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These records were made for EMG Hand Made Gramophones of Grape Street, London and were first accounced in 1935. I understand the venture lasted about a year.
These were 12" records priced at 6/- each, and most likely were pressed from French masters, probably Polydor.
However, the P-77000 series masters seen on the first issues are from Ultraphon. Some of these were issued in France on the Pro Musica label, which may be the source of the PM- master numbers.

The catalogue numbers started at T-1 and ran to at least T-17, though T-15 is the highest so far reported to, or discovered by me.

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Thanks to the following for extra information: Nick Morgan, Mike Spring, Chris Steward

Page last updated on: November 24, 2023


Cat No Matrix No Title Artist
T-1 P-77397-Z
Trio-Sonata In G Major (J.S. Bach), a: Largo; b: Vivace
Trio-Sonata In G Major (J.S. Bach), c: Adagio; d: Fugue
Blanquart (flute); Proffit (violin); Landshoff ('cello); Alban (piano)
T-2 Heiss Mich Nich Reden (Schumann); Er Ist Gerkommen (Schumann); Jeden Morgen (Schumann)
T-3 Was Qualet; Trocknet Euch; Nur Getrost; Schwaches Herz ("Harminische Freude" - P.H. Erlebach)
T-4 P-77485
Quartet in B Minor (Telemann) - Vivace; Con Amore; Vivace
Quartet in B Minor (Telemann) - Dolente; Presto
Eugene Masson (flute); Edgar Ortambert (violin); Louis Ruyssen (gamba); Alban (harpsichord)
T-5 P-77483-Z
String Trio in B flat major (unfinished); 1st movement - Allegro, part 1 (Schubert)
String Trio in B flat major (unfinished); 1st movement - Allegro, part 2 (Schubert)
Edgar Ortambert (violin); Georges Drouet (viola);  Louis Ruyssen ('cello)
T-6 P-77487-Z
Trio Sonata in D minor, part 1 (Bach)
Trio Sonata in D minor, part 2 (Bach)
Edgar Ortambert, Georges Drouet (violins);  Louis Ruyssen (viola de gamba); Alban (harpsichord)
T-7 70127
Sonata in F (Mozart)
Sonata in C (Mozart)
Edgar Ortambert, Georges Drouet (violins);  Louis Ruyssen ('cello); Panel (organ)
T-8 PM-105 / 70125
PM-106 / 70126
Trio Sonata in B flat, Op. 3 No. 3 (Corelli)
Trio Sonata In G minor, Op. 1 No. 1 (Vivaldi)
Pro Musica Ensemble:
(Edgar Ortambert, Georges Drouet (violins); Louis Ruyssen (viola da gamba); Alban (harpsichord)
T-9 111-I
Bagatelles, Op. 47 - 1. Allegretto Scherzando; 4. Canon: Andante Con Moto (Dvorak)
Bagatelles, Op. 47 - 5. Poco Allegro (Dvorak)
Peter Rybar, Bernstein (violins) W. Landshoff ('cello); Alban (piano)
T-10 PM-112-2
18076 ?
Reverie (Debussy)
L'Isle Joyeuse (Debussy)
Iskar Aribo (piano) (= Isaak Cohen)
T-11 PM-1151
Fairy Tales, Op. 132 (abridged), part 1 (Robert Schumann)
Fairy Tales, Op. 132 (abridged), part 2 (Robert Schumann)
Pro Musica Trio (clarinet, viola, piano)
T-13 10129
Sonata for Oboe (Telemann)
Sonata for Viola D'amore (Telemann)
Louis Bleuzet (oboe)
Georges Drouet (viola d'amore)
(both with W. Landshoff ('cello); Alban (harpsichord))
T-14 10127 hpp
10128 hpp
Preludes, Book 2 : No 3. La puerta del Vino: Mouvement de Habanera (Debussy)
Estampes: 1. Pagodes (Debussy)
Iskar Aribo (piano) (= Isaak Cohen)
T-15 10644 gpp
10645 gpp
Preludes, Book 2 : No 9. Hommage S Pickwick Esq PPMPC / No 10. Canope (Debussy)
Preludes, Book 2 : No 7. La terrasse des audiences du clair de lune (Debussy)
Iskar Aribo (piano) (= Isaak Cohen)