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A very early long-playing record, Marathon were available from 1912 to 1915. The recording was the invention of Percy J. Packman who hit on the idea of a V-shaped vertical-cut groove which allowed a very fine pitch to be used while still maintaining 80 r.p.m, which gave 5-minutes of playing time on a 10" disc and 8 minutes on a 12". Labels were grey with black and white printing and an inordinate amount of information printed on the sleeve.  The records were manufactured by Edison Bell for The National Gramophone Company of City Road, London. The musical director was Herr W. Meyorwitz , who also recorded as a pianist for the label.

There were two label designs; the early label had the logo of the gramophone soundbox with ears at the top of the label, then later this design was moved to be printed in white behind the tune & artist details at the bottom of the label, most likely to leave a space where the copyright stamp could be placed.
The swatch underneath the label name varied in background colour depending on the type of music, as follows:
Blue: combined voices; green: instrumentalists; pink: comedy; purple: celebrities; red: solo vocal; white: bands & orchestras.

The matrix numbers had a 2 or 3-letter suffix which also signified the type of performance:
BM = band; BO = orchestra; CS = comic song; FCo = contralto; FS = soprano; IA = accordion; IC = 'cello; IB - banjo; IM = instrumental trio; IO = ocarina; IP = piano; IPo = piccolo; IV = violin; IX = xylophone; MB = bass; MBe = Baritone; MD = vocal duet; MT = tenor; ON = organ; TR = vocal trio.

The 10" series started at 101 and ran to 473, the 12" ran from 2001 to 2065 (the first 29 issues with a 12- prefix).

Thanks to Bill Dean-Myatt for providing the label photo.


This listing is from the research by the late Frank Andrews, originally published in Talking Machine Review, but as that magazine is now long out of print, I felt it time to rescue some of Frank's work, and also add extra details he found subsequently.

Please e-mail me if you have any additions or corrections to this page. Many matrix numbers are still to be added here.
Thanks to the following for providing additional information:
Dave Cooper, Robert Girling, Philip Gordon-Booth, Charles Hippisley-Cox, Ken Jobling, Bob Lilley, John Norman, Richard Prout, Sarah Spendlove

Page last updated on: March 30, 2024

Firstly, the 10" series.

Cat No Matrix No. Title Artists
101   Casino Tanze, waltz (Gung'l)
Old Comrades, march (Teike)
National Guards Band
102 208 BM
210 BM
Les Patineurs (The Skaters), waltz (Waldteufel)
Moraimo - capricho Espagnol (Espinosa)
National Guards Band
103 219 BO
221 BO
The Passing Of Salome waltz) (Joyce)
I Pagliacci, selection (Leoncavallo)
National Symphony Orchestra
104   Tannhauser, selection (Wagner)
Ballet Egyptian, selection (Luigini)
National Symphony Orchestra
105 201 IV
202 IV
Humoreske (Dvorak)
Berceuse (Daube)
Victor Opferman (violin)
106   Souvenir (Drdla)
Serenade (Schubert)
Violin & Flute duo
107   The Herd Girl's Dream (Labitzky)
Serenade (Titl)
Violin & Flute duo
Violin, Flute & 'Cello trio
108   The Trumpeter (Dix)
Two Eyes Of Grey (McGeoch)
Stanley Kirkby (baritone)
109 83 MBe
87 MBe
I Wonder If You Miss Me Sometimes (Scott)
My Dreams (Tosti)
Stanley Kirkby (baritone)
110 236 MBe
245 MBe
The Green Isle Of Erin (Roeckel)
Love, Could I Only Tell Thee (Capel)
Robert Carr (baritone)
111 234 MBe
235 MBe
The Ringers (H. Lohr)
Reuben Ranzo (E. Coates)
Robert Carr (baritone)
112 237 MBe
238 MBe
When The Convent Bell Is Ringing (Mellor, Clifford, Trevor)
The Little Shepherdess Of Devon (Harrington, Henley)
Robert Carr (baritone, with orch accmp)
113   Nirvana (Adams)
An Old Garden (Temple)
Robert Howe (baritone)
114 244 MBe
246 MBe
The Two Grenadiers (R. Schumann)
Until (Sanderson) / Youth (Allitsen)
Robert Howe (baritone)
115 217 CS
218 CS
It Was Three O'Clock In The Morning (David, Penso)
Patricia (M. Scott)
Jack Charman
116 213 CS
214 CS
Alexander's Ragtime Band (Irving Berlin)
I Am Busy In The City, Kitty (Long, Scott)
(Jack) Charman & (Harry) Cove (with orch accmp)
Jack Charman (with orch accmp)
117 240 CS
Just a Wee Deoch An' Doris (Lauder)
My Baby (Rule, Pelham)
Harry Cove
118 291 BM
334 BM
The Siamese Patrol (P. Lincke)
The Camels' Parade (Rohmer, Thurban)
National Guards Band
119   Marathon March (Gay)
Our Sailor King (Gay)
National Guards Band
120 288 BM
292 BM
Red Pepper - A spicey rag (H. Lodge)
The Gnat (Eckersley)
National Guards Band
121 296 BO
297 BO
Gipsy Love, selection part 1 (Lehar)
Gipsy Love, selection part 2 (Lehar)
National Symphony Orchestra
122 263 BO
264 BO
African Dances: Call To The Feast; The Narrator (M. Ring)
African Dances: Luleta's Dance; Dance Of The Warriors (Ring)
National Symphony Orchestra
123 326 BO
327 BO
In A Pagoda (Bratten)
On The Road To Zag-A-Zig (Finck)
National Symphony Orchestra
124 335 FS
336 FS
The Children's Home (Cowan)
Sing, Sweet Bird (Ganne)
Carrie Lancely (soprano)
125   When Shadows Gather (Marshall)
Bring Back The Sunshine (Deane)
Philip Ritte (tenor)
126 269 MBe
324 MBe
Anchored (J.M. Watson)
The Little Hero (Stephen Adams)
Robert Howe (baritone, with piano & organ accmp.)
127   Three For Jack (Squire)
Will O' The Wisp (Cherry)
Robert Howe (baritone)
128   Macushla (Macmurrough)
The Minstrel Boy (trad. arr. Moore)
Gerald O'Brien
129 282 CS
285 CS
Joshu-Ah (Arthurs, Lee)
Let's All Go Into The Ballroom (Allen, Murphy)
Yolande Noble
130 284 CS
323 CS
Jenny McGregor (J.W. Tate)
Keep Quite Close To The Railings (Edgar, Barnes, Darewski)
Yolande Noble
131 309 CS
311 CS
The Spaniard That Blighted My Life (Merson)
I'm Going Away (Merson)
Billy Merson (comedian)
132   Carroty (Long)
I'm Proud Of My Old Bald Head (Murray, Collins)
Harry Champion (comedian)
133 279 CS
281 CS
Who Were You With Last Night? (Godfrey, Sheridan)
He Played It On His Fiddle-De-Dee (Goetz, Berlin)
Jack Charman (comedian, with orch accmp)
134   T.R.O.U.B.L.E. (Collins, Terry)
Whistling Barney Malone (Dodds, Goffin)
Jack Charman (comedian)
135 307 IP
308 IP
Home Sweet Home (Bishop)
Tales Of Hoffman - Barcarolle (Offenbach)
Herr. W. Meyrowitz (piano)
136 328 IX
330 IX
Jolly Coons (Whitlock)
The Islander March (Whitlock)
Billy Whitlock (xylophone)
137   The President, march (German)
Death Or Glory, march (Hale)
St. Hilda's Colliery Prize Band (cond. James Oliver)
138 346 BM
347 BM
Cleadon Park (Greenwood)
Nearer My God To Thee (Dykes)
St. Hilda's Colliery Prize Band (cond. James Oliver)
139 289 BM
290 BM
Henry VII Dances: Shepherds' Dance & Morris  Dance (German)
Henry VII Dances: Torch Dance (German)
National Guards Band
140   Aurora March (Unrath)
Waldmere March (Losey)
National Guards Band
141   Si J'etais Roi - overture (Adam)
Fra Diavolo, overture (Auber)
National Guards Band
142 373 BM
374 BM
Now And Then, polka (Coote)
La Czarina, marzurka (Ganne)
National Guards Band
143   The Girl In The Taxi - waltzes (Gilbert)
Rememberance waltz (Joyce)
National Symphony Orchestra
144 362 BO
363 BO
The Eternal Waltz (Lehar)
The Pink Lady, waltz (Ivan Caryll)
National Symphony Orchestra
145   Love's Last Word, waltz (Cremieux)
Dolores, valse (waldteufel)
National Symphony Orchestra
146 364 BO
365 BO
The Policeman's Holiday, two-step (Ewing)
Burglar Bill, two-step (Godin)
National Symphony Orchestra
147   Concertino, part 1 (C.M. von Weber)
Concertino, part 2 (C.M. von Weber)
Charles Draper (clarionet)
148 354 IV
355 IV
Cavatina (Raff)
Thais - Meditation (Massenet)
Senor Jose Gomez (violin)
149 357 IC
358 IC
Traumerei (R. Schumann)
Serse - Largo (Handel)
Darbyshire Jones ('cello)
150 329 IX
331 IX
The Kentucky Patrol (Whitlock)
Keep On Rag (Whitlock)
Billy Whitlock (xylophone)
151   Ave Maria (Schubert)
Serenade (Gounod)
Carrie Lanceley
152 368 MBe
369 MBe
Be A Man (Cooke, Pether)
The Young Carabineer (Tunbridge)
Frederick Gregory
153 337 MT
338 MT
I Hear You Calling Me (Marshall)
Somewhere A Voice Is Calling (Tate)
Gwynne Davies (tenor, with piano accmp)
154   Let Me Dream Again (Sullivan)
Your Heart Will Call Me Home (Tate)
Gerald O'Brien
155   Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorraine (Capel)
Drake Goes West (Ed. German)
Robert Howe (baritone)
156   Simon The Cellarer (Hatton)
The Diver (Loder)
Wilfred Platt
157   Have A Drop Of Gin, Joe (Tabrar, Burley)
I Was Holding My Cokernut [sic] (Collins, Burley)
Harry Champion (comedian, with orch accmp)
158 317 CS
318 CS
Hello! Susie Green (Barrett, Darewski)
I Want A Girl (Dillon, von Tilzer)
Jack Charman (with orch accmp)
159   C.O.H.E.N. (Elton)
The Glad, Glad Eyes (Elton)
Fred Elton (with orch accmp)
160   Come For A Stroll On The Jetty (Staunton, Cuthbertson)
The Tale That Mary Told The Soldier (Lambe)
Vera Wootton
161 379 TR
380 TR
Oh! You Beautiful Doll (Brown, Ayer)
The Gaby Glide (Pitcher, Hirsch)
Marathon Ragtime Trio (with orch accmp)
162 381 TR
382 TR
Everybody's Doing It (Berlin)
Hitchy Koo (Muir, Abrahams)
Marathon Ragtime Trio (with orch accmp)
163 387 BM
395 BM
Royal Scots Lancers, figs 1, 2 & 3 (arr. Wright)
Royal Scots Lancers, figs 4 & 5 (arr. Wright)
National Guards Band
164   Flowers Of The North Quadrilles, part 1 (arr. Scott-Skinner)
Flowers Of The North Quadrilles, part 2 (arr. Scott-Skinner)
National Guards Band
165 403 IV
405 IV
The Auld Hoose
McKenzie Murdoch (Guarnerius violin)
166   Highland Boat Song (trad. arr. Murdoch)
Scottish Gems Of Today (arr. Murdoch)
McKenzie Murdoch (Guarnerius violin)
167   Medley Of Scottish Airs, part A (intro. Cock O' The North; Miss Drummond Of Perth; Miss McLeod Of Raasay; Highland Laddie)
Medley Of Scottish Airs, part A (intro. Barren Rock Of Aden; Highland Fling; Christmas Carousel; The Campbells Are Coming)
Pipe Major H. Forsyth (bagpipes, with drums accmp)
168   A Hundred Pipers (trad.)
The Land O' The Leal (old Scots song)
Alan Turner (with piano accmp)
169 398 MB
399 MB
Annie Laurie (Lady J.W. Scott)
Loch Lomond (Lady J.W. Scott)
Tom F. Kinniburgh (bass, with orch accmp)
170 383 CS
384 CS
Hey, Mon Sandy (Lawson)
They'll No Ken You're A Scotsman (Bruce)
Harry Cove (with orch accmp)
171   It's Nice When You Love A Wee Lassie (Lauder)
The Same As His Father Before Him (Wells, Terry, Lauder)
Harry Cove (with orch accmp)
172 425 BM
426 BM
Onward Christian Soldiers (Sullivan)
Hallelujah Chorus ("The Messiah" - Handel)
National Guards Band
173   Christmas Melodies, part 1
Christmas Melodies, part 2
National Guards Band
174 427 BM
428 BM
A Motor Ride (T. Bidgood)
A Hunting Scene
National Guards Band
175   The Crab's Crawl, one-step (A. du Blonc)
S.R. Henry's Schottische (Henry)
National Guards Band
176 431 BM
432 BM
The Wearing Of The Green, lancers, figs 1,2 & 3 (Kaps)
The Wearing Of The Green, lancers, figs 4 & 5 (Kasps)
National Guards Band
177 429 BM
430 BM
The Coster's Wooing, barn dance (W. Rimmer)
Jolly Fellows Galop (Faust)
National Guards Band
178   Sir Roger De Coverley, round dance (trad.)
Invitation To The Dance (Weber)
National Symphony Orchestra
179   I'll Dance Till De Sun Breaks Through, two-step (Joyce)
Have You Forgotten ?, waltz (Joyce)
National Symphony Orchestra
180 292 BM
348 BM
Caesar March (Robinson)
The Conqueror March (Moorhouse)
National Guards Band
St Hilda's Colliery Band
181 472 ICo
473 ICo
The Holy City (Stephen Adams)
The Star Of Bethlehem (Stephen Adams)
James Glover (cornet, with orch accmp)
182 466 ICo
467 ICo
Land Of Hope And Glory (Elgar)
The Lost Chord (Sullivan)
Margaret Balfour (with piano accmp)
183   She Is Far From The Land (Lambert)
I'll Sing Thee Songs Of Araby (Clay)
A. Kellet (with piano accmp)
(tenor soloist of St Paul's Cathedral)
184 270 MBe
271 MBe
Once Aboard The Lugger (Slater)
A Sailor's Dance (Molloy)
Robert Howe (with piano accmp)
186   Good King Wenceslas
A Virgin Unspotted
St Paul's Cathedral Choir
187 420 CC
421 CC
Good Christian Men, Rejoice
The First Nowell
St Paul's Cathedral Choir
188 406 R
407 R
Johnny, You And Me (Corney Grain)
Christmas Bells (Mayne, Harris)
Mr. Pen Caws (= Charles Penrose)
189   Jack And The Beanstalk
The Story Of Goldilocks and The Three Bears
Oliver Twain (society entertainer)
190 470 D
471 D
The Christmas Party, part 1
The Christmas Party, part 2
Marathon Concert Party
191   If You Feel Lonely (Stratton, Thurban)
Love Me Just A Little, But More (Haines, Lutz)
Gladys Huxley
192 310 CS
410 CS
The Yacht I've Not Got (Merson)
The Gay Cavalier (Merson)
Billy Merson (with orch accmp)
193   The Ragtime Shop (Collins, Burley)
Daisy's Daisy Roots (Murray, Rogerrs)
Harry Champion (with orch accmp)
194   Prairie Flower, march (J. Ord Hume)
Lynwood, march (J. Ord Hume)
National Guards Band
195 437 BO
537 BO
El Deseo, waltz (Era)
The Ripping Rag (Scott, Wildman)
National Symphony Orchestra
196   The Ragtime Violin, two-step (Berlin)
Sandy Mac, two-step (Meredith, Kay)
National Symphony Orchestra
197 475 BO
500 BO
The Butterfly's Ball (Higgins)
Pirouette (Finck)
National Symphony Orchestra
198 412 IV
413 IV
Berceuse De Jocelyn (Godard)
Nocturne In E Flat (Chopin)
E. Meier (violin, with piano accmp)
199 483 IO
484 IO
Bruna Waltz (Tapiero)
Echo Mazurka (Tapiero)
Prof. M. Tapiero (ocarina, with orch accmp)
200   All Aboard For Bye-Bye Land (Harrington, Barnes, Scott)
The Land Of I Dunno where (Leigh, Pether)
Emilie Hayes (with piano accmp)
201   Bring Back My Golden Dreams (Meyer)
All That I Ask Is Love (Seldon)
Vera Moore
202   Sympathy (Marshall)
My Sweetheart When A Boy (Morgan)
Gerald O'Brien (with piano accmp)
203   Love And Wine ("Gipsy Love" - Lehar)
Ho! Jolly Jenkin (Sullivan)
Robert Howe (with orch accmp)
204   Auld Lang Syne (trad.)
The Miner's Dream Of Home (Godwin, Dryden)
Alan Turner (with piano accmp)
Frederick Gregory (with piano accmp)
205   He'd A Funny Little Way With Him (Penrose)
The Laughing Family (Penrose)
Mr. Pen Caws (= Charles Penrose) (with piano accmp)
206 312 CS
411 CS
It's Going To Be A  Serious Thing For England (Merson)
The Bandit (Merson)
Billy Merson (with orch accmp)
207   The Ragtime Violin (Berlin)
Waiting For The Robert E. Lee (Muir)
Harry Cove (with orch accmp)
208 495 CS
527 CS
Mister Cupid (Bert Weston)
M.A.D.A.M. (Arthurs)
Harry Cove (with orch accmp)
209   Ring-A-Ring O' Roses (Leo)
If We All Went On Strike (David, Beck, Penso)
Harry Cove (with orch accmp)
210   There's A Girl In Havana (Goetz, Sloane)
I Want To Be In Dixie (Berlin, Snyder)
Harry Cove & Frederick Gregory (with orch accmp)
211 496 CS
525 CS
Take Me To Fairyland (Edgar, Barnes)
Pucker Up Your Lips, Miss Lindy (von Tilzer)
Harry Bayes
212 516 MBe
528 MBe
Take Me Back To The Garden Of Love (Goetz , Osborne)
My Heart Is With You To-Night (Mills, Scott)
Leighton Gosforth (baritone, with orch accmp)
213   The Wizard's Spell (Bateman, Openshaw)
I Like You In Your Sunday Clothes (Murphy, David)
Gladys Huxley
214   There's An Easy Breezy Way About A Sailor (Trevor, Wright)
I'd Like To Go On A Honeymoon (Wildman, Edgar)
Flora Cromer
215   Saturday Afternoon Till Sunday Morning (H. Darewski)
I Do Love My Wife (Castling, Murphy)
Gladys Huxley
216 557 BM
558 BM
Pleasureland, part 1 (arr. Neat)
Pleasureland, part 2 (arr. Neat)
National Guards Band
217   The Irish Patrol (Irish patriotic airs)
The Welsh Patrol (Welsh patriotic airs)
National Guards Band
218   The Contest, march (J. Ord Hume)
The Cuirissiers, march (Robinson)
National Guards Band
219   Ballet Egyptien, part 1 (Luigini)
Ballet Egyptien, part 2 (Luigini)
National Symphony Orchestra
220   Ballet Egyptien, part 3 (Luigini)
Ballet Egyptien, part 4 (Luigini)
National Symphony Orchestra
221 505 IBo
507 IBo
Sweet Jasmine (Oakley)
The Darkey's Awakening (Lansing)
Olly Oakley (banjo, with orch accmp)
222 332 IX
333 IX
All O.T. (Whitlock)
Up The River, waltz (Whitlock)
Billy Whitlock (xylophone, with orch accmp)
223 487 IO
488 IO
Seminramide, overture (Rossini)
La Paloma (Yradier)
Prof. M. Tapiero (ocarina, with orch accmp)
224   Like Stars Above (W.H. Squire)
She Wore A Wreath Of Roses (Knight)
Thomas Thomas (with piano accmp)
225   An Evening Song (Blumenthal)
Adieu, Marie (S. Adams)
Arthur Kellet (tenor, with piano accmp)
226   John Peel (trad.)
The Farmer's Boy (trad.)
Alan Turner (with piano accmp)
227   The Ready Reckoner (Ellerton, Mayne)
Give Me My Fourpence Back (Ellerton, Mayne)
Frank Lynne (with orch accmp)
228   Follow The Footprints In The Snow (Edgar)
All Through The Wedding March (Mills, Scott)
Phil Parsons (with orch accmp)
229   The Ragtime Jockeyman (Berlin)
The Wedding Glide (Hirsch)
Henry Bayes (with orch accmp)
230 570 CS
571 CS
Way Down South (Fairman)
The Ragtime Goblin Man (Sterling, von Tilzer)
Henry Bayes (with orch accmp)
231   Coming Through The Rye (trad. arr. Clarke)
Ye Banks And Braes (trad. arr. Clarke)
Charles Draper (clarionet, with piano accmp)
232   Every Man A Soldier (Stanley)
A Sergeant Of The Line (W.H. Squire)
Frederick Gregory (with orch accmp)
233 454 CS
455 CS
Last Neet (Foster)
Keep Your Feet Still, Geordie Hinnie (trad. Foster)
Eric Foster (Tyneside comedian)
234 456 CS
457 CS
The Grocery Store (Foster)
Industrious Geordie (Foster)
Eric Foster (Tyneside comedian)
235   Garrity (Foster)
Haak's Men At the battle Of Waterloo (Foster)
Eric Foster (Tyneside comedian)
236   Forward March (Doppler)
The Gladiators Farewell, march (Blankenburg)
National Guards Band
237   Die Hydropaten, waltz (Gung'l)
Waltz from "Coppelia" Ballet (Delibes)
National Guards Band
238 585 BM
586 BM
Alexander's Ragtime Band, two-step (Berlin)
Dixie Revels, two-step (Robinson)
National Guards Band
239 593 BO
594 BO
The Magic Flute, overture part 1 (Mozart)
The Magic Flute, overture part 2 (Mozart)
National Symphony Orchestra
The Dancing Mistress, selection part 1 (Monckton)
The Dancing Mistress, selection part 2 (Monckton)
National Symphony Orchestra
241 519 BM
597 BO
Dreams On The Ocean (Gung'l)
A Darkie's Jubilee (Turner)
National Guards Band
National Symphony Orchestra
242   The Rosary (Nevin)
The Lost Chord (Sullivan)
James Glover (cornet, with full band accmp)
243 577 IC

La Cinquantaine (Gabriel-Marie)
Cantilena (Golterman)
Joseph Schofield ('cello, with piano accmp)
244 504 IBo
506 IBo
A Dusky Belle (Oakley)
The Spirit Of The Glen (Oakley)
Olly Oakley (banjo, with piano accmp)
245   The Moon Hath Raised Her Lamp Above (Benedict)
Watchman, What Of The Night? (Sergeant)
A. Kellet & Frederick Gregory
246 341 MBe
442 MBe
The Adventurer (Godfrey)
Glorious DEvon (Ed. German)
Robert Howe (baritone, with piano accmp)
Robert Howe (baritone, with orch accmp)
247   Rocked In The Cradle Of The Deep (Roeckel)
In Cellar Cool (old German song)
Wilfrid Platt
248   Waltz Me In Ragtime (Mills, Scott)
My Boy (Barnes, Weston)
May Mars (with orch accmp)
249   I Sent My Sister Cissie To Assist 'er (Sullivan)
Major Dum Dum (Edgar)
Frank Lynne (with orch accmp)
250   The Por-Tah (Hyde, Pether)
P.C. Brown (Power)
Frank Powell (with orch accmp)
251   A Complete Music Hall Sketch: Cohen's Mistake, part 1 (Hayman)
A Complete Music Hall Sketch: Cohen's Mistake, part 2 (Hayman)
Hayman & Franklin (The Hebrew duo)
252   O'Na Bydd Ain Haf O Hyd (Wm Davies)
Yr Hen Gerddor (The Old Minstrel)
Gwynne Davies (with piano accmp)
253   The Scotch Patrol (Pitt)
The English Patrol (Pitt)
National Guards Band
254 517 BM
556 BM
Marche Militaire (Schubert)
Mussinan March (Carl)
National Guards Band
255 520 BM
559 BM
Lancashire Clogs (Grimshaw)
The Parade Of The Tin Soldiers (Jessel)
National Guards Band
256   Oberon, overture, part 1 (Weber)
Oberon, overture, part 2 (Weber)
National Symphony Orchestra
257   Valse Triste (Sibelius)
Praeludium (Jarnfeldt)
National Symphony Orchestra
258 397 IV
402 IV
East Neuch O' Fife (trad, arr. Murdoch)
Auld Robin Gray (trad. arr. Murdoch)
McKenzie Murdoch (violin, with piano accmp)
259   Castel Raimondo, march (Battachiara)
Moses In Egypt - fantasia (Rossini, arr. Tapiero)
Professor M. Tapiero (ocarina, with orch accmp)
260 474 FCo
477 FCo
Still As The Night (Bohm)
My Dear Soul (Sanderfson)
Margaret Balfour (contralto, with piano accmp)
261   Serenade (Gounod)
The Rosary (Nevin)
Carrie Lanceley (with piano & violin accmp)
Joseph Schofield ('cello, with organ accmp)
262   Werner's Farewell ("Det Trometer Von Sakklingen" - Nessier)
The Yeoman's Wedding Song (Ponistowski)
Robert Howe (with orch accmp)
263   In The Shadows Of The Pyramids (Ball)
Let Me Kiss those Tears Away (Mills, Scott)
May Mars (with orch accmp)
264   I'm On My Holiday (Mellor, Gifford)
Here's Another One Off For A Sailor (Barnes, Weston)
Phil Parsons (with orch accmp)
265 541 CS
610 CS
 No Flies On Father (Ellerton, Mayne)
Dickie Bird (Clifford, Godfrey)
Frank Lynne (with orch accmp)
Jack Charman (with orch accmp)
266   Minuet (Boccherini)
Siciliana (Pergolesi)
Joseph Schofield ('cello, with piano accmp)
267   Zampa, overture, part 1 (Herold)
Zampa, overture, part 2 (Herold)
National Guards Band
268   Oh! Oh! Delphine - selection (I. Caryll)
Oh! Oh! Delphine - Venus Waltz (Caryll)
National Symphony Orchestra
269 641 IP
642 IP
Menuet (Paderewski)
Polish Dance (Scharwenka)
Herr W. Meyrowitz (piano)
270   The Slave Song (T. del Riego)
When Barney Comes Over The Hill (Meyrowitz)
Gwladys Griffiths (with piano accmp)
271 650 MT
651 MT
Little Grey Home In the West (Lohr)
Where My Caravan Has Rested (Lohr)
Arthur Kellet (tenor, with piano accmp)
272 251 MBe
547 MBe
Bashful Tom (Kemp)
Dear Homeland (Slaughter)
Robert Howe (baritone)
Ceredig Walters (baritone, with piano accmp)
273 546 MBe
548 MBe
At Santa Barbara (K. Russell)
Corisande (Sanderson)
Ceredig Walters (baritone, with piano accmp)
274   That Mellow Melody (W.W. Meyer)
That Ragtime Dinnertime Band (Chandler, Haines)
Henry Bayes (with orch accmp)
275   Dear Old Rose (G.W. Mayer)
Oh, I Do Love You, My Orange Girl (Mellor, Trevor)
Jack Charman (with orch accmp)
276 579 BM
584 BM
Marche Lorraine (Louis Ganne)
La Pere La Victoire (Louis Ganne)
National Guards Band
277   Bravda March (Starke)
Wedding Bells (Rimmer)
National Guards Band
278 645 BM
646 BM
Salut D'Amour (Elgar)
Pomp And Circumstance March (Elgar)
National Guards Band
279   The Jewels Of the Madonna - entr'acte (Wolf-Ferrari)
Passe Pied (Delibes)
National Symphony Orchestra
280   Swallows Flight (Ernesto Kohler)
Shepherds' Idyll (Ernesto Kohler)
Gerorge Ackroyd (flute, with piano accmp)
282   "Puppchen" - My Heart's Desire (Gilbert)
Winter March (Gilbert)
Giodo Gialdini (whistling, with orch accmp)
283 110 FS
659 FS
Villanelle (Eva del Acqua) (sung in French)
Lily Of My Heart (Gheel)
Madame Sarmiento (soprano, with piano accmp)
Carrie Lanceley (soprano, with piano accmp)
284   Roses (Adams)
The Last Watch (Pinsuti)
Ivor Walters (with piano accmp)
285   The Better Land (Cowan)
When You Come Home (W.H. Squire)
Helen Goodwright (with piano accmp)
286 633 MBe
634 MBe
The Devout Lover (Wright)
Beauty's Eyes (Tosti)
Marcus Thomson (baritone, with piano accmp)
287 631 MBe
632 MBe
Absent (Metcalf)
Jack Briton (W.H. Squire)
Ceredig Walters (baritone, with piano accmp)
288   Hello, Silvery Sea (Castling, Murphy)
Let's Go To The Church (Collins, Rogers)
Gus Harris (with orch accmp)
289 675 CS
676 CS
The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine (Carroll, Fields)
On The Mississippi (Carroll, Fields)
Henry Bayes (with orch accmp)
290 681 BM
682 BM
Tannhauser - Grand March (Wagner)
Lohengrin - Introduction To Act III (Wagner)
National Guards Band
291 613 BM
644 BM
The Blue Riband, march (Bollag)
National Emblem, march (Bagley)
National Guards Band
292 653 BO
693 BO
Les Millions D'Arlequin - Serenade (Drigo)
'Neath The Trees (Dupret)
National Symphony Orchestra
293   Mary (Richardson)
The Children's Home (Cowan)
James Glover (trumpet, with full band accmp)
294   Torchlight March (Whitlock)
Moonlight Capers (Whitlock)
Billy Whitlock (xylophone, with orch accmp)
295   Serenade (W.H. Squire)
Berceuse De Jocelyn (Godard)
Joseph Schofield ('cello, with piano accmp)
296   Someday, Sometime (Godfrey, Gifford, Knight)
Just To Be Near You (Godfrey, Gifford, Knight)
Emilie Hayes (with piano accmp)
297 661 FCo
662 FCo
Angus McDonald (Roeckel)
Love's Coronation (Aylward)
Helena Goodwright (contralto, with piano accmp)
298 630 MB
641 MBe
Lighterman Tom (W.H. Squire)
The Veteran's Song (Stephen Adams)
Mr. J. Dickinson (bass, with piano accmp)
Ceredig Walters (baritone, with orch accmp)
299 678 MBe
679 MBe
A Dinder Courtship (E. Coates)
The Floral Dance (Moss)
Robert Howe (baritone, with piano accmp)
300 719 FCo
721 FCo
Caller Herrin (trad.)
John Anderson, My Jo (trad.) / Gala Water (trad.)
Helen Blain ("The eminent Scottish contralto", with piano accmp)
301 759 MT
760 MT
The Scottish Emigrant's Farewell (trad.)
Afton Water (trad.)
Anderson Nicol (tenor, with piano accmp)
302   The Signalman's Story (W. Hyde)
On the Line (W. Hyde)
Frank Powell (with orch accmp)
303 671 FS
672 FS
I Want To See The Fairies (Castling, Murphy)
Show Me The Train (Castling, Murphy)
Gus Harris (with orch accmp)
304 696 CS
697 CS
The Burglar Rag (Brady, Mahoney, Ferguson)
Hey Ho! Can't You Hear The Steamer ? (Godfrey, Wright)
Harry Cove (with orch accmp)
305   Aida, selection part 1 (Verdi)
Aida, selection part 2 (Verdi)
H.M. Royal Artillery Band (cond. E.C. Stretton)
306   Punjaub March (Charles Payne)
Bulgarian Patrol (Stephenoff)
National Guards Band
307 652 BM
714 BM
El Abanico - Spanish march (Javaloyes)
Spanish Dance No. 3 (Moskowski)
National Guards Band
308   Amoranda (M. Ring)
The Whispering Of The Flowers (von Blon)
National Symphony Orchestra
309 688 IPo
689 IPo
The Deep Blue Sea (M. Brewer)
Weel May The Keel Row (trad.)
George Ackroyd (piccolo, with orch accmp)
310 751 IV
770 IV
Souvenir De Posen (Wieniawski)
Czardas (Monti)
David De Groot (violin, with piano accmp)
311   Charme D'Amour (Kendall)
In The Shadows (Finck)
Guido Gialdini (whistling, with orch accmp)
312   Santa Lucia - Neapolitan song (Cottra)
O Sole Mio (di Capua)
Angelo Rosselli (tenor, with piano accmp)
313 554 MT
555 MT
E Lucevan Le Stelle ("La Tosca" - Puccini)
Vesti La Giubba ("I Pagliacci" - Leoncavallo)
Angelo Rosselli (tenor, with orch accmp)
314   Mary Of Argyle (Nelson)
The Banks Of Allan Water (trad.)
Anderson Nicol (tenor)
315 844 MBe
845 MBe
Pals (W.H. Squire)
Thy Sentinel Am I (Watson)
Ceredig Walters (baritone, with piano accmp)
316 580 MBe
581 MBe
On The Road To Mandalay (Kipling, Hedgecock)
Danny Deever (Damrosch)
Herbert Heyner (baritone, with piano accmp)
317 690 MBe
691 MBe
The Powder Monkey (Watson)
The Midshipmate (Adams)
Robert Howe (baritone, with orch accmp)
318   The Six Telegrams (Mills, Scott)
Holly Holloy (Mills, Scott)
May Mars (with orch accmp)
319 704 CS
705 CS
A Prairie Life for Me (Merson)
The Wreck Of the Dover Express (Merson)
Billy Merson (with orch accmp)
320   Whoops, Let's Do It Again (Hargreaves)
Tonight's The Night (Castling)
Gus Harris (The People's chorus Idol) (with orch accmp)
321   Telling The Story (Murphy, Castling)
I Want To Dance (Edwards)
Gus Harris (The People's chorus Idol) (with orch accmp)
322   Scottish Reels, part 1 (intro. The De'il Among The Tailors; Mason'sApron; Clean Pea Strae; Soldier's Joy)
Scottish Reels, part 2 (intro. Speed The Plough; Mrs. Macleod; Fairy Dance; The Wind That Shakes The Barley)
National Scottish Band
323 754 BM

755 BM

Scottish Reels, part 3 (intro. Cameron's Got His Wife Again; Speed The Plough; Jenny Dang the Weaver; Highland Whisky)
Scottish Reels, part 4 (intro. The Piper O' Dundee; Jessie Smith; Rachel Rae; Reel Of Tulloch)
National Scottish Band
324 414 IBa

415 IBa
Corn Riggs - airs (intro. Lord Lovat's Lament, march; Inverness Rant, strathpey; Blue Bonnets Over The Border, march)
Gledarnal Highlanders - airs (intro: Tullochgroum, strathspey; Reel Of Tulloch)
Pipe Major Harold Forsyth (bagpipes, with drums)
325 716 FS
717 FS
The Last Rose Of Summer (Moore)
Good-Bye (Tosti)
Carrie Lanceley (soprano, with piano accmp)
326 790 BM
791 BM
Flowers Of Edinburgh, part 1 (intro. The Original; The Lass O' Patie's Mill)
Flowers Of Edinburgh, part 2 (intro. East Neuk O' Fife; The Bottom Of The Punch Powl)
National Scottish Band
327   Petronella Country Dance, part 1 (intro. The Original; The Dashing White Sergeant)
Petronella Country Dance, part 2 (intro. My Love She's But A Lassie Yet; The Rose Trees)
National Scottish Band
328 765 BM
766 BM
Castaldo March (Novacek)
Birthday March (Kuhne)
Band of H.M. Royal Artillery, Woolwich
329   Nieblungen March (Wagner)
Triumphal March (Robinson)
National Guards Band
330 712 BM
756 BM
San Lorenzo March (Silva)
The Ragtime Violin (Berlin)
National Guards Band
331 757 BM
793 BO
Vivandiere March (Robinson)
Dear Brown Eyes , waltz (Frank Canham)
National Guards Band
National Symphony Orchestra
332 749 BO
750 BO
I Pagliacci, selection part 2 (Leoncavallo)
I Pagliacci, selection part 1 (Leoncavallo)
David de Groot's Orchestra
333   The Cousin (Sir F. Cruse, M. Esposito)
Carolan's Concerto (Sir F. Cruse, M. Esposito)
Joseph Schofield ('cello, with piano accmp)
334 738 IV
739 IV
Berceuse (Faure)
Canzonetta, Op. 6 (d'Ambrosio)
Marcel Bonneman (violin, with piano accmp)
335 782 IBo
783 IBo
Husarenritt (Spindler)
Camptown Carnival (J. Morley)
Olly Oakley (The banjo king) (banjo, with piano accmp)
336 648 MT

Morte Di Otello ("Otello" - Verdi)
Serenade ("I Pagliacci" - Leoncavallo)
Angelo Rosselli (tenor, with orch accmp)
337 734 FS
735 FS
Come Sing To Me (Thompson)
Sing Me To Sleep (Greene)
Emilie Hayes (soprano, with piano accmp)
338 763 MT
764 MT
Duncan Gray (trad.)
The Skye Boat Song (trad.)
Anderson Nicol (tenor, with piano accmp)
339 718 FCo
720 FCo
Annie Laurie (Lady John W. Scott)
Castles In The Air (R. Adams)
Helen Blain (contralto, with piano accmp)
340   How Deep the Slumber Of The Floods (Loewe)
Sombre Woods (Lully)
Marcus Thomson (with piano accmp)
341   The Blue Dragood (Kennedy Russell)
The Bedouin Love Song (Ciro Pinsiti)
Robert Howe (with piano accmp)
Robert Howe (with orch accmp)
342   Oh! That We Two Were Maying (E. Nevin)
Still As The Night (Carl Bohn)
Marie Stuart & Robert Howe (with piano accmp)
343 794 MBe
795 MBe
The Ballad Monger (Easthope Martin)
Sweet Early Violets (Sherrington)
Ceredig Walters (baritone, with piano accmp)
344 805 CC
806 CC
All Hail The Power Of Jesu's Name (Shrubsole)
Hark! Hark! My Soul (Smart)
London Church Choir And Quartette
345   The Postman (Given)
The Ocean Blue (Matcham, Selby)
Frank Powell (with orch accmp)
346 775 CS
776 CS
Marriage (Collins)
A Girl (Collins, Murray)
Gus Harris (with orch accmp)
347   Lilac Time (Willerby)
Love, You Have Made Me A Garden (Thompson)
Carrie Lanceley (with piano accmp)
348 726 MBe
728 MBe
Bugeillor Gwenith Gwyn (Idle Days In Summer) (trad.)
Llandovery (Adieu To Dear Cumbria (trad.)
Ceredig Walters (baritone, with piano accmp)
349   Chwyfin Faner (Wave The Banner) (Davies)
Rhyveldyrch Cadpen Morgan (trad.)
Ceredig Walters (baritone, with piano accmp)
350 809 BM
810 BM
North Star March (Rimmer)
Pat In America (Hiram Eden)
Irwell Springs Band (cond. Mr. Nuttall)
351 811 BM
812 BM
Evening Bells (Rimmer)
Humoreske (Dvorak)
Irwell Springs Band (cond. Mr. Nuttall)
352 839 BO
840 BO
Happy Days, waltz (Burrows)
Verveine Waltz (Cox)
Archibald Joyce's Orchestra
353 836 BO
837 BO
Powder Rag, two-step (Raymond Birch)
On The Mississippi, two-step (Carroll, Fields)
Archibald Joyce's Orchestra
354 787 BM
822 BM
The Bullfighter's March (Celian Cottaun)
Steadfast And True, march (C. Teike)
National Guards Band
355 818 BO
819 BO
Hungarian Dance No. 2 (Brahms)
Hungarian Dance No. 3 (Brahms)
String Band of H.M. Royal Artillery, Woolwich (cond. E.C. Stretton)
356   Il Seralgio, overture (Mozart)
The Marriage Of Figaro, overture (Mozart)
National Symphony Orchestra
357 700 IX
701 IX
Lively Kittens (Whitlock)
The Jolly Workman (Whitlock)
Billy Whitlock (xylophone, with orch accmp)
358 798 IF
799 IF
Offertoire (Donjon)
Le Cygne (The Swan) ("Carvival Des Animaux" - Saint-Saens)
George Ackroyd (flute, with orch accmp)
359   Madrigale (Simonette)
Chant Sans Paroles (Tchaikovsky)
Marcel Bonnemain (violin, with piano accmp)
360 698 MT
699 MT
Ricordi Di Quisisana (L. Denza)
Aubade - Mattinata (Leoncavallo)
Angelo Rosselli (tenor, with piano accmp)
361   Terence's Farewell To Katherine (Lady Dufferin)
God's Garden (Lambert)
Margaret Balfour (with piano accmp)
362 772 FCo
773 FCo
A Summer Night (Goring Thomas)
Creation's Hymn (Beethoven)
Helen Blain (contralto, with piano accmp)
363 826 MBe
828 MBe
The Sand O' Dee (Fred Clay)
Thou'rt Passing Hence, My Brother (Sullivan)
Herbert Heymer (baritone, with piano accmp)
364 807 MBe
808 MBe
Kashmiri Song; Less Than The Dust (Woodforde-Finden)
Temple Bells; Till I Wake (Woodforde-Finden)
Marcus Thomson (baritone, with piano accmp)
365   Off To Philadelphia (Haynes)
Famine Song (trad.); Trotting To The Fair (trad.)
Percy Whitehead (with piano accmp)
366 802 CS
829 MBe
It's A Long Way To Tipperary (Judge, Willians)
So You Want To Be A Soldier, Little Man (Trotere)
Frederick Gregory (with orch accmp)
Henry Bayes (baritone, with orch accmp)
367 830 FS
831 FS
Youth And Love (Saker)
When Love Creeps In Your Heart (Bennett Scott)
Elda May (soprano, with piano accmp, & flute obligato by W. Paterson)
368   Play A Highland Melody (Rule, Castling)
I'm Coming Back To Bonnie Scotland (L. Wright, H. Trevor)
Daisy Taylor (with orch accmp)
369   Married Misery (Chester)
Winkie The Waiter (Chester)
Frank Powell (with orch accmp)
370 803 CS
804 CS
You Made Me Love You (Monaco)
Hold Your Hand Out, Naughty Boy (J.W. Murphy)
Henry Bates (with orch accmp)
371   Foursome Reel, part 1 (trad)
Foursome Reel, part 2 (trad)
National Scottish Band
372   Eightsome Reel, part 1 (trad.)
Eightsome Reel, part 2 (trad.)
National Scottish Band
373   Don't Sing In Ragtime (Merson)
Our Sailor King (Pelham, Long)
Billy Merson (with orch accmp)
Gus Harris (with orch accmp)
374   The Victoria Cross, march (Gustav Howig)
Army And Marine, march (Zehle)
National Guards Band
375 885 BM
886 BM
Christmas Gems (arr. Partridge)
The Bells Of Auld Lang Syne (Partridge)
E. W. Rushforth (bells) with National Guards Band
824 BM
El Choclo, tango (Villildo)
The Ladybird Tango (Robinson)
Archibald Joyce's Orchestra
National Guards Band
377 815 BM
817 BM
Sleeping Beauty Waltz (Tchaikovsky)
Sylvia Ballet Music - Pizzicato (Delibes)
String Band of H.M. Royal Artillery, Woolwich (cond. E.C. Stretton)
378   My Sumurun Girl, two-step (Lou Hirsch)
Puppchen, waltz (J. Gilbert)
National Symphony Orchestra
379 912 MB
913 MB
La Belle Creole, tango Argentine (R. Farban)
La Rumba, tango Argentine (J. T. Brymn)
National Guards Band
380 784 IBo
785 IBo
A Black Coquette (Grimshaw)
The Yeoman's Call (Cammermeyer)
Olly Oakley (banjo, with piano accmp)
381 796 IPo
797 IPo
La Marie Blanc (E. Damare)
Scherzo Brillante (C. le Thiere)
Robert Murchie (piccolo, with orch)
382   Imitations Of English Song Birds
Il Bacio (Arditi)
Madame Maude Dewey
Mr. A Gilroy (whistler, with piano accmp)
383 935 BM
942 BM

The Evening News Tango (Stephen Hamilton)
Up-To-Date (1913-14) Barn Dance (intro. My Little Parisian Rose; The Wedding Glide; How Do You Do, Miss Ragtime?; When The Midnight Choo-Choo; The Gaby Glide) (arr. Henry Woods)
National Guards Band
384 937 FS
938 FS
Love's Old Sweet Song (Molloy)
Daddy (Behrend)
Margaret Balfour (with piano accmp & violin obligato)
385 893 MBe
894 MBe
At The Mid-Hour Of Night (F.H. Cowan)
A Dream (Bartlett)
Marcus Thomson (baritone, with piano accmp)
386   Vive L'Entente Cordiale, part 1 (The Russian National Hymn; God Save The King)
Vive L'Entente Cordiale, part 2 (La Brabaconne; Rule Britannia)
National Guards Band, with Robert Howe (baritone)
387   Chorus, Gentlemen (Herman Lohr)
Four Jolly Sailormen (Ed. German)
Robert Howe (with piano accmp)
388 820 MB
821 MB
The Bellringer (Vincent Wallace)
The Village Blacksmith (Longfellow, Weiss)
Tom F. Kinniburgh (with piano accmp)
389   The Way the Wind Blows, We'll go (Judge, Williams)
Toddling Home (H. Dent)
Henry Bayes (with orch accmp)
390   Un Peu D'Amour (Silesu)
Secrets, waltz (Ancliffe)
National Symphony Orchestra
391   La Rinka (Beale)
The Valeta (Morris)
National Guards Band
392 814 BO
816 BO
Minuette (Mozart)
Am Muhlbach (At The Millrace) (Lincke)
String Band of H.M. Royal Artillery, Woolwich (cond. E.C. Stretton)
393   Sandy's Hogmanay, part 1 (Cove)
Sandy's Hogmanay, part 2 (Cove)
Harry Cove & Jack Charman (with orch accmp)
394   Sandy, Take Hold Of My Hand (Glover)
Sing Me A Song Of Bonnie Scotland (Scott)
Daisy Taylor (with orch accmp)
395   Let's  All Go Round To Maudie's (Hargreaves)
Let's A Long Way To Go Home (Godfrey, Gifford)
Gus Harris (with orch accmp)
396   My Home Is Far Away (Pether, Lee)
When the Christmas Bells Are Ringing (Pether, Lee)
Jack Charman (with orch accmp)
397   Tres Doggy, two-step intermezzo (Moretti)
Dance Of The Darkies, barn dance (Peilgen)
National Symphony Orchestra
398 916 IA
919 IA
Medley Of Hornpipes
Rainbow Schottische
James Brown (accordeon)
399   Rhyvelgyrch Gwyn Harlech (Men Of Harlech) (trad.)
Llwyn On (The Ash Grove) (trad.)
Ceredig Walters (with piano accmp)
400   What A Game It Is, Wow! Wow! (Gifford, Godfrey)
Ragtime Mad (Frank Leo, Bowley)
Mark Sheridan (with orch accmp)
401   Barcarolle ("Tales Of Hoffmann" - Offenbach)
La Villanelle (del Acqua)
Marathon Intrumental Trio (violin, flute & harp)
402 902 IC
903 IC
Lied Ohne Worte (Song Without Words) (Mendelssohn)
Romances Sans Paroles (Davidoff)
Joseph Schofield ('cello, with piano accmp)
403   Mazurka De Salon (Doppler)
Berceuse De Jocelyn (Godard)
George Ackroyd (flute, with piano accmp)
404   Home, Sweet Home (Bishop)
The Rosary (Nevin)
Helen Blain (with piano accmp)
405   Thora (Adams)
The Bachelor Ship ("The Marriage Market" - Richards)
Ceredig Walters (with piano accmp)
406   The Old Grey Fox (W.V. White)
Land Of Delight (W. Sanderson)
Percy Whitehead (with piano accmp)
Ceredig Walters (with piano accmp)
407   Colonel Nutt (Fred Godfrey)
We'll March To Trafalgar Square (Mills, Scott)
Mark Sheridan (with orch accmp)
408   Palestine (Hyde, Robson)
A Yiddisher Honeymoon (Godfrey, Clifford)
Gus Harris (with orch accmp)
409   When I Get You Alone Tonight (McCarthy, Goodwin, Fischer)
My Southern Maid (Barrett, Darewski)
Gerald Hazard (with orch accmp)
410 950 MD
951 MD

Take Me In Your Arms And Say You Love Me (Johnson)
You Made Me Love You (Monaco)

Ida Jones & Gerald Hazard (with orch accmp)
(some copies, at least, have a label overstuck, with the artists names as Daisy & Gerald Hazard)
411 917 IA
918 IA
Weary Willie, two-step (trad.)
Little Pet Polka (trad. )
James Brown (accordeon, with piano accmp)
412 85 BM
914 BM
Austria, march (Nowotny)
Cecilia, march (Cottaun)
National Guards Band
413   Processional March ("Henry VIII" - Sullivan)
Corte March ("La Reine De Saba" - Gounod)
National Guards Band
414   Menuet (Paderewski)
The Butterfly (Theo Bendix)
National Symphony Orchestra
415   Laughing Eyes (Finck)
Thy Burning Eyes (Worsley)
National Symphony Orchestra
416   Love's Old Sweet Song (Molloy)
Meditation ("Thais" - Massenet)
Marathon Intrumental Trio (flute, violin & harp)
George Ackroyd (flute)
417 933 IV
934 IV
Un Peu D'Amour (Silesu)
Chanson Triste (Tchaikovsky)
Daviv de Groot (violin, with piano accmp)
418   The Holy City (Adams)
The Soul's Awakening (Haddock)
Carrie Lanceley (with piano accmp)
419   Under The British Flag, part 1
Under The British Flag, part 2
National Guards Band
420   The Wonnerful Wise Man O' Tawnton (K. Russell)
The Vicar Of Bray (McFarren)
Ceredig Walters (with piano accmp)
421   Wedding March ("A Midsummer Night's Dream" - Mendelssohn)
Intermezzo ("Madame Cherry" - Hoschna)
National Guards Band
National Symphony Orchestra
422   Loyal To King, march (Prescott)
The War March Of The Priests ("Athalie" - Mendelssohn)
National Gguards Band
423   The Green Eye Of The Little Yellow God (Milton Hayes)
Gunga Din (Rudyard Kipling)
J.H. Scotland (recititive, with piano accmp)
424   Mad Scene ("Lucia Di Lammamoor" - Donizetti)
Somewhere A Voice Is Calling (Tate)
The Ackroyd Trio (Geo. Ackroyd, flute, with soprano & violin)
425 915 IA
920 IA
Lad Wi' The Plaidie / Cawdor Fair (both trad.)
Craigmillar Castle, strathspey / Arthur's Seat, reel
James Brown (accordeon)
425 960 MBe
961 MBe
The Bo'sun's Lament (W.H. Squire)
The Admiral's Broom (Bevan)
Robert Howe (baritone, with orch accmp)
426 879 CS
882 CS
Sea (Long)
How Are You ? (Judge)
Mark Sheridan (with Orch accmp)
427   I'm Going Back To Carolina (Downs, Erdman)
Good-Bye Summer, So Long Fall, Hello Winter-Time (Wenrich)
Gerald Hazard (with orch accmp)
428   Angus, Teach Me To Tango (A. Glover)
Popsy Wopsy (Bennett Scott, Mills)
Daisy Taylor (with orch accmp)
429   If I Could Only Make You Care (Schmid)
That's How I Need You (Piantadosi)
Leighton Gosforth (with orch accmp)
430 905 BM
953 BM
Quickfire March (Whitlock)
The 3rd Dragoons March (J. Brophy)
National Guards Band
185 CS
Will Ye No Come Back, Geordie? (Stephens)
John O' Groats (Burley, Bull)
Daisy Taylor (with orch accmp)
432   A Sergeant Of The Line (W.H. Squire)
The Corporal's DItty (W.H. Squire)
Robert Howe (with orch accmp)
433   I Hear You Calling Me (Marshall)
Somewhere A Voice Is Calling (Tate)
John Glover (cornet, with orch accmp)
434 871 IM
873 IM
Serenade (Schubert)
Serenade (Gounod)
The Ackroyd Trio
435   Comin' Thro' The Rye (trad.)
Robin Adair (trad.)
Carrie Lanceley (with piano accmp)
436 1040 BM

Carry On, patriotic march (J. Ord Hume)
The British Landing In France (W. Norman)
National Guards Band
437   Private Tommy Atkins, march / The Soldiers Of The King, march
Our Blue Jackets, naval patrol (Meachan, Rimmer)
National Guards Band
438   The Dead March In "Saul" (Handel)
Marche Funebre (Chopin)
National Guards Band
439   Up From Somerset (sanderson)
I Don't Suppose (Trotere)
Ceredig Walters (with piano accmp)
440   The Portrait (Owen Meredith)
Devil-May-Care (C.H. Taylor)
J.H. Scotland (recititave, with piano accmp)
441 993 IV
994 IV
Mazur (Mynarski)
Concerto Romantique - Canzonetta (Godard)
David de Groot (violin)
442 1081 BM
1082 BM
The Guards Patrol (Williams)
Tipperary March (Douglas)
National Guards Band
443   Angel's Call - Serenade (Braga)
Whisper And I Shall Hear (Picclomini)
The Ackroyd Trio
444   Andantino
Orpheus Clarinet Quartette
445   When Bright Eyes Chance (Hedgecock)
The Maid Of Malabar (Adams)
Murray Ashford
446 1045 MBe
1046 MBe
We're All Plain Civilians (Ernest Hastings)
Fall In ! (Begble, Cowan)
Herbert Heymer (baritone, with piano accmp)
447   Our Island Home (Trelawney)
Your King And Country QWant You (Paul Rubens)
Helen Blain (with orch accmp)
448   Episodes In A Soldier's Life, part 1 (Kappey)
Episodes In A Soldier's Life, part 2 (Kappey)
National Guards Band
449   Men Of England (Capel)
Who's For The Flag? (K. Russell)
Robert Howe (with orch accmp)
450   The Union Jack Of Old England (C. Williams)
Soldiers Of The King (J. Ord Hume)
Robert Howe (with orch accmp)
451 1009 ON
1010 ON
Marche Joyeuse
F.J. Myddleton (organ)
452   The Boys Of The Old Brigade, march (Myddleton)
My Regiment, march (Blankenburg)
National Guards Band
453 1035 FCo
1036 FCo
O, Dry Those Tears (Teresa del Riego)
Love's Coronation (F. Aylward)
Margaret Balfour (contralto, with piano accmp)
454   The Little Drummer (Felix)
Girandola, graceful dance (Asch)
National Symphony Orchestra
454   Barcarolle (Tchaikovsky)
Girandola, graceful dance (Asch)
National Guards Band
National Symphony Orchestra
455   Gunga Din (Kipling)
An Old Backelor
J.H. Scotland (recititave, with piano accmp)
456   La Brabaconne / God Save The King
Russian National Anthem / La Marseillaise
Marathon Mixed Quartette
457   O God Our Help In Ages Past (Croft)
Eternal Father Strong To Save (Rev. Dykes)
The City Temple Choie (with organ accmp)
458   Rock Of Ages (Redhead)
Fight The Good Fight (Boyd)
The City Temple Choie (with organ accmp)
459   Nearer My God To Thee (Dykes)
God Moves In A Mysterious Way
The City Temple Choie (with organ accmp)
460   Un Peu D'Amour (Silesu)
Evernelle Ivresse (Ganne)
Dumont's Bijou Orchestra
461 876 IV
1004 IV
Liebeslied (Kreisler)
Guitarrerro (Drdla)
W. Ackroyd (violin)
462 915 IA
920 IA
Craigmillar Castle (trad.)
The Lad Wi' The Plaidie / Cawdor Fair (both trad.)
James Brown (accordeon)
463   Farewell To Summer (N. Johnson)
My Dreams (Tosti)
Murray Ashford & Miss Ashton
Arthur Kellet
463   Regrets, waltz (Wade)
Destiny, waltz (Baynes)
National Symphony Orchestra
464   Largo - Ombra Mal Fu ("Serse" - Handel)
Parted (Tosti)
Helen Blain
Carrie Lanceley
465   When All Was Young ("Faust" - Gounod)
A Song Of Thanksgiving (Allitsen)
Margaret Balfour
466   Rustle Of Spring (Sinding)
Scherzo In E Minor / Etude Minginne In D (Mendelssohn)
Signor C. Lorenzi (harp)
York Bowen (piano)
467   The Longshoreman (Ed. German)
Gae Bring To Me A Pint O' Wine / Song Of The Cameron Men
Robert Howe
Tom F. Kinniburgh
468   Simple Aveu (Thome)
Ave Maria (Bach, Gounod)
Mr. Dumont (violin)
469   It Is Enough ("Elijah" - Mendelssohn)
Rendi'l Sereno Ai Ciglio ("Sosarme" - Handel)
Herbert Heyner
Helen Blain
470   There Is A Green Hill Far Away (Gounod)
Nearer My God To Thee (Carey)
Helen Blain
471 889 MBe
987 MBe
Across The Far Blue Hill (Blumental)
The Crusaders (Schubert)
Marcus Thomson (baritone)
472   Sweet And Low (Barnby)
Annie Laurie (Scott)
Marathon Vocal Quartette
473   The Country Girl, selection part 1 (Monckton)
The Country Girl, selection part 2 (Monckton)
National Concert Band

Now the 12" series. The first 29 issues had a 12- prefix in front of the catalogue number, as shown. The matrix number may also have a 12- prefix on at least some copies.

Cat No Matrix No. Title Artists
12-2001 2001 BM
2002 BM
William Tell, selection, part 1 (Rossini)
William Tell, selection, part 2 (Rossini)
St. Hilda's Colliery Prize Band, cond. James Oliver
12-2002 2003 BM
2010 BM
Poet And Peasant, overture (Suppe)
Raymond, overture (Thomas)
National Guards Band
12-2003 2004 BM
2009 BM
Die Walkure, overture (Wagner)
1812 Overture, solonelle (Tchaikovsky)
National Guards Band
12-2004   La Boheme, selection (Puccini)
Cavalleria Rusticana, selection (Mascagni)
National Symphony Orchestra
12-2005 2005 BO
2011 BO
The Barber Of Seville, overture (Rossini)
The Caliph Of Bagdad, overture (Boieldieu)
National Symphony Orchestra
12-2006 2006 BO
2008 BO
Love And Youth, waltz (Lucas)
Princess Caprice, waltz (Fall)
National Symphony Orchestra
12-2007 2013 BM
2014 BM
Rienzi, overture part 1 (Wagner)
Rienzi, overture part 2 (Wagner)
National Guards Band
12-2008 2015 BO
2016 BO
Carmen, selection part 1 (Bizet)
Carmen, selection part 2 (Bizet)
National Symphony Orchestra
12-2009   Iolanthe,, selection (Sullivan)
The Pirates Of Penzance, selection (Sullivan)
National Guards Band
12-2010 2022 BO
2023 BO
The Miracle, incidental music, part 1 (Humperdinck)
The Miracle, incidental music, part 2 (Humperdinck)
National Symphony Orchestra
12-2011   Nazareth (Gounod)
Calvary (Rodney)
Tom F. Kinniburgh (with organ accmp)
12-2012 2026 BM
2027 BM
Grand Military Tattoo, part 1 (Sero)
Grand Military Tattoo, part 2 (Sero)
National Guards Band
12-2013 2024 BO
2025 BO
The Flying Dutchman, overture part 1 (Wagner)
The Flying Dutchman, overture part 2 (Wagner)
National Symphony Orchestra
12-2014 2028 BM
2031 BM
Amorettentanze, waltz (Gung'l)
Pique Dame, overture (Suppe)
National Guards Band
12-2015 2032 BO
2033 BO

Casse Noisette, ballet suite (Tchaikovsky): (Miniature Overture; Dance Arabe)
Casse Noisette, ballet suite (Tchaikovsky): (Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy; Russian Dance - Trepak)
National Symphony Orchestra
12-2016   Sonata No. 14 in C# minor, Op 27 No. 1 (Part 1) (Beethoven)
Sonata No. 14 in C# minor, Op 27 No. 1 (Part 2) (Beethoven)
Herr W. Meyorwitz (piano)
12-2017 2035 BO
2036 BO
Always Gay, waltz ("Evening News" waltz) (Joyce)
Dreaming, waltz (Joyce)
Archibald Joyce's Orchestra
12-2018   Les Huguenots, selection part 1 (Meyerbeer)
Les Huguenots, selection part 2 (Meyerbeer)
National Guards Band
12-2019   Faust, selection part 1 (Gounod)
Faust, selection part 2 (Gounod)
National Symphony Orchestra
12-2020 2040 BO
2041 BO
Casse Noisette ballet music (Tchaikovsky): (Reed Pipe Dance; Valse Des Fleurs)
Casse Noisette ballet music (Tchaikovsky): (March Of The Toys; Chinese Dance)
National Symphony Orchestra
12-2021 2042 IM
2043 IM
Trio in F, part 1 (Niels W. Gade)
Trio in F, part 2 (Niels W. Gade)
Violin, 'cello & piano
12-2022 2044 BM
2057 BM
The Gondoliers, selection (Sullivan)
The Yeoman Of The Guards, selection (Sullivan)
National Guards Band
12-2023   Softly Awakes My Heart ("Samson and Delilah" - Saint-Saens)
Beneditcion Of The Polgnards ("Les Huguenots" - Meyerbeer)
James Glover (cornet) with National Guards Band
12-2024   Peer Gynt Suite (Grieg): Morning; Death Of Ase
Peer Gynt Suite (Grieg): Anitra's Dance; In The Hall Of The Mountain King
National Symphony Orchestra
12-2025   Il Trovatore, selection part 1 (Verdi)
Il Trovatore, selection part 2 (Verdi)
National Guards Band
12-2026 2055 BO
2056 BO
Tannhauser, overture part 2 (Wagner)
Tannhauser, overture part 1 (Wagner)
National Symphony Orchestra
12-2027   Songs Without Words, part 1 (Mendelssohn)
Songs Without Words, part 2 (Mendelssohn)
H.M. Royal Artillery Band, Woolwich, cond. E.C. Stretton
12-2028 2059 BM
2068 BM
Les Cloches De Corneville, selection part 1 (Planquette)
Les Cloches De Corneville, selection part 2 (Planquette)
National Guards Band
12-2029 2058 BO
2069 BO
Symphony No. 8 in B minor "Unfinished", part 1 (Schubert)
Symphony No. 8 in B minor "Unfinished", part 2 (Schubert)
National Symphony Orchestra
2030 2006 BM

2007 BM

A Life On the Ocean Wave, part 1 (intro. A Life of the Ocean Wave; The Lass That Loves A Sailor; Black-Eyed Susan; The Anchor's Weighed; The Bay Of Biscay)
A Life On the Ocean Wave, part 2 (intro. Death Of Nelson; Sailor's Hornpipe; Home Sweet Home; Rule Britannia)
H.M. Royal Artillery Band, Woolwich, cond. E.C. Stretton
2031 2062 BM
2063 BM
Light Cavalry, overture (Suppe)
Masaniello, overture (Auber)
H.M. Royal Artillery Band, Woolwich, cond. E.C. Stretton
2032   Kathleen Mavourneen (Crouch)
Three Fishers (Hullah)
Margaret Balbour (with piano accmp)
2033 2077 FCo
2078 FCo
The Auld Scotch Songs (ass J.F. Leeser)
Bonnie Prince Charlie; Green Grow The Rushes-O
Helen Blain (with piano accmp)
2034 2079 BM
2080 BM
Love And Labour, part 1 (Percy Fletcher)
Love And Labour, part 2 (Percy Fletcher)
Irwell Springs Band (cond. W. Nuttall)
2035 2081 BM
2082 BM
A Military Church Parade, part 1 (J. Ord Hume)
A Military Church Parade, part 2 (J. Ord Hume)
Irwell Springs Band (cond. W. Nuttall)
2036   Rigoletto, selection part 1 (Verdi)
Rigoletto, selection part 2 (Verdi)
National Guards Band
2037   Patience, selection (Sullivan)
H.M.S. Pinafore, selection (Sullivan)
National Guards Band
2038   Tales Of Hoffmann, selection part 1 (Offenbach)
Tales Of Hoffmann, selection part 2 (Offenbach)
String Band of H.M. Royal Artillery Band, Woolwich, cond. E.C. Stretton
2039   La Dame Blanche, overture (Boieldieu)
Madama Butterfly, selection (Puccini)
National Symphony Orchestra
David de Groot's Orchestra
2040   The Honeymoon Waltz (Hewitt)
Nights Of Gladness, waltz (Ancliffe)
Archibald Joyce's Orchestra
2041   Salve Dimora ("Faust" - Gounod)
Flower Song ("Carmen" - Bizet)
Giuseppe Lenghi-Cellini
2042 2098 MB
2090 MB
True Till Death / In Cellar Cool
Rocked In The Cradle Of The Deep / In Sheltered Vale
Tom F. Kinniburgh (bass, with piano accmp)
2043   Messiah, selection part 1 (Handel)
Messiah, selection part 2 (Handel)
National Guards Band
2044   Carnival Of Venice (arr. Steiner)
Du Liegst Mir Am Herzen (Boehm)
George Ackyoyd (flute)
2045   Mirella, overture (Gounod)
Romeo And Juliet, selection (Gounod)
String Band of H.M. Royal Artillery Band, Woolwich, cond. E.C. Stretton
2046 2105 BM
2016 BM
William Tell, overture part 1 (Rossini)
William Tell, overture part 2 (Rossini)
National Guards Band
2047 2107 BM
2108 BM
Songs By Stephen Adams, (intro. Nancy Lee; Star Of Bethlehem; The Midshipmate; Mona; They All Love Jack; The Holy City; The Maid Of The Mill) National Guards Band
2048 2099 BO
2100 BO
Parsifal, vorspiel part 1 (Wagner)
Parsifal, vorspiel part 2 (Wagner)
National Symphony Orchestra
2049   Ah! Noncrevidi Tu ("Mignon" - Thomas)
Che Gelida Manina ("La Boheme" - Puccini)
Giuseppe Lenghi-Cellini
2050   London Revue Lancers (arr Warwick Williams) (incl. Oh I Do Love You My Orange Girl; Way Down South; Ragging The Baby To Sleep; It's Nice When You Love a Wee Lassie; Hitchy Koo; Hold Your hand Out, Naughty Boy; Row Row Row; Jerry Jeremiah; The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine; Waiting For The Robert E. Lee)   
    [2 sides, but I don't know how the titles are split]
National Guards Band
2051 2109 MBe
2110 MBe
O Star Of Eve ("Tannhauser" - Wagner)
Even Bravest Hearts ("Faust" - Gounod)
Herbert Heyner (with orch accmp)
2052   Land Of Hope And Glory (Elgar)
The Lost Chord (Sullivan)
Margaret Balfour (with orch accmp)
2053   Reminiscences Of England, parts 1 & 2 (arr. Dan Godfrey)
(incl. Barbara Allen; Sally In Our Alley; Tom Bowling; The Keel Row; Home Sweet Home; Rule Britannia)
National Guards Band
2054   Se Tu Mi Doni Un'ora ("Mefistofele" - Boito)
Duet Act I ("La Favorita" - Donizetti)
Giuseppe Lenghi-Cellini & H. Lane Wilson
2055   Songs Of The Army
Songs Of The Navy
National Guards Band
2056   La Donna E Mobile ("Rigoletto" - Verdi)
Questa O Quella ("Rigoletto" - Verdi)
Giuseppe Lenghi-Cellini (with orch accmp)
2057 2127 MBe
2128 MBe
Prologue ("I Pagliacci" - Leoncavallo)
The Toreador Song ("Carmen" - Bizet)
Herbert Hayner (with orch accmp)
2058   Reminiscences Of Scotland, part 1 (arr. Dan Godfrey)
Reminiscences Of Scotland, part 2 (arr. Dan Godfrey)
National Guards Band
2059   Reminiscences Of Ireland, part 1 (arr. Dan Godfrey)
Reminiscences Of Ireland, part 2 (arr. Dan Godfrey)
National Guards Band
2060   He Was Despised ("The Messiah" - Handel)
He Shall Feed His Flock  ("The Messiah" - Handel) / O Rest In The Lord ("Elijah" - Mendelssohn)
Helen Blain (with organ accmp)
2061   Celeste Aida ("Aida" - Verdi)
Una Furtiva Lagrima ("L'Elisir D'Amour" - Donizetti)
Giuseppe Lenghi-Cellini
2062 2125 MT
2131 MT
O Paradiso ("L'Africana" - Meyerbeer)
Spirito Gentil ("La Favorita" - Donizetti)
Giuseppe Lenghi-Cellini
2064   L'Arlesienne, suite (Bizet): Prelude
L'Arlesienne, suite (Bizet): Menuet; Carillon
Grand Symphony Orchestra (cond. E St G. Pratt)
2065 2139 BO
2140 BO
L'Arlesienne, suite (Bizet): Adagietto, Pastorale
La Voice Des Cloches (Luigini)
Grand Symphony Orchestra (cond. E St G. Pratt)
2065   Addio Mignon ("Mignon" - Thomas)
Mi Par L'udire Ancora ("The Pearl Fishers" - Bizet)
Giuseppe Lenghi-Cellini