Every Fellow's In Love With A Girl Harry Kenrick (comic) 40509  
40448 40448 When The Ebb Tide Flows Norman Williams 40333 Beka
40448 5195 When The Ebb Tide Flows Thomas Howell (bass) 40333 Bel Canto
40448 771-t When The Ebb Tide Flows (St. Gordon) Wilfred Platt (bass) 40333 Favorite
40450   Big Ben Wilfred Platt (bass) 40485 Favorite ?
40451 40451 Hang Out The Front Door Key Harry Kenrick (comic) (= Will Terry) 40441 Beka
40451   Hang Out The Front Door Key Hamilton Hill 40441 Favorite
40452 40452 The Whistler Joe Belmont (whistling) 40453 Beka
40452 997 The Whistler (?) Joe Belmont (whistling) (band only - no whistling) 40453 ?
40453 40453 Dance Of The Song Birds Joe Belmont (whistling) 40452 Beka
40453 3004 Dance Of The Song Birds (?) Joe Belmont (whistling) (band only - no whistling) 40452 ?
40454 40454 Pantomime Memories (selection 1) (incl: In The Twi-Twi-Twilight; Love Me And The World Is Mine) John Bull Orchestra 40455 Beka
40455 40455 Pantomime Memories (selection 2) (incl: Sue, Sue, Sue; Oh, Oh Antonio; Put Me Among The Girls) John Bull Orchestra 40454 Beka
40460 40460 Thora (Stephen Adams) Philip Ritte (tenor) 40462 Beka
40460   Thora (Stephen Adams) Harry Thornton (baritone) 40462 Favorite ?
40462 40462 Come Into The Garden, Maud (Balfe) Philip Ritte (tenor) 40460 Beka
40462   Ailsa Mine Gwilym Wigley 40460 Favorite ?
40463 40463 Abide With Me Philip Ritte & James Saker (duet) 40464 Beka
40463 4161-t Abide With Me Miss Ivel (contralto, Miss Essex (soprano), Mr Roberts (tenor) & Mr Thornton (bass) 40464 Favorite
40464 40464 Lead, Kindly Light Philip Ritte & James Saker (duet) 40463 Beka
40464 1382-t- Nearer My God To Thee Norman Williams (bass) 40463 Favorite
40473 40473 Masken Polonaise John Bull London Orchestra 40533 Beka
40478 40478 La Mousme John Bull Orchestra 40534 Beka
40481 40481 Semper Fidelis John Bull London Orchestra 40386 Beka
40483 40483 Wedding Of Sandy MacNab Kenneth MacKenzie 40484 Beka
40484 40484 When I Get Back Again To Bonnie Scotland Kenneth MacKenzie 40483 Beka
40485   The Bell Ringer (Wallace) Wilfred Platt (bass) 40450 Favorite ?
40498 40498 The Dear Little Shamrock Lancashire Glee Singers 40499 Beka
40499 40499 Sigh No More Ladies Lancashire Glee Singers 40498 Beka
40507 40507 I Want To Go To Idaho Harry Kenrick (comic) (= Will Terry) 40508 & 40613 Beka
40507 613-t I Want To Go To Idaho Fred Vernon (= Harry Fay) 40613 Favorite
40508 40508 You Must N't Do That, Naughty Boy (sic) Harry Kenrick (comic) (= Will Terry) 40507 Beka
40509   I'm Afraid To Go Home In The Dark Harry Kenrick (comic) 40442  
40510 40510 Abide With Me Jessie Broughton 40511 Beka
40510 810-t The Gleaner's Slumber Song Jessie Broughton (contralto) 40511 Favorite
40511 40511 There's A Land Jessie Broughton 40510 Beka
40511 812-t There's A Land Jessie Broughton (contralto) 40510 Favorite