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These were produced in Blackpool, Lancashire by the North British Recording Company. The owner was Harry Wilkinson, whose patent mentioned on the label actually refers to a home-recording system. Majestic records date from 1933 - 1934 and seemed to be made on a rather ad-hoc basis, so were most likely to have been privately produced (rather like Teledisk), rather than sold in any shops.


This listing is the result of researching by Steve Walker and the late Arthur Badrock over many years. Majestic records are extremely hard to find. They had no catalogue numbers, so this listing is by master number, but shows the coupling of each record (which can vary - some sides are used more than once).

Please e-mail me if you can help add anything to this listing.

Thank you to the following who have provided extra details: Paul Buck, Charles Hippisley-Cox

Page last updated on: November 15, 2021

Matrix Title Artists Coupling(s) Rec. Date
1048 In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree Jack McCormick's Ambassadors Band 1053, 1065 c. June 1933
1050 Chicago Bert Taylor and his Band 1051 c. June 1933
1051 I Lay Me Down To Sleep Bert Taylor and his Band 1050 c. June 1933
1053 Just Plain Folk Tom Harrison (ballad, with piano accmp) 1048 c. July 1933
L-1058 Plant Y Cedyrr Ernest Williams & Wilford Roberts (piano accmp by William Nuttall) 1059 c. July 1933
L-1059 Gendarme's Duet Ernest Williams & Wilford Roberts (piano accmp by William Nuttall) 1058 c. July 1933
1065 Jolly Roger Deesdale Male Voice Choir 1048 c. August 1933
1075 Peter Peter H. Longworth's Rialto Dance Band 1098 c. Sept 1933
1098 My Task Norman Ellidge (with piano accmp) 1075 c. Dec. 1933
2004 I Hear You Calling Me Kethleen Freyn (with piano accmp) 2010 c. Jan. 1934
2010 Old Comrades Will Harring (with piano accmp) (= Harry Wilkinson) 2004 c. Jan. 1934
2013 Japanese Sandman Norman Gatley and his Band 2014 c. Jan. 1934
2014 It Isn't Fair Norman Gatley and his Band 2013 c. Jan. 1934
2031 The Cornet King The Atherton Prize Temperance Band 2043, unkn c. Feb. 1934
2043 I Hear You Calling Me Emlyn Prosser (with piano accmp) 2031 c. March 1934
2049 My Prayer Rebe Matley c. March 1934
unkn Song Of Songs William Darbyshire (with piano accmp) 2031 c. March 1934 ?