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A close relative of "Phoneto", Musola appeared in 1917. They were pressed by Crystalate from Guardsman masters and exported to Australia. 
From the label of the one design it would appear they were produced for The Pianola Company.

I have no idea if the two designs were produced concurrently, or if one is earlier than the other.

The label was also used in Holland, but this appears to be a different series made in Germany by Homophon, and so are outside of my scope.

Thanks to Adrian Smith for the yellow and green image.
Thanks to Bill Dean-Myatt for the other image.

Despite having only fragmentory details about the issues, I thought I had better document them in the hope that more may appear!

Please e-mail me if you have any additions or corrections to this page.

Thanks to the following who have made it possible to produce this list: Bill Dean-Myatt, David Kent, Rainer Lotz, Chris MacDonald, Adrian Smith.

Page last updated on: November 24, 2022

These details are all from images sent to me or found by me. The design varies between the two images shown above. I will denote which design is on those seen as type A and type B against the catalogue number (A = like first image above; B = like second image).

Cat No Matrix No Title Artist Original issue
L-021   (B) 14514 That Mysterious Rag Imperial Guards Band  Invicta 179 ?
L-0208   (A) 20165 Abide With Me L. Griffiths (tenor) (= Thomas Jackson)    Invicta 234
L-0275   (A) 902 Mate O' Mine (Elliott) Gordon Dew (baritone)    Guardsman 696 ?
L-0298   (A) 1066
Selection Of American Airs, part 1 (intro. Marching Through Georgia; Yankee Doodle; Red, White And Blue; Star Spangled Banner) Imperial Guards Band     Guardsman 723
L-0304   (A) 1060 Baby's Sweetheart (Coore) Phoneto Symphony Orchestra (= Hon. Artillery Co.'s Dance Orch) Guardsman 727
L-0321   (B) 1141
Oh! I Wish I Had My Old Girl (Jenkins, Whidden)
Where The Black-Eyed Susans Grow (Whiteley)
Scott & Godfrey (duet) (= Fanning & Fortune) Guardsman 767