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Name and Details Photograph
Don Macaffer (UK)   
Jimmy Macaffer (UK)   
Eddie Macauley (UK)   
-------- McCabe (UK)   
Bill McCabe (UK)   
Hugh McCamley (UK)   
Peter McCamley (UK)   
The McCarthy Sisters (UK)   
Pat McCormack (UK)   
Jack McCormick (UK) Jack McCormick directed the very popular "Ambassadors" at the Rialto Ballroom and at Lewis's Restaurant, Liverpool from the early 1930s until his untimely death in 1953 (with a break during WWII). Jack was a multi-instrumentalist, but usually played clarinet and alto-saxophone with the band. The Ambassadors made few recordings, 8 titles for Panachord in 1936 being pretty much the whole output, though there is a rare 1933 recording for local company "Majestic"  too. Jack McCormick-1.jpg (59890 bytes)
James McCormick (UK)   
John McCormick (UK)   
Jock McDermott (UK)   
Andy McDevitt (UK)   
Richard McDonald (UK)   
J. McDonough (UK)   
Jim McDowell (UK)   
Murray McEachern (UK)   
Bill MacFarlane (UK)   
Harry MacFarlane (UK)   
Howard MacFarlane (UK)   
Bobby McGee (UK)   
Terence McGovern (UK)   
Leon Mack (UK)   
Helen Mackay (UK)   
Margaret McKee (UK)   
Pinky MacKenzie (UK)   
Lt Col J. Mackenzie-Rogan (UK)   
Robert Mackenzie (UK)   
Percival Mackey (UK)   
Marr Mackie (UK)   
Ronnie McKinley (UK)   
Florine McKinney (UK)   
Dan McKinnon (UK)   
Ken Mackintosh (UK)   
Jock McLean (UK)   
Quentin Maclean (UK)   
Jack McLeod (UK)   
Danny McNulty (UK)   
Tommy McQuater (UK)   
Gerry McQuillan (UK)   
Ted McVey (UK)   
Les Maddocks (UK)   
Arthur Maden (UK)   
The Maestros (UK)   
Danny Maher (UK)   
William Mainwaring (UK)   
Dick Mair (UK)   
Ivor Mairants (UK)   
Joe Maisac (UK)   
Jack Maisel (UK)   
Tiny Maite (UK)   
Dave Mallabone (UK)   
Bob Mallin (UK)   
June Malo (UK)   
Pat Malone (UK)   
Norman Maloney (UK)   
Pete Mandell (UK)   
Anthony Mangan (UK)   
Arthur Mangan (UK)   
Jock Mangin (UK)   
The Manhattan Trio (UK)   
Sid Mannikin (UK)   
Alice Mann (UK)   
Freddy Mann (UK)   
Jayne Manners (UK)   
Jill Manners (UK)   
Bert Manning (UK)   
Bob Manning (UK) Drummer and occasional vocalist, Bob Manning was born in 1900 and is best known for his long association with Jack Payne's Band, from the start of the BBC days in 1928 until 1933. A brief outline of his recording career...
Midnight Follies Orchestra, directed by Jack Howard & Bert Firman     1924
Various recordings directed by Bert Firman                         1926-27
George Fisher's Kit-Cat Band                                                Early 1928
Jack Payne's BBC Dance Orchestra                                      March 1928 - Mar 1932
Jack Payne and his Band                                                      March 1932 - Aug 1933
The Barnstormers / Masterkeys                                              Sep 1933 - March 1934
Jay Wilbur and his Band (studio recordings)                         Dec 1933 - Feb 1935
Bob Manning 1930.jpg (21127 bytes)
Annunzio Mantovani (UK)   
Benedetto Mantovani (UK)   
Reg Manus (UK)   
W. Manus (UK)   
Charlie March (UK)   
Bill Marcus (UK)   
Sid Margo (UK)   
Horace Markham (UK)   
M. Markham (UK)   
Johnny Marks (UK)   
Sam Marks (UK)   
Albert Marland (UK)   
Rita Marlowe (UK)   
Al Maloney (UK)   
Frank Marriott (UK)   
Manny Marron (UK)   
Jack Marsh (UK)   
Roy Marsh (UK)   
Thomas Marsh (UK)   
Watson "Dizzy" Marsh (UK)   
Dalton Marshall (UK)   
G. Marshall (UK)   
Jimmy Marshall (UK)   
Stanley Marshall (UK)   
Tommy Marshall (UK)   
Lionel Marson (UK)   
Bob Martin (UK)   
Bram Martin (UK)   
Frank Martin (UK)   
Glenn Martin (UK)   
Harry Martin (UK)   
Jack Martin (UK)   
Jerry Martin (UK)   
Louis Martin (UK)   
Percy Martin (UK)   
Roy Martin (UK)   
Billy Mason (UK)   
Alan Massey (UK)   
Kitty Masters (UK)   
Appleby Matthews (UK)   
Frank Matthews (UK)   
Richard Matthews (UK)   
Maureen (UK)   
Mark Maurice (UK)   
Clinton Maxwell (UK)   
Dick Maxwell (UK)   
Jack May (UK)   
Freddy Mayall (UK)   
Vernon Mayall (UK)   
Vic Mayall (UK)   
C. Mayens (UK)   
Billy Mayerl (UK)   
Jim Mayers (UK)   
Chick Mayes (UK)   
Harry Mayfield (UK)   
-------- Mayhew (UK)   
Bill Maynard (UK)   
Arnold Mayne (UK)   
Clarice Mayne (UK)   
Johnny Mayo (UK)   
Charles Mead (UK)   
Jack Meek (UK)   
Jack Meerloo (UK)   
Teddy Meerloo (UK)   
Bert Megson (UK)   
George Melachrino (UK)   
Austin Melford (UK)   
Frank Mellor (UK)   
The Melody Boys (UK)   
Lindsay Melvin (UK)   
Felix Mendelssohn (UK)   
Mabel Mercer (UK)   
Bert Meredith (UK)   
Val Merrall (UK)   
Jock Merrett (UK)   
Bruce Merrill (UK)   
Billy Merrin (UK)   
Jim Merritt (UK)   
The Merry Macs (UK)   
Jimmy Mesene (UK)   
Cyril Messinger (UK)   
George Metaxa (UK)   
Eunice Metcalfe (UK)   
Jock Middleton (UK)   
Walter Midgley (UK)   
T. Miles (UK)   
Harold B. Millar (UK)   
Ray Millar (UK)   
Barry Miller (UK)   
Bernard Miller (UK)   
Bertie Miller (UK)   
Billy Miller (UK)   
Billy Miller (UK)   
Danny Miller (UK)   
Dinah Miller (UK)   
Lt George Miller (UK)   
Jimmy Miller (UK)   
Johnny Miller (UK)   
Annette Mills (UK)   
Barry Mills (UK)   
Harry Mills (UK)   
Reg Mills (UK)   
W. Mills (UK)   
Sid Millward (UK)   
C.J. Milne (UK)   
Ronnie Milne (UK)   
Billy Milton (UK)   
Harry Milton (UK)   
Jack Miranda (UK)   
Alec Mitchell (UK)   
A. Mitchell (UK)   
Wally Mitchell (UK)   
George Moffatt (UK)   
Armand Moira (UK)   
Carl Moller (UK)   
Edward Molloy (UK)   
Sam Molyneux (UK)   
Leo Mond (UK)   
Billy Monk (UK)   
George Monkhouse (UK)   
Kay Monro-Smythe (UK)   
John Montague (UK)   
R. Montgomery (UK)   
Phil Moody (UK)   
Dennis Noonan (UK)   
Alex Moore (UK)   
Alf Moore (UK)   
Appleton Moore (UK)   
Charley Moore (UK)   
Chick Moore (UK)   
Dinty Moore (UK)   
Gary Moore (UK)   
Gerry Moore (UK)    
Jerry Moore (UK)   
Joe Moore (UK)   
Tony Moore (UK)   
Syd Moorhouse (UK)   
Molly Morelle (UK)   
Ivor Moreton (UK)   
Alf Morgan (UK)   
Frank Morgan (UK)   
Frank Morgan (UK)   
Cpl G. Morgan (UK)   
Jack Morgan (UK)   
Jock Morgan (UK)   
Lyn Morgan (UK)   
Bill Morley (UK)   
Fred Morley (UK)   
Wilfred Morley (UK)   
Alec Morris (UK)   
Eddie Morris (UK)   
George Morris (UK)   
George Morris (UK)   
Lily Morris (UK)   
M. Morris (UK)   
Teddy Morris (UK)   
Tony Morris (UK)   
Wally Morris (UK)   
Henry Morrison (UK)   
Jack Morrison (UK)   
Joe Morrison (UK)   
Johnny Morrison (UK)   
Dorothe Morrow (UK)   
Al Morter (UK)   
Maureen Morton (UK)   
Peter Morton (UK)   
Anton Mosley (UK)   
Jack Moss (UK)   
Wilmot Moss (UK)   
Ubaldo Motosi (UK)   
Alan Mottishead (UK)   
------ Motylinski (UK)   
Arthur Mouncey (UK)   
Stella Moya (UK)   
Arthur Mulholland (UK)   
Sam Mulholland (UK)   
Madge Mullen (UK)   
Andy Mulligan (UK)   
Bill Mulraney (UK)   
Bernie Mulroy (UK)   
Alan Mundell (UK)   
Hilda Mundy (UK)   
Billy Munn (UK)   
Jack Munro (UK)   
Ronnie Munro (UK)   
Robert Murchie (UK)   
Leslie Murfitt (UK)   
Joe Murgatroyd (UK)   
Dick Murphy (UK)   
Joe Murphy (UK)   
John Murphy (UK)   
Les Murphy (UK)   
Spud Murphy (UK)   
Max Murray (UK)   
Harry Musikant (UK)   
Pete Muskant (UK)   
Arthur Muston (UK) Violin & Bandleader
Arthur Muston and his Orchestra were based in Rugby, Warwickshire, at least in the early 1930s. In October 1931, they won the local Melody Maker Dance Band contest and, judging by a comment in "Rhythm" magazine in 1933, they won further contests (possibly organised by "Rhythm") in 1932 and 1933.  Although the report on the 1931 contest (see right) has some criticism of the band (intended to be constructive), it is obvious from its contest record that this was a top band locally. Unfortunately we shall never be able to hear the band, but, thanks to Brian Cook, we have an excellent photograph of the band of this period (see right). Brian's father, Ray Cook, played saxophone & violin in the band (third from left in the photo). The only other name we have (apart from Arthur Muston himself, who is sitting behind the shield) is S. Cawthorne, the drummer, who gets a mention and a prize in the 1931 contest, and he could be the drummer in the picture.

Jeff Muston (UK) Trombone.
Jeff (or Geoff) Muston was based in the Midlands. By the mid-1930s he was playing in Tony's Red Aces, at Tony's Ballroom in Birmingham. He left Tony's in early 1936 to join Billy Merrin's Commanders, one of the top provincial bands, based in Nottingham. He remained with Merrin until at least 1937, making a number of records with the band during this period.
George Myddleton (UK)   
Mick Myers (UK)