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This label is found pasted over early  Winner records. The Tip-Tops probably date from the early 1920s and may have been used by a (so far) unidentified shop as a way of selling off their old stock of Winner records. What is surprising, though, it that they do have catalogue numbers (not matching the original Winner ones) which implies the shop may have actually produced a sales catalogue for Tip-Top!
Since there is no copyright stamp, I can't estimate the price, though an example has been seen where the original circular Edison Bell copyright stamp can be seen under the Tip-Top label.
The details on the label are very basic, just showing the title and a description of the recording.

Thanks to Bill Dean-Myatt for providing the label image.

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Paul Cleary

Page last updated on: April 24, 2024

Cat No Matrix (control) Nos. Title Artist Original Winner No.
1062 5179 (2100)
5180 (2101)
Rhapsody Rag
The Whitewash Man
J.J. Ashton (banjo) Winner 3082
1096 5584
They're Wearing 'Em Higher In Hawaii
You Ain't Coming Home No More
The Two Bobs (with orch accmp) Winner 3181
1123 5735
The Scottish Engineer
Way Back In Ohio
Billy Merson (comedian) Winner 3305