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These were announced announced in the trade press in October 1908, but now seem to be extremely scarce, such that the only one that has turned up is the image shown here, kindly provided by Mike Atkin. The label appears to a sister label to Phono Disc, announced sat the same time, and manufactured in France for the British market by Compagnie Internationale Phonétique. This is conjecture at the moment, as the Pheobus label doesn't have the CIP monogram that other record manufactured by this company shows.

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Pheobus record show no catalogue numbers on the labels, just face numbers, which double as matrix numbers. However, the advery in "Sound Wave" in October 1908 does give catalogue numbers, and that is where much of the information that follows comes from, with help from the three solitary issues which have been seen. The records cost 3/- each

Cat No.
 (not shown on label)
Face/Matrix No Title Artists
5   Three For Jack
Who Carries The Gun?
Bantock Pierpoint
7 3025
Richard Of Taunton Deane
Four Jolly Sailormen
J. H. Scotland (bass)
8   Yes, Let Me Like A Soldier Fall ("Maritana" - Wallace)
The Flight Of Ages
Wilfrid Virgo
9   The Girl At The Paper Shop
Tommy's Little Tube Of Seccotine
Owen Way
10   Jolly Jarge
The Village Pump
Owen Way
12   There's A Girl Everywhere
It's a Different Girl Again
Will Terry (comedian)
13   They All Had To Get Out In Their Nighties
John, Go And Put Your Trousers On
Will Terry (comedian)
15   Goodnight, Number One
Wilred Bentley
16   Baby Lucy
Little By Little And Bit By Bit
Pete Brown
17   The Contest, march
Semper Fidelis, march
Phoebus Military Band
18   Wee MacGregor Patrol
Bluejackets Patrol
Phoebus Military Band
19 3004
The Mikado, selection
The Mosquito's Parade
Phoebus Military Band
20   The Clown's Polka
Poppies, intermezzo
Phoebus Military Band
21 3008
Cherry Intermezzo
Bells Of St. Malo (with bells)
Phoebus Military Band