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Name and Details Photograph Other Info.
Cliff Cadman (UK)     
Arthur Calkin (UK)     
Jimmy Callen (UK)     
Len Camber (UK)     
D. Cameron (UK)     
Billie Campbell (UK)     
Bruce Campbell (UK)     
Dave Campbell (UK)     
Jimmy Campbell (UK)     
Alfredo Campoli (UK)     
James Camsey (UK)     
Dave Caplan (UK)     
Phil Cardew (UK)     
Les Carew (UK)     
Dave Carey (UK)     
Dorothy Carless (UK)     
Elsie Carlisle (UK)     
Don Carlos (UK)     
The Carlyle Cousins (UK)     
Victor Carne (UK)     
Eddie Carney (UK) 
Saxophonist Eddie Carney was the director of Tony's Red Aces which was the resident band at Tony's Ballroom in Birmingham in the 1930s.
Eddie is described as "Britain's representative soprano saxophone player" and is considered the natural successor to the late Bert Ralton. By the 1930s, the soprano saxophone was rarely heard, except in the hands of American Sidney Bechet, whose hard tone and excessive vibrato would hardly be appropriate to a ballroom. However, the instrument does have a sweet tone which is what Bert Ralton was famous for and presumably this is how Eddie would have sounded.
Eddie Carney was born James Carnie Ramsay in Edinburgh in 1901 and died in Birmingham in 1969
Paul Carpenter (UK)     
Carol Carr (UK)     
Rita Carr (UK)     
Robert Carr (UK)     
Ann Carring (UK)     
Eddie Carrol (UK)     
Eddie Carroll (UK)     
Ted Carroll (UK)     
The Carson Sisters (UK)     
Adam Carter (UK)     
Harry Carter (UK)     
Jack Carter (UK)     
Billy Caryll (UK)     
Santos Casani (UK)     
Harry Case (UK)     
E. Caselli (UK)     
Les Casey (UK)     
Tim Casey (UK)     
The Casey Court Kids (UK)     
Jim Cassidy (US/UK)     
Mick Cassidy (UK)     
Jan Castelli (UK)     
Claude Cavalotti (UK)     
Tim Cave (UK)     
Kay Cavendish (UK)     
The Cavendish Three (UK)     
Sylvia Cecil (UK)     
George Chaffin (UK)     
George Challice (UK)     
Percy Chandler (UK)     
Harry Chapman (UK)     
Jack Chapman (UK)     
Wally Chapman (UK)     
Walter Chapman (UK)     
George Chappell (UK)     
Glenda Chappelle (UK)     
Mary Charles (UK)     
Chris Charlesworth (UK)     
Tich Charlton (UK)     
Jack Charman (UK)     
Isidore (Syd) Chasid (UK)     
Jack Checkman (UK)     
Eric Cheney (UK)     
Len Chester (UK)     
Harold Child (UK)     
Charlie Childs-Campbell (UK)     
Nora Chilo (UK)     
Harold "Chips" Chippendall (UK)     
Frank Chisholm (UK)     
George Chisholm (UK)     
Joe Chisholm (UK)     
Emile Christian (France/UK)     
Hamish C. Christie (UK)     
Art Christmas (Canada / UK) Multi-instrumentalist Art Christmas was born in Canada and arrived in England in early1926 as a member of Paul Specht's Canadian Club Orchestra. Here is a time-line of his commercial recording activities, as far as is known.
Paul Specht's Canadian Club Orchestra                January 1926
New Princes Toronto Band                                    February 1926
Dave Caplan's Toronto Band                                 September 1926 - November 1926
Dave Frost and his Cafe de Paris Band                  August 1931 - December 1931
Percival Mackey's Kit-Cat Dance Band                  September 1931 - December 1931
Roy Fox and his Band                                            January 1933 - August 1938
Jack Jackson and his Band                                    November 1939
Jack Payne and his Band                                       1940 - November 1945

More pictures and information

Oliphant Chuckerbutty (UK)     
Leslie Clair (UK)     
Wendy Claire (UK)     
Jack Clapper (UK)     
Lionel Clapper (UK)     
Diana Clare (UK)     
Helen Clare (UK)     
Pops Clare (UK)     
---- Clark (UK)     
Alec Clark (UK)     
Bill Clark (UK)     
Jimmy Clark (UK)     
Jack Clarke (UK)     
Jimmy Clarke (UK)     
Nobby Clarke (UK)     
Norma Clarke (UK)     
George Clarkson (UK)     
Freddy Clayton (UK)     
Arthur Cleghorn (UK)     
Dave Clifford (UK)     
Paul Clifford (UK)     
Bernard Clifton (UK)     
Fred Clitheroe (UK)     
George Clouston (UK)     
Walter Clover (UK)     
Reg Clowes (UK)     
Percy Clucas (UK)     
June Clyde (UK)     
Arthur Coburn (UK)     
Peggy Cochrane (UK)     
Harry Cocker (UK)     
Charles Coenan (UK)     
Joe Coenan (UK)     
The Co-Harmonists (UK)     
----------- Cohen (UK)     
C. Coker (UK)     
Patrick Colbert (UK)     
Norman Cole (UK)     
Reg. Cole (UK)     
Syd Cole (UK)     
Al Coleman (UK)     
Esther Coleman (UK)     
J. Coleman (UK)     
Norman Coleman (UK)     
Sid Colin (UK)     
Adele Collier (UK)     
Bert Collier (UK)     
Jack Collier (UK)     
Al Collins (UK) Perhaps, not so well remembered as his colleagues Howard Jacobs and Carroll Gibbons, Al Collins, nonetheless, was an important part of the Savoy Hotel group's musical policy of providing top-class dance music. Al worked for the Savoy group for almost the whole of his professional career, starting in 1920. His main residence as far as music was concerned was Claridge's Hotel, though he also lead the band at the Berkeley in the 1930s. William de Mornys, director of the Savoy Group, also used Al Collins as the deputy conductor at the Savoy Hotel itself, when the usual director was away. 

More Pictures, Information and a full discography

Ben Collins (UK)     
Ed Collins (UK)     
Geoff Collins (UK)     
Harry Collins (UK)     
Jack Collins (UK)     
Jack Collins (UK)     
L.F. Collins (UK)     
Eddie Collis (UK)     
Jack Collyer (UK)     
Sydney Coltham (UK)     
Bobby Comber (UK)     
Dave Comer (UK)     
Frank Compton (UK)     
Frank Compton (UK)     
Jean Conibear (UK)     
Les Conley (UK)     
Ginger Conn (UK)     
Harry Conn (UK)     
Lee Conna (UK)     
Reg. Connelly (UK)     
Kay Connor (UK)     
Bob Conrad (UK)     
Jack Conroy (UK)     
Reg Conroy (UK)     
Harry Constable (UK)     
Fred Conyngham (UK)     
Billy Cook (UK)     
Harold Cook (UK)     
Vic Cook (UK)     
Fred Cooke (UK)     
Arthur Coombes (UK)     
Jimmy Coombes (UK) Trombonist Jimmy played with Geraldo's Orchestra during WWII, also singing with the band as a member of the "Three Boys and a Girl" vocal group (alongside Ted Heath!). In 1945, he became one of the founder members of Ted Heath's band. He remained with Heath until about 1960 as bass trombonist. He was known as "The Senator" by the other musicians in the band.  In 1965, Jimmy emigrated to Canada (Vancouver) where he taught at the University of British Columbia and also played with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra until he retired (aged 65) in 1973. He still played the occasional gig (in between playing rounds of golf!). He died in 1993, aged 85    
Cecil Cooper (UK)     
Edward Cooper (UK)     
Jack Cooper (UK)     
L. Cooper (UK)     
Mae Cooper (UK)     
The Cooper Trio (UK)     
Alf Coot (UK)     
Ray Cokestake (UK)     
Joe Cordell (UK)     
Leon Cortez    
Jack Coskar (UK)     
Sam Coslow (US/UK)     
Sam Costa (UK)     
Joe Costello (UK)     
Billy Cotton (UK) Probably Britain's best remembered bandleaders, especially as he was featured in his well known Band Show on radio and television right into the 1960s. Billy Cotton started playing drums when only 15, and in the early 1920s played in a trio, later a full dance band with his nephew Laurie Johnson. Bill formed his first band in 1925, playing at Brighton, then at Southport. By the mid 1930s, the band's records show that the "variety" element is already well developed and shows the direction Bill was heading in, culminating in the famous "band show" in the 1950s & 50s.

More Pictures and Information

Frank Coughlan (Australia/UK)     
Ronnie Coulbertson (UK)     
Bill Cousins (UK)     
Bob Couzens (UK)     
Charles Coverman (UK)     
Harry Cowan (UK)     
Les Cowell (UK)     
Jim Cowsill (UK)     
Dennis Cracknell (UK)     
Al Craig (UK)     
Archie Craig (UK)     
Harry Crampton (UK)     
Fred Cranstone (UK)     
Alfie Crask (UK)     
Jimmy Crawford (UK)     
W. Crawford (UK)     
Jack Creedon (UK)     
Vivian Creeley (UK)     
Jack Cressy (UK)     
Alec Cripps (UK)     
Les Cripwell (UK)     
Eddie Cromar (UK)     
Walter Crombie (UK)     
Harold Cromby (UK)     
Austin "Ginger" Groom-Johnson (UK)     
Ken Crossley (UK)     
Joe Crossman (UK)     
Samuel Crossman (UK)     
George Crow (UK)     
Gene Crowley (UK)     
Sam Crowley (UK)     
Walter Crowley (UK)     
F.C. Cruse (UK)     
Arthur Crudge (UK)     
Tom Cryan (UK)     
The Cubs (UK)     
Len Cullen (UK)     
Jimmy Cummings (UK)     
Jock Cummings (UK)     
Len Cundall (UK)     
Joe Curran (UK)     
Bill Currie (UK)     
Tom Currie (UK)     
Chris Curtis (UK)     
John Curtis (UK)     
Sam Curtis (UK)     
Frederick Curzon (UK)     
Eric Cuthbertson (UK)