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A rare pre-WWI record manufactured in Germany and sold in Britain. They were sold by Israel Rachovitch of Whitechapel, East London, hence the label's name and the initials I.R. on the book motif on the label. They were made available from November 1912, and must have stopped by August 1914 on the outbreak of WWI, but they may have stopped well before then, judging by their rarity.

Rach-o-Phone records were manufactured in Germany by Kalliope, using "Blum" masters (also to be found on Diploma, Pioneer, Stella, Victory etc).

Thanks to Bill Dean-Myatt for the label scan


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Cat No Matrix Title Labelled Artists
R-51 1168
Roaming In The Gloaming
Entry Of The Gladiators
Royal Military Band
R-52 1154
High School Cadets
Gold And Silver
Royal Colonial Band
R-63 1061 Midsummer's Eve, waltz Royal Colonial Band
R-64 1045
Zampa Overture, part 1
Zampa Overture, part 2
Royal Military Band
R-71 1042
Love In Idleness
Cavalleria Rusticana - Intermezzo
Royal Colonial Band
Royal Military Band
R-82 1093
The Rosary
That's What The Rose Said To Me
Harry Trevor (baritone) (= Robert Carr)
R-86 1293
Ora Pro Nobis
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night
Harry Trevor (baritone) (= Robert Carr)
R-91 1002
We all Go The Same Way Home
Yiddle On Your Fiddle
Claude Graham (= probably Jack Charman)
R-110 1091
Will You Love Me Just The Same ?
Everybody's Doing It
Nina Hazel & Jack Charman (= Nancy & Jack Charman)
R-111 1101
Mysterious Rag
A Day's Fishing
Nina Hazel & Jack Charman (= Nancy & Jack Charman)
The Harmony Trio (= Jack Charman & Company)