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There were three records of this name. The first was a 7" and 10" disc dating from about 1907. It was made by the Disc Record company of Harrow and used Nicole masters; the 7" being made of the same sort of material as Nicole records and the 10" being standard shellac. (see first example).
Thanks to F. Finnigan of Holland for the label image.

The second label may only have been sold in Australia. These were pressed by Homophon in Germany prior to WWI and  it had a 2000- catalogue series (see second example).

The third label, actually "Universal Double Disc" was also manufactured by Homophon in Germany for the Australian market  prior to WWI, sometimes the label is just a paste-over. The catalogue ran from 8000 to just over 8400. (See third example).

Thanks to Adam Miller and Bill Dean-Myatt for providing the second and third label scans.


This is a first attempt at a listing. Please e-mail me if you can help me fill in the gaps in any of these series.

Thanks to the following for providing information: Paul Cleary, Mike Comber, David Kent, Paul Kilmartin, Bruce Watt

Page last updated on: October 25, 2022

Cat No Matrix Title Labelled Artists Rec. Date
2010 10B
March Du Drapeau
Fends L'Air, march
English Orchestra 7-12-10 / M 11 V
(2598) 25-09-08 / M 11 V
2135   U.S.A. Patrol English Orchestra  
2262 367010 / 6701
Rob Roy Mackintosh
Ma Ain Wee Dearie
Roger Mackie
Jock Mills
D 10 S
J 4 S
3107 370310
Chateau Margaux - cancion del Callego (Caballero)
Una Vieja - romanza (Gaztambide)
Rafael Diaz (tenor) 799A / F 28 U
11110A / F 28 U

The 8000-series is labelled "Universal Double Disc"; thought to be sold only in Australia.

Cat No Matrix Title Labelled Artists Rec. Date
8001   Don't Go Down In the Mine, Dad Sam Hempsall  
8010   Mumblin' Moss Northumberland Hussars Band  
8054   The Taximeter Car Billy Williams  
8089 6175
Intermezzo ("Cavalleria Rusticana" - Mascagni)
Irish Jigs
Fred Barkley (concertina) 14-2-13
8103   Rule Britannia; God Save The King Imperial Military Band  
8116 6327
I Do Feel So Lonely
You Might Shake Hands
Victoria Monks 16-6-13 / G 12 O
9-9-10 / G 12 O
8128 6756
In Serves You Right [sic - title should be It Serves You Right]
All Coons Look Alike To Me (parody)
Billy Williams (The man in the velvet suit) (comic) 13-9-13 / D 16 S
17-4-13 / C 4 R
8130   A Coon Band Contest Imperial Regimental Band  
8147   That Honolulu Rag Jack Charman  
8202 60275
Police March
I'm Afraid To Come Home In the Dark
Imperial Regimental Band  
8260   When The Midnight Choo Choo Leaves For Alabam' Harry Cove & Tom Jackson  
8262   Those Ragtime Melodies (Gene Hodgkins) Harry Cove & Jack Charman