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This was one of the first disc records produced by Edison Bell. This was a rather odd size, being about 8" in diameter and with a vertical cut groove, They were first annpunced on Noveber 1908 at about the same time as "Bell Disc".  Although quite cheap at 1/6, they were very short-lived and hardly ever turn up, probably ceasing production within a year. It is thought the catalogue series starts at 250 and runs to about 312; the number is often only shown on one side of the record.
The initial list in "Sound Wave" runs from 250 to 297 but has many gaps. The advert slso states that 6 dozen (thats 72 !) other records had been prepared ready for issue and gives some of the titles, but no catalogue numbers (see foot of this page). It is extremely doubtful that most of these were ever issued.

I have seen and heard only one Phona-disc and each side plays for only 2 minutes and has announcements, which shows that they were dubbed from existing cylinder recordings Some of the Phona-disc masters were later re-issued on the 9" Little Champion records; a larger than usual blank outer-rim area being noticeable on such issues.

The Phona-disc "label" itself is rather odd, possibly unique. At the very centre is a printed label which just has the words "Genuine EDISON BELL PHONA-DISC London" in gold on green. Outside of that, the title, artist, description and numbers are etched in a similar manner to Pathe discs.There was also an 11" series with numbers starting at 1000 and running to 1020, though none of these have been reported in actuality and it may be that they were announced in the trade press but never actually went into production.


My thanks to Frank Andrews for this listing.    
These records are extremely hard to find. You will note that one or two records have three titles listed or have duplicated catalogue numbers. Obviously I would like confirmation of which are correct; I have put the doubtful sides in the triplicated ones in italics, based on the initial Sound Wave advert. I suspect these issues has come about from the fact that much of this information has come from supplements or trade journals, which are notorious for inconsistencies, often because records are announced in these publications before they have actually be manufactured!

Please e-mail me if you can add to this listing.

The following people have sent extra information: Bill Dean-Myatt

Page last updated on: June 27, 2022

Cat No Matrix Title Labelled Artists
250 4070
Morning, Noon And Night In Vienna, part 1
Morning, Noon And Night In Vienna, part 2
Royal Military Band
252   Boston Belle Barn Dance
Choose Her In The Morning
London Concert Orchestra
Fred Vernon (= Harry Fay)
253 4083
The Last Pub
I'm Afraid To Come Home In The Dark
Harry Bluff (comic, with orch accmp)
Fred Vernon (= Harry Fay) (comic, with orch accmp)
256 4077
My Ain Folk
Moody And Sankey Hymns, selection No. 2
Love Me And The World Is Mine
Phyllis Left (soprano)
Royal Military Band
Arthur Grover (baritone)
265 2144
Take Me On A Flip-Flap
My Idea Of A Girl
Hits Of The Season
Harry Bluff (comic)
Fred Vernon (= Harry Fay)
London Concert Orchestra
266   Here, There And Everywhere, march
Oh, Oh, Antonio
London Regimental March
Fred Vernon (= Harry Fay)
277 4100
Under Freedom's Flag, march
March Past Of The Brigade
London Regimental Band
279   My Word, If I Catch You Bending
Tickle Me, Timothy
Harry Fay (comic)
Billy Williams (comedian)
280   I Don't Care If There's A Girl There
Jean Fra' Aberdeen
Harry Bluff (comic)
Billy Williams (comedian)
281 4124

Dance Of The Honeybees
John Willie, Come On
Joe Belmont (whistling)
Harry Fay (comic)
282   Carolina Brown Of Chinatown
Come And Have A Drink With Me
Fred Vernon (= Harry Fay)
Harry Bluff (comic)
287 4138
Moody And Sankey Hymns, selection no. 1
The Star Of Bethlehem
Royal Military Band
Albert Watson (tenor)
289   I'll Prove That I'm Right
It Serves You Right
Sam Mayo (comedian)
Alf West (comic)
290 4143
Gounod's Serenade
Love's Last Word, waltz
The Bohemian Trio
London Concert Orchestra
292   Call Round Any Old Time
Cruise Of The Ancient Lights
Fred Vernon (= Harry Fay)
Will Randall (comic)
295 4145
"Messiah" - Hallelujah Chorus
Austria, march
Royal Military Band
London Regimental Band
296   The Heart Bow'd Down ("The Bohemian Girl")
Mountain Gnomes, march
Wilfred Platt (bass)
London Concert Orechestra
297   Freedom's Flag
March Past Of The Brigade
London Regimental Band
299   My Idea Of A Girl
The Whistler And His Dog
Will Randall (comic)
London Concert Orchestra
301   Because
My Queen, waltz
Arthur Grover (baritone)
Bohemian Band
303 4131
Christians Awake
Hail! Smiling Morn
Chapel Royal Quartette (Windsor)
303 4156
Christmas Greetings, march
Hail! Smiling Morn
London Concert Orchestra
Edison Bell Quartette
311   Irish Jigs And Reels
Roll Out The Drums
London Concert Orchestra
London Regimental Band
312   For You
Poppies, Japanese Intermezzo
Arthur Grover (baritone)
London Concert Orchestra

Frank also lists the following Phona-Disc records, but without catalogue numbers or couplings. I include them here for completeness, and until further information turns up. [These are listed alphabetically.]

Matrix Title Labelled Artists
  Annie Laurie Tom Kinniburgh (bass)
  Big Ben March Bohemian Band
4079 "Carmen" - Toreador's March Bridge Peters (bass)
4039 Carnation (or Miss Carnation) Arthur Clifford (baritone)
  Dr. Whackem's Academy Four Komikal Kards
  "Faust" - Soldier's Chorus Royal Artillery Band (cond: E.C. Stretton)
  Genevieve Amy Augarde (soprano)
  Nazareth Watkin Mills (baritone)
  O, Come All Ye Faithful Chapel Royal Quartette (Windsor)
4159 Ora Pro Nobis Arthur Grover (baritone)
4128 Queen Of The Earth Tom Kinniburgh (bass)
  Salut D'Amour Ludwig Lebell ('cello)
  Serenade Ludwig Lebell ('cello)
  Serenade The Bohemian Trio
4098 Skaters' Waltz Bohemian Band
  Ten Thousand Times Ten Thousand Royal Military Band
  The Angelus London Regimental Band
4065 The Church Parade London Regimental Band
  The Drum Major Bridge Peters (bass)
4151 The Holy City Albert Watson (tenor)
  The Toreador Sam Mayo (comedian)
  The Village Pump Ben Lawes (comedian)
4132 While Shepherd's Watched Chapel Royal Quartette (Windsor)
  "Zampa" overture, part 1 Royal Artillery Band (cond: E.C. Stretton)
  "Zampa" overture, part 2 Royal Artillery Band (cond: E.C. Stretton)