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Levy's of 139 Whitechapel High Street, London were famous amongst jazz record collectors for making many rare American Jazz item available both through their own labels and their importing service.

There were two Levaphone series, the first ran from A-101 to A-103 issuing items from American Vocalion (see first scan); the second in an L-101 series issued American Pathe material (but seemed to concentrate on Cliff Edwards recordings) (second image).

This is a first attempt at a listing. Please e-mail me if you can help me fill in the gaps in any of these series.

Thanks to the following for extra information: Ray Mitchell.

Page last updated on: July 13, 2020

Cat No Matrix Title Labelled Artists Orig. Issue & Rec. Date
A-101 999
Jambled Blues
Bogloosa Blues
Dixie Plantation Orchestra (= Sonny Clay's Plantation Orchestra) Vocalion 15078; Jul 28, 1925
A-102 900
Nay, Dearie, Nay
Three O'Clock Blues
Dixie Plantation Orchestra (= Vic Meyers & his Orchestra) Vocalion 15056; Nov 28, 1924
Vocalion 15056; Dec 1, 1924
A-103 1068
The Morning After
I Had a Sweet Mama
The Kandy Kids (= Red McKenzie's Candy Kids)
Dixie Plantation Orchestra (= The Tennessee Tooters)
Vocalion 15088; Aug 7, 1925
Vocalion 15086; Aug 11, 1925


Cat No Matrix Title Labelled Artists Orig. Issue & Rec. Date
L-101 105052
How My Sweetie Moves Me (She Loves Me All The Time)
Little Somebody Of Mine
Cliff Edwards Pathe 032028, c. Jan 1, 1924
Pathe 032073, c. Aug 27, 1924
L-102 105311
I Can't Get The One I Want
It's All The Same To Me
Cliff Edwards Pathe 032055, c. May 8, 1924
Pathe 032090, c. Nov 19, 1924
L-103 105214
I Want To Walk In Again Blues
When My Sweetie Puts Her Lovin' On
Cliff Edwards Pathe 032041, c. Mar 17, 1924
Pathe 032054, c. May 27, 1924
L-104 105208
Red Hot Mama
Why Couldn't It Be Poor Little Me ?
Cliff Edwards Pathe 032040
Pathe 025133
L-105 105615
My Best Girl
He's The Hottest Man In Town
Cliff Edwards  
L-106 105312
You're So Cute, Mama O' Mine)
Charley, My Boy
Cliff Edwards Pathe 032055, c. May 8, 1924
Pathe 032079, c. Sep 12, 1924
L-107 105766
The Only, Only One For Me
Who Takes Care Of The Caretaker's Daughter?
Cliff Edwards Pathe 025130, c. Jan 2, 1925
Pathe 025128, c. Jan 16, 1925
L-109 105900
We're Back Together Again
If I Never See You As Long as I Live
Cliff Edwards Pathe 025135
Pathe 025137
L-110 105824
I'll Buy The Ring And Change Your Name To Mine
Isn't She The Sweetest Thing?
Cliff Edwards Pathe 025131, c. Feb 4, 1925
Pathe 025137
L-113 105955
I Wish It Were Me
Heart Breakin' Creole Rose
Cliff Edwards Pathe 025138
Pathe 025153
L-115 106082
Paddlin' Madelin' Home
Pretty Mary Ann
Cliff Edwards Pathe 025149, c. Jun 10, 1925
Pathe 025143, c. Jun 10, 1925