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The Manor record label was a product of Northern Sound Services, who were based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in Northumberland, at Broad Chare, Quayside.
Northern Sound Services did their own recordings and pressed records as well.

NSS's own label, called Northern Sound Services, was for private or personal recordings, whereas Manor was a commercial label, the records costing 5/9 and dating from the early to mid 1950s.

Their masters usually had NSS- prefixes and can be found on other small British labels of the period, buch as Bajedo and Nigerian Accurate records, both produced for exporting to West Africa. The Manor issues generally had MRC- prefixed masters but also show a 0 (or O) prefixed number which implies a link with Levy's Oriole records. It is thought that Levy's pressed most of the Manor issues, presumbly because, as a commercial proposition, higher numbers were being made than could be produced in NSS's own plant.

Thanks to Bill Dean-Myatt for providing the label photo.

The original listing was compiled by Ray Stephenson.
Thanks to the following for more details: Richard Prout

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Page last updated on: November 28, 2021

Cat No Matrix No Title Artist
M-501 MRC-1-2 (0401)
MRC-2-1 (0402)
Bonnie Tyneside
The Lambton Worm
Fred Lawson (with own guitar)
M-502 MRC-3-1
September Song
Black And Blue
Sydney Bechet (soprano saxophone, with orch accmp)
[This is apparently The Eddie Condon Floor Show, from TV broadcasts]
M-503 MRC-5-1
Good Bait, part 1
Good Bait, part 2
Tadd Dameron Sextet
M-504 NSS-47
The Futbaal Team
Dance Ti' Thi Daddy/ Hey Ye Seen Wor Jimmy?
Dunelm Singers
M-505 MRC-7-1 (0570)
MRC-8-1 (0571)
Fine And Dandy, part 1
Fine And Dandy, part 2
Charlie Ventura Sextet
M-506 MRC-9-1 (0572)
MRC-10-1 (0573)
Chevy Chase, The Cott
Rothbury Hills (Jack Armstrong)
Jack Armstrong (Northumbrian pipes) & Alice Ellis (Celtic harp)
M-507 MRC-14-2 (0574)
MRC-17-1 (0575)
Divvent Bang The Door
The Cliffs Of Old Tynemouth
The Northumbrian Serenaders
M-508 MRC-24-3 (0576)
MRC-25-2 (0577)
Sair Fyel'd Hinny
Elsie Marley, Adam Buckam, O
William Robinson (baritone, with piano accmp)
M-509 Johnson Rag
I Can Dream, Can't I?
Phil Richardson & his Orchestra
Phil Richardson & his Orchestra (vocal: Art Jackson)
M-510 MRC-20-2 (0776)
MRC-21-2 (0777)
The Cullercoats Fish Lass; Bonny Fisherlad
Bobby Shafte; Dance Ti' Thi Daddy
Fred Lawson
M-511 MRC-18-2 (0774)
MRC-19-1 (0775)
Cullercoats Bay
Cum, Geordie Haud The Bairn
Dunelm Singers
M-512 MRC-35-1
Blaydon Races
The Waters Of Tyne
Dunelm Singers
M-513 MRC-28-1 (01376)
MRC-29-1 (01377)
The Neibors Doon Belaa
Cushie Butterfield
William Robinson
M-514 MRC-37-1 (01402)
MRC-38  (01403)
Canal Street Blues
The Belly Rub
Graeme Bell's Dixieland Band
Tom Pickering Trio
M-515 CR-501-Q-C
The Peddler's Serenade
In The Dark
Johnny Corvo (with the Moonbeams and The Clipper Orchestra)
Johnny Corvo (with The Ray Barr Keynotes)