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The Phono Disc (sometimes referred to as Sapphire Phono Disc) was announced in the trade press in October 1908. It is a vertical cut grooved disc (hill-and-dale) of 11" diameter  produced in France for the British market by Compagnie Internationale Phonétique (CIP) and sold for 4/-. Only French versions of the label have been reported to date, but researcher Frank Andrews says that the first list of 20 records were all British recordings by British artists (see below), though who recorded them is not known. The British agent was Lacroix & Co of Jewin St. London E.C., who also handled other French-manufactred records such as Phoebus and Aspir (all of which are vanishingly scarce!), and dealers in Manchester, Birmingham & London all handled them. However, vertical-cut discs were never very popular in Britian (apart from Pathe), so they probably sold in very small numbers. After a couple of months they disappeared from the trade press, so that may represent their lifespan.  

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Cat No Matrix No Title Artist
1000 The Gondoliers, selection
Patience, selection
The Phono Military Band
1001 Epler's Whiskers, comic march
Hobo Moko, Indian march
The Phono Military Band
1002 Gems Of England
Erin From Ireland
The Phono Military Band
1004 Queen Of Diamonds
Romping Rossie
John Pidoux (banjo)
1006 An Evening Song
Sound An Alarm ("Judas Maccabeus")
Wilfrid Virgo
1007 The Midshipmite
Sons Of The Motherland
William Warwick
1010 The Wedding Of Sandy MacNab
Hey Donald!
Roger Parker
1011 Fol-Ol-The-Diddle-Ol
Owen Way
1012 The Cruise Of The "Ancient Lights"
The Village Of Toad-In-The-Hole
Owen Way
1014 If The Man In The Moon Were A Coon
I Wish I Had A Pal Like You
Pete Brown
1016 The Return March
All The Go
John Pidoux (banjo)
1017 Lulli's Gavotte
Reverie (Schumann)
M. Cras (violin)
1018 The Sailor's Grave
The Death Of Nelson
Wilfrid Virgo
1020 My Old Shako
Roched In The Cradle Of The Deep
Tom F. Kinniburgh (bass)