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The first Polygon records were issued in December 1950; they cost 6/- and were a product of The Polygon record Co Ltd of London SW1.
The record company was formed by Alan Freeman (this is not the famous disc-jockey!), who decided to use a small inheritance to start his own record company and he wanted to record the then teenaged Petula Clark. To this end, he approached Petula's father (and manager), Leslie Clark, who was very enthusiatic and willing to invest some money in the new company to futher his daughter's career. Up to this time, Petula Clark had been broadcasting and even made some films as a child star. The major record companies, EMI & Decca still considered her a child and were not interested, hence the Polygon deal.

As well as launching the successful career of Petula Clark, the label did the same for Jimmy Young, later to sign to Decca and then onto a very successful BBC radio career.

As a small independent record company at a time when EMI & Decca had the big money, Polygon struggled to survive, especially after losing its biggest star, Jimmy Young, to Decca. Eventually, the newly lauched Pye Record Copany bought the label, specifically to get the signed artists and, on lauching it's Pye Nixa label, it dropped the Polygon brand completely, the last issues being in October 1955.

Polygon records were only available in the 78rpm format and never converted to 45rpm.
The catalogue series started at P-1001, issued in December 1950 and ran to P-1190, issued in October 1955.

The basis of this listing is a listing published in the 1980s by Paul Pelletier, which, while being a complete numerical listing, did not included matrix numbers, composers, or full details of the performers. With some help from the internet and the 78Cat site I am hoping to add to Paul's excellent pioneering work produce a comprehensive listing with all these details.

me if you have any additions or corrections to this page.
Thanks to the following who have provided extra information: Tony Middleton, Theo Morgan

Page last updated on: July 22, 2021

Cat No Matrix No. Title Artists
P-1001   Oh, Babe!
Piccolina Lena 
Louis Prima & his Orchestra, with Keely Smith 
P-1002 2433
You're The Sweetest In The Land (Leon, Pelosi, Cassen)
You Are My True Love (Mayne, Cassen, Marks)
Petula Clark (with the Stargazers & the Harold Smart Quintet)
P-1003 2435
Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul (Denby, Watson, Cassen)
Beloved, Be Faithful (Drake, Shirl)
Petula Clark (with the Stargazers & the Harold Smart Quintet)
Petula Clark (with orch directed by Frank Chacksfield) 
P-1004 2483
Tennessee Waltz (Stewart, King)
Sleepy Eyes (Connor, Ralton)
Petula Clark (with orch directed by Frank Chacksfield)  
P-1005 2494
Teasin' (Adler, Springer)
Black Note Serenade (Litchfield, Bolton)
Petula Clark (with Frank Chacksfield & his Orchestra)   
P-1006 2498
Life's Desire (Hargreaves, Damerell, Evans)
Don't Worry 'Bout Me 
Jimmy Young (with Ray Martin & his Concert Orchestra)
P-1007 PL-10
Gypsy Fiddler (Raphael)
Muriella (Ray Martin)
Ray Martin & his Concert Orchestra
P-1008 PL-12
May Kway (Rose, Rose, I Love You) (John Turner)
Clickety Clack (Lewis, Hamilton)
Petula Clark (with Frank Chacksfield & his Orchestra)    
P-1009 PL-14
Mariandl (Maschwitz, Lang)
Broken Heart (Hartley, Ruvin)
Petula Clark & Jimmy Young (with Frank Chacksfield & his Orchestra)     
P-1010 PL-16
Would I Love You?
West Wind 
Jimmy Young (with Ray Martin & his Concert Orch.)
P-1011 PL-18
Park On A Sunday
Land Of Make Believe (Trevor Hill)
Jimmy Young (with Ray Martin & his Concert Orch.)
Jimmy Young & Barbara Anne (= Sally Douglas) (with Ray Martin & his Concert Orch.)
P-1012   Moontide
Rotten Row 
The Frank Baron Trio 
P-1013 PL-25
How Can I Leave You? (Steiner, Musel)
Too Young (Lippman, Dee)
Jimmy Young (with Ron Goodwin & his Orchestra) 
P-1014 PL-28
La Ronde De L'Amour (Love's Roundabout) (Strauss, Duereux, Purcell)
Melancholie (Romans, Dudan)
Jan Rosol (with Frank Chacksfield & his Orchestra)      
P-1015 PL-20
I'm Just A Coconut Collector
Look Out 
Hamish Menzies & his Rhythm 
P-1016 PL-22
I Wanna Hear It From You
Too Many Love Songs 
Hamish Menzies & his Rhythm  
P-1017 PL-32
Only For Fools 
Jimmy Young (with Ron Goodwin & his Orchestra) 
P-1018 PL-34
Because Of You
So Many Times Have I Cried Over You 
Jimmy Young (with Ron Goodwin & his Orchestra) 
P-1019 PL-36
Phantom Pianist 
Piccadilly Piper From The Isle Of Skye
Hamish Menzies & his Rhythm  
P-1020 PL-30
By Kind Permission Of Love
Hamish Menzies & his Rhythm  
P-1021 PL-38
That's How A Love Song Is Born (Michael Carr, John Turner)
Cold Cold Heart 
Petula Clark (with Frank Chacksfield & his Orchestra)     
Petula Clark (with the Frank Chacksfield Quartet) 
P-1022 PL-40
Tell Me Truly (Michael Carr)
Song Of The Mermaid (de Leurr, Carr)
Petula Clark (with Frank Chacksfield & his Orchestra)     
P-1023 PL-43
Sleigh-Ride For Two 
Frank Chacksfield & his Orchestra and chorus 
P-1024   And So To Sleep Again
Green Glens Of Antrim 
Jimmy Young
P-1025 PL-51
I'll Sing For You
My Love And Devotion
Jimmy Young (with Ron Goodwin & his Orchestra) 
P-1026   Unforgettable
No Man Is An Island 
Luckie Robinson 
P-1027 PL-47
Flirtation Waltz
Prelude To A Memory
Frank Chacksfield & his Orchestra 
P-1028 PL-57
Me And My Tune (Max Wall)
Take It Easy (Max Wall)
Max Wall (with the Len Morris Quintet)
P-1029   Magali
Chanson A Danser
La Chanson De Lausanne (The Swiss Choir of Lausanne)
P-1030   Aux Marches Du Palais
La Jardiniere Du Roy
La Chanson De Lausanne (The Swiss Choir of Lausanne)
P-1031 PL-59
That Everlovin' Rag
What A Diff'rence A Day Made
Robin Richmond (and his odd organ)
P-1032   It's All In The Game
(It's No) Sin 
Jimmy Young
P-1033 PL-63
Cry (Churchill Kohlman) 
Time Alone Will Tell (Philippe, Gerard, Lippman, Dee)
Jimmy Young (with Ron Goodwin & his Orchestra)  
P-1034   L'ame Des Poetes (At Last, At Last)
En Buvant Le Vin Doux
Eveline Dorat
P-1035 PL-65
The Little White Cloud That Cried
Turn Back The Hands Of Time
Jimmy Young (with Ron Goodwin & his Orch)
P-1036   It's All Over But The Memories
Gwen Liddel
P-1037 PL BN-670 X
PL BN-671 X
Hohner Boogie
Mouth Organ Boogie
The Mouth Organ Swingers
P-1038 PL-69
Honey, You Can't Love Two
The Nickelodeon Rag
Sur Carson (with The Harold Smart Trio)
P-1039 PL-71
We Won't Live In A Castle (Bob Merrill)
Roulette (Carr, Heneker)
Jimmy Young (with Ron Goodwin & his Orchestra)   
P-1040 PL-73
At Last, At Last (Charles Trenet)
Dancing Bells (Ray Martin)
Ray Martin & his Orchestra
P-1041 PL-76
Kiss Of Fire (Allen, Hill)
Faith (Evans, Huddleston)
Jimmy Young (with Ron Goodwin & his Orchestra)    
P-1042 PL-78
Be Anything (But Be Mine) (Irving, Gordon)
Love, Where Are You Now? (Altman, Manning)
Jimmy Young (with Ron Goodwin & his Orchestra)    
P-1043 PL-42
It Had To Be You (Gus Kahn, Isham Jones)
The Card (Alwyn, Clark)
Petula Clark (with Steve Race Quartet, ft. Steve Race (piano), Roy Plummer (guitar))
Petula Clark (with the Len Morris Quartet)
P-1044   So Madly In Love
Baby, You're Wrong
Annette Klooger
P-1045 PL/BAR-1023+1
Here In My Heart (Borrelli, Levinson, Genaro)
Take Mt Heart (Borrelli, Genaro)
Denis Lotis (with the Teddy Foster Orchestra)
P-1046   Meet Mister Callaghan
Slim & The Boys
P-1047 PL-82
Forgive And Forget
I Thought Of You Last Night
Jimmy Young (with Ron Goodwin & his Orchestra)   
P-1048 2435 
Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul (Denby, Watson, Cassen)
A Boy In Love (Sidney Lippman, Sylvia Dee)
Petula Clark (with the Stargazers & the Harold Smart Quintet)
Petula Clark (with Tony Osborne & his Music)
P-1049   Botch-A-Me
Start Singing A Song
Annette Klooger
P-1050   Lonely Hearts
Farewell, Merry Friends
The Browne Brothers
P-1051 PL-1032
Melody (Sachs)
You Belong To Me (King, Stewart, Price)
Monty Norman (with Frank Chacksfield & his Orchestra)  
P-1052   Mademoiselle
My Shining Hour
Jimmy Young (with Ron Goodwin & his Orchestra)     
P-1053   Takes Two To Tango
The Valley Of The Roses
Monty Norman (with Frank Chacksfield & his Orchestra)   
P-1054   Two-Faced Clock
I'll Never Know
Lew Bari  (with Joseph Kuhn's Music)
P-1055 PL-1047
I Can't Believe That You're Gone
Too Many Cigarettes
Smokey Knight
P-1056 PL-922
Where Did My Snowman Go? (Venis, Poser)
Any Time Is Tea Time Now (David Lavender)
Petula Clark (with children of Dr Barnardo's homes) (rec at Dr Barnardo's, Woodford)
Petula Clark and the Sessionaires (with Tony Osborne & his Music)
P-1057 PL-953
Made In Heaven (J. Henderson)
Temptation Rag (Lodge, Haywood) 
Petula Clark and The Sessionaires (with Robin Richmond & his Music)
Petula Clark (with Tony Osborne & his Music)
P-1058   Blarney
Molly McCarthy And Mary Malone
Bernie Lewis
P-1059 PL-946
Young And Healthy
Romin Richmond (organ)
P-1060 PL-948
Dolores Ventura (and her sparkling piano, and rhythm)
P-1061 PL-933
Heykens' Serenade (J. Heykens)
The Wedding Of The Rose
Ron Goodwin & his Orchestra
P-1062   Moon Above Malaya
Just a Souvenir
Reggie Goff
P-1063 PL-961
My Love Is A Wanderer (Bart Howard)
Take Care Of Yourself  (Bart Howard)
Petula Clark (with orch directed by Bob Sharples) 
P-1064 PL-979
I'd Love To Fall Asleep
Just Remember Me
Derrick Francis (with Ron Goodwin & his Orchestra)
P-1065 PL-951
Buffoon (Zez Confrey)
That Naughty Waltz (Levy)
Robin Richmond (Hammond organ)
P-1066 PL-932
Rainbow Run (E. Mers)
Jolly Brothers
Ron Goodwin & his Concert Orchestra 
P-1067 PL-987
Rag Of Rags
Calico Rag
Dolores Ventura
P-1068 PL-985
I'm Walking Behind You (Billy Reid) 
Is There Any Room In Your Heart? (Billy Reid)
Dorothy Squires (with orch accmp) 
P-1069   Cuban Love Song
Sleepless Nights
Monty Norman (with The Coronets)
P-1070   Let's All Be Good Elizabethans
You've Done Something To My Heart
The Harmonics
P-1071 PL-84
Eric Winstone & his Orchestra
P-1072 PL-92
Christopher Robin At Buckingham Palace (A.A. Milne, H Fraser-Simson)
Three Little Kittens (S. Miller)
Petula Clark (with Joe Henderson's Novelty Quartet) 
P-1073 PL-88
Ni Toi, Ni Moi
Down The Road To Monterey
Jan Rosol (with Tony Osborne & his Music)
P-1074   Bridge Of Sighs
I'll Always Love You
Reggie Goff
P-1075 PL-95
The Kissing Tree
Yours For The Asking
Mike McKenzie (piano) (with the Ebonaires, and orchestra directed by Ralph Elman)
P-1076 PL-98
From Your Lips To The Ears Of God (Ninna Wilmott)
Sorrento And You (Rowne)
Dorothy Squires (with Malcolm Lockyer & his Orch.)
P-1077 PL-100
If You Love Me (Margaret Monnot, Edith Piaf, Geoffrey Parsons)
Things Go Wrong (Tom Harrison, John Turner, George Esaul)
Dorothy Squires (with orch. accmp)
P-1078 PL-
Piano Tuner's Rag
Fluter's Samba
Dolores Ventura
P-1079 PL-102
It's The Talk Of The Town (Symes, Neiberg, Livingston)
Lost And Found (George Moore (= Dorothy Squires))
Dorothy Squires (with Malcolm Lockyer & his Orch.)
P-1080 PL-104
Mystery Street
No Escape (vocal: Felix Manning)
The Wondertones
P-1081   Don't Ever Say
Breaker Of Hearts
The Radio Revellers
P-1082 PL-108
Poppa Piccolino (Musel, Mascheroni)
The Who-Is-It Song (Mann Curtis)
Petula Clark (with children of Dr Barnardo's homes)  
P-1083   Carnavalito
The Girl From London
Pierre Dorsey & his Orchestra
P-1084 PL-110
Cat Walk
Slow Train Blues
Eric Winstone & his Orchestra
Laurie Johnson & his Orchestra
P-1085   Peace OF Mind
West Wind
Jimmy Young
P-1086 PL-114
Crazy Man Crazy
Forgive Me
The Oscar Rabin Band with Mel Gaynor
P-1087 PL-116
Rags To Riches
Answer Me
Reggie Goff
P-1088 PL-118
Kiss Me (Trendler, Evans)
Don't Touch Me (Harry Noble)
Eva Bartok (with Harold Smart & his Music)
P-1089 PL-120

Six Hits Medley, part 1 (intro: Swedish Rhapsody; Answer Me; Rags To Riches)
Six Hits Medley, part 2 (intro: I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus; When You Hear Big Ben; Poppa Piccolino)
Primo Scala & his Accordion Band
P-1090 PL-122
Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Kennedy)
If You've Never Been In Love
The Radio Revellers (with Geoff Love & his Orchestra) 
P-1091 PL-124
The Creep
Park Plaza
Robin Richmond (organ)
P-1092 PL-126
Oh, My Papa
Don't Ever Leave Me
The Radio Revellers (with Geoff Love & his Orch.)
P-1093 PL-128
The Velvet Glove (H. Spina)
Windmill Waltz 
Robin Richmond (electric organ and clavioline) 
P-1094 PL-112
Cobbler's Song
Robbers' March
Eric Winstone & his Orchestra
P-1095   Madonna
The Door, Senor
Lou Preager & his Orchestra
P-1096 PL-132
Romany Violin (Al Tibsen, Merle Tibsen, John P. Powell)
Changing Partners (Larry Coleman, Joe Darion)
Dorothy Squires  (with Tony Osborne & his Music)
P-1097 PL-134
Fiddler's Boogie
Pizzicato Rag
Malcolm Lockyer & his Orchestra
P-1098   You're On Trial
Colin Prince
P-1099 PL-138
Petite Ballerina
Michael Fredericks & his Concert Orchestra
P-1100 PL-142
Medley, part 1 (intro. Oh My Papa; Changing Partners; You, You, You)
Medley, part 2 (intro. The Velvet Glove; If You Love Me; Golden Tango)
Primo Scala and his Accordion Band
P-1101 PL-140
Music Box Tango 
The Lazy Whistler (H. Biddy, H. Hollander)
Primo Scala and his Accordion Band
P-1102 PL-144
Desire (Karl Niessen)
Episode (Fred Spielman)
Geoff Love and his Orchestra 
P-1103 PL-146
Dreamer's Highway
Johnny Brandon (with Norman Warren & his Orch.)
P-1104 PL-148
From The Vine Came The Grape
I Need
Roy Edwards & The Radio Revellers
P-1105 PL-150
So Lonely
Theme from "Front Page Story"
The Winter Trio (Gordon Franks, piano; Ike Isaacs, guitar; Tiny Winters - bass)
P-1106 PL-154
I See The Moon
Pianna Rag
Lou Preager & his Orchestra (with The Ragpickers)
P-1107 PL-152
Bell Bottom Blues
An Armful Of Love
The Radio Revellers (with Geoff Love & his Orch.)
P-1108   Egon Tango
I'll Follow You
Lou Preager & his Orchestra
Lou Preager & his Orchestra (with Paul Rich, vocal)
P-1109   Marry Her While You're Young
Love Me
Reggie Goff
P-1110   There Is Danger
Be True To Me
Bob Carroll
P-1111 PL-162
Merci Beaucoup
Sing Me Something Soft And Sentimental
Johnny Brandon (with Norman Warren & his Orch.)
P-1112   Dance Of The Angels
Moon Through The Trees
The Trio (Max Jaffa, Jack Byfield & Reginald Kilby)
P-1113 PL-166
Granada (Lara, Dodd)
My Love For You (Gordon, Newman)
Clarke Dennis (with orch directed by Eddie Ballantine)
P-1114 PL-168
West Of Zanzibar (J. Addison, J. Fishman)
Who Cares? (J. Sigaru)
Anthony Steel (with The Radio Revellers and Jackie Brown and His Music)
The Radio Revellers (with Jackie Brown and His Music)
P-1115 PL-170
Bread And Water
Mutiny On The Bounty
Joe Kerr & his Jokers
P-1116   Sour Tinkle
Bye Bye Blues (Hamm, Lown, Bennett, Grey)
Joe "Mr Piano" Henderson (piano)
P-1117 PL-174
The Little Shoemaker (Parsons, Turner, Rudi Revil)
Helpless (Meyer, Jansch, Wilke, Howard, Mervyn)
Petula Clark (with Malcolm Lockyer & his Orchestra)
P-1118 PL-176
My Happiness
Near You
The Mulcays (electric harmonicas)
P-1119   Have A Heart
Marco Polo
P-1120   Canoodlin' Rag
Man With The Banjo
The Melody Three
P-1121 PL-183
Meet Me In Battersea Park (Valentine, Henderson, Clark)
A Long Way To Go (Clarke, Henderson)
Petula Clark (with orchestra & chorus directed by Peter Knight) 
P-1122   Monkeys Of Gibraltar
Roll Me Home
The Radio Revellers
P-1123   Joey
Everyone Is Saying
Genie Conrad
P-1124   Ah-Dee-Dong
Worry, Worry, Worry
Billy Williams
P-1125 PL-193
Valse Grise (The Grey Waltz)
Hysterics Rag
Robin Richmond (organ)
P-1126 PL-195
Chez Moi
Story Of Time
Jan Rosol (with Tony Osborne & his music)
P-1127   Christening Chant
Choral Dance
Inia Te Wiata
P-1128 PL-201
Smile (Charlie Chaplin, Parsons, Turner)
Somebody (Henderson)
Petula Clark (with accmp directed by Joe Henderson)
P-1129 PL-203
Theme From "Modern Times" (Smile) (Charlie Chaplin, Parsons, Turner)
Jangle-Box Rag
Joe "Mr Piano" Henderson (piano)
P-1130   To Be Your Love
The Words That I Whisper
Bill O'Connor
P-1131 PL-205
Tomorrow (Bob Geraldson, Peter Hart)
High As A Mountain (Gerry Rich)
Johnny Brandon 
P-1132 PL-209
(I Gotta Do) Soft Shoe
Betty Garrett
P-1133   Dixieanna
Runnin' After Love
Jerry Wallace
P-1134 PL-213
You're So Simpatico
Mama Nicolini
Danny Capri (with orchestra directed by Don Costa)
P-1135 PL-215
Little Johnny Rainbow (Pelosi, Harper, Arden)
Christmas Cards (B. Reynolds)
Petula Clark (with orchestra directed by Peter Knight) 
P-1136 PL-217
I Love Paris
C'eat Magnifique
Jan Rosol and Gwen Campbell (with Tony Osborne & his music)
Jan Rosol (with Tony Osborne & his music)
P-1137 PL-220
Many Dreams Ago
Laurie Johnson & his Orchestra
P-1138   Cross Of Gold
Janet Gordon
Billy Reid & his Orchestra
P-1139 PL-223
Blue Sapphire
Tinkle-Box Samba
Bernard Monshin & his Concert Tango Orchestra
P-1140 PL-227
Romeo And Juliet Waltz
Roy Edwards (with Bruce Campbell & his Orch.)
P-1141 PL-231
There'll Always Be A Christmas
Mrs. Santa Claus
The Radio Revellers (with Dr. Barnardo's Children)
P-1142 PL-207
Johnny Brandon (with Norman Warren & his Orch.)
P-1143 PL-219
Pick Yourself Up
Freenchmen's Creek
Laurie Johnson & his Orchestra
P-1144 PL-233
Love, You Didn't Do Right By Me
Stella By Starlight
Chris Dane (with orchestra directed by Harry Arnold)
P-1145 PL-225
The Last Tango
Tango Bolero
Bernard Monshin & his Concert Tango Orchestra
P-1146 PL-237
Majorca (Gaste)
Fascinating Rhythm (Gershwin) 
Petula Clark (with Laurie Johnson & his orchestra)
P-1147   Majorca
Nepolitan Nights
Monty Kelly & his Orchestra
P-1148   Love Me Now
A Love Like Ours
Chris Dane
P-1149 PL-229
With All My Heart (David Lee, Hylda Lynn (= Dorothy Squires))
White Wings  (David Lee, Hylda Lynn (= Dorothy Squires))
Dorothy Squires and The Radio Revellers (with orch cond. by Tony Osborne)
P-1150   Desiree
Blue Mirage
The Harry Arnold Orchestra
P-1151   A Blossom Fell
Give Me The Right
Johnny O'Connor
P-1152 PL-247
The Hotchy-Witchy
Three Cuban Mice
Don Carlos (= Abe Walters) & his Orchestra
P-1153 PL-249
Fanfare Boogie
Slow Joe
Eric Winstone & his Orchestra 
P-1154 PL-251
The Flame
Under The Southern Cross
Anthony Steel, with The Radio Revellers (with Jackie Brown and His Music)
The Radio Revellers (with Jackie Brown and His Music)
P-1155 PL-253
Take It From Me
I'm So Right Tonight
Bethe Douglas
P-1156   I Went To My Mother
Unsuspecting Heart
Billy McCormack
P-1157 PL-261
Out Of The Clouds
First Theme
Joe "Mr Piano" Henderson (piano)
Lauie Johnson & his Orchestra
P-1158   Stanger In Paraside
Baubles, Bangles And Beads
Tony Osborne & his Orchestra, with Gerry Gray & Gwen Campbell
P-1159 PL-265
Love Is Here To Stay
Kenny Baker (with Laurie Johnson & his Orchestra)
P-1160   Keep Laughing In The Sunshine
Harriott & Evans
P-1161   Goofus
Mama (He Treats Your Daughter Mean)
The Dinning Sisters
P-1162 PL-235
Blue, Blue, Blue (David Lee, Hylda Lynn (= Dorothy Squires))
When I Grow Too Old To Dream (Romberg, Hammerstein)
Dorothy Squires and The Radio Revellers (with Geoff Love & his Orch.)
P-1163 PL-269
Don't Worry (Ed Franks)
Strike It Lucky (B. Geraldson, P. Starl)
Johnny Brandon (with The Phantoms and the Norman Warren Music) 
P-1164 PL-271
Romance In Rome (Alfredo, J. Corvos)
Chee Chee-Oo Chee (Sang The Little Bird) (Turner, Parsons, Seracini)
Petula Clark (with Laurie Johnson & his orchestra) 
P-1165 PL-275
My Helpless Heart
The Radio Revellers (with Laurie Johnson & his orchestra) 
P-1166 PL-277
Drum Crazy (I. Berlin)
Laurie Johnson & his Orchestra (feat. Phil Seaman (drums) 
P-1167 PL-279


Sing It With Joe, part 1 (intro. Margie; Nobody's Sweetheart; Somebody Stole My Gal)
Sing It With Joe, part 2 (intro. Moonlight Bay; By The Light Of The Silvery Moon; Cuddle Up A Little Closer)
Joe "Mr. Piano" Henderson, with Friends (= Petula Clark, Stanley Black and Alma Cogan)
P-1168 PL-281
All My Life
I'll Be There
Kathy Kay (with Laurie Johnson & his Orchestra)
P-1169 PL-285
The Pendulum Song (A. Hoffman, J. Murray)
Crazy Otto Rag (E. White, M. Wolfson, E. Trent, F. Lawrence)
Petula Clark and The Radio Revellers (with Geoff Love's Music) 
Petula Clark, The Radio Revellers, Joe "Mr Piano" Henderson & Friends
P-1170 PL-287-2
Goodnight Waltz
Jackie Bond & his Orchestra
P-1171 PL-289
The Watermill
The Johnny Gregory Orchestra
P-1172 PL-291
Theme from the film "Time Of His Life"
Crinoline Waltz
Robin Richmond (Hammond organ)
P-1173 PL-293
Opus One Mambo
Rhythm And Blues
Eric Winstone & his Orchestra
P-1174 PL-297-1
Anyone Can Be A Millionaire (Ed Franks (= Johnny Brandon))
Love And Kisses (Bob Geraldson)
Johnny Brandon (with The Phantoms and the Norman Warren Music)
P-1175 PL-255
Deep Sleep
Eric Winstone & his Orchestra (feat. Stan Roderick, trumpet)
Eric Winstone & his ORchestra
P-1176   For As Long As I Live
Stars Shine In Your Eyes
Billy McCormack (with Laurie Johnson & his Orchestra)
P-1177 PL-305
Why Do I? (theme from "I Am A Camera")
Now Or Never
Don Carlos (= Abe Walters) & his Orchestra (feat. Al Winnett, trumpet)
Don Carlos (= Abe Walters) & his Orchestra
P-1178 PL-307
Song Of The Pearlfishers
Letter To Virginia
Laurie Johnson & his Orchestra
P-1179 PL-283-1
How Are Things With You? (H.Ogilvie)
Tuna Puna Trinidad (Arthur K Absalom, Gerry Davis)
Petula Clark (with Laurie Johnson & his orchestra) 
Petula Clark (with Leslie Weeks and his Calypso Band, ft. Theo Stevens on Ping Pong)
P-1180   Gibe A Fool A Chance
A Woman's Love Is Never Done
Julian Patrick (with Don Costa & his Orchestra)
P-1181       [This record was never issued]     [This record was never issued]
P-1182 PL-313
Today And Every Day
My Dream Of Love
Jackie Bond & his Orchestra
P-1183   Until You're Mine
Walk With Me Forever
Tom Striling (with The Johnny Gregory Orchestra)
P-1184 PL-319-1


Sing It Again With Joe, part 1 (Intro. Put Your Arms Around Me Honey; Ain't She Sweet?; When You're Smiling)
Sing It Again With Joe, part 2 (Intro. Shine On Harvest Moon; My Blue Heaven; Show Me The Way To Go Home)
Joe "Mr. Piano" Henderson, with Friends (= Petula Clark, Stanley Black and Alma Cogan) 
(Recorded during the B.B.C. television programme "Off The Record".)
P-1185 PL-325-1
The Breeze And I (A. Stillman, E. Lecuona)
Malagueña (E. Lecuona)
Lois Winter (with orch accmp)
P-1186 PL-327
A Fool And His Heart
The "Lily Watkins" Tune
Diane Cilento
Laurie Johnson & his Orchestra
P-1187 PL-317
I'm Burning My Bridges Behind Me
Johnny Brandon (with The Norman Warren Orchestra and chorus)
P-1188   I Went To The Village
Break Through
Mae Williams (with orch conducted by Van Alexander)
P-1189   Tango Capriccioso
The Forget-Me-Not Waltz
The Johnny Gregory Orchestra  [This record was never issued]
P-1190 PL-295
Otgan-ising The Blues
Some Like It Hot
Robin Richmond (Hammond organ)