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Nestle's New Stars

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These were 7" records on a square coloured background, first sold in 1957.
There were 10 different single-sided records initially available from Nestles. To get one you had to send 3 wrappers from Nestle's chocolate bars, a postal order for 1/6 and a coupon. There were later releases (or maybe one more 10-record release), the highest found to date being NR-20.
The records were recorded by The Star Sound Studios of Rodmerton Mews, Blandford Street, London W1, and made by The Hardy Record Manufacturing Co, of 62, Oxford Street, London.
Frank Andrews notes that at the time, Nestle's were occupying the former buildings of The Universal Music Company, at Hayes Middlesex, where Vocalion records had been made in the 1920s.

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Cat No Matrix No Title Artist
NR-1 Bye, Bye Love (Bryant & Bryant) Franklyn Boyd
NR-2 Rockin' Shoes (Augustus Stevenson & Donald Hill) George Doree
NR-3 In The Middle Of An Island (Varnick & Acquaviva) Margaret Rose
NR-4 I'd Give You The World (Stina & Gaze) Roy Edwards
NR-5 Teddy Bear (Kalman & Lowe) Franklyn Boyd
NR-6 Poor Howard (traditional) Tin Pan Skiffle Group
NR-7 Putting On The Style (Norman Cozden) Benny Lee And The Jackson Boys
NR-8 Last Train To San Fernando (Padmore, Devere) Benny Lee And The Jackson Boys
NR-9 With All My Heart (Bob Marcucci, Pete De Anglelis) Roy Edwards
NR-10 Build Your Love (Ollie Jones) Margaret Rose & The Jackson Boys
NR-11   Silent Night (traditional) Master Malcolm Colebrook
NR-17   Jazz In Piccadilly (There's A Tavern In The Town) The Hi-Fi Seven
NR-18   Jazz In Piccadilly (Little Brown Jug) The Hi-Fi Seven
NR-20 Jazz In Piccadilly (Goodnight Ladies) The Hi-Fi Seven