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One of many "unbreakable" records on the market around 1930, Pik-Nik was probably the shortest lived one. It was a 9" single-sided record with a card base and celluloid coating for the recording side, similar to Durium or Hit-of-the-Week. However, it was a slightly thicker record, and doesn't curl up like Duriums do, but the surface does tend to break up if not handled carefully, and the record does tend to "dish" a little.
Pik-Nik records seem to be recorded by the Worldecho company; the recordings being dance music directed by Fred Spinelly and the sound very much like Worldecho.

Despite what is shown in British Dance Band Discography, they are not the same recordings as the equivalent Worldechos, being separate 9" masters. The recording quality is similar to Worldechos with a tendency to rumble, due to the make up of the record.

The reverse of the record is basically an advert and shows all six known Pik-Nik issues. As with all single-sided discs, the matrix number and Catalogue number are the same, starting, in this case at D1 and ending at D6.

Just in case anyone is interested, here is the full list of Pik-Nik records:

Matrix No Title Artists
D 1 My Love Parade "The Collegians" Dance Orchestra
D 2 Nobody's Using It Now "The Collegians" Dance Orchestra
D 3 Dream Lover (waltz) "The Collegians" Dance Orchestra
D 4 March Of The Grenadiers (6/8) "The Collegians" Dance Orchestra
D 5 Puttin' On The Ritz "The Collegians" Dance Orchestra
D 6 With You "The Collegians" Dance Orchestra