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Name and Details Photograph Other Info.
Oscar Rabin (UK)     
Hugh Radcliffe (UK)     
Harry Raderman (USA)     
Max Raderman (USA)     
The Radio Three (UK)     
Jack Raine (UK)     
Jack Raine (UK)     
Pamela Rainer (UK)     
Johnny Raitz (UK)     
Jan Ralfini (UK)     
Bert Ralton (USA)     
The Ramblers (UK)     
Maggie Ramsbottom (UK)     
Harry Ramsey (UK)     
Ronnie Rand (UK)     
Jack Rankin (UK)     
Dennis Ratcliffe (UK)     
George Rawlinson (UK)     
Arthur  Rawson (UK)     
Helen Raymond (UK)     
Syd Raymond (UK)     
Harry Rayner (UK)     
Jack Rayner (UK)     
Bert Read (UK)     
Phyllis Read (UK)     
Wally Read (UK)     
Jimmy Redmond (UK)     
Eddy Reed (UK)     
Henry Reed (UK)     
W.H. "Billy" Reed (UK)     
Annie Rees (UK)     
Alex Reid (UK)     
Billy Reid (UK)     
Jock Reid (UK)     
Frank Reidy (UK)     
George Reilly (UK)     
Les Reis (UK)     
Charles Remue (Belgium)     
Charles Renard (UK)     
Tommy Renwick (UK)     
Monte Rey (UK)     
John Reynders (UK)     
Jim Reynolds (UK)     
Winford Reynolds (UK)     
The Rhythm Brothers (UK)     
The Rhythm Sisters (UK)     
Paul Rich (UK)     
Bill Richards (UK)     
Dick Richards (UK)     
Roy Richards (UK)     
-------- Richardson (UK)     
Albert Richardson (UK)     
Andy Richardson (UK)     
Foster Richardson (UK)     
Reggie Richmond (UK)     
Joe Rickleman (UK)     
Anita Riddell (UK)     
Bill Riddick (UK)     
Harold Ridge (UK)     
Hugo Rignold (UK)     
Pat Rignold (UK)     
Joe Riley (UK)     
Jack Rimmer (UK)     
Jim Risley (UK)     
Ernest Ritte (UK)     
Don Rivers (UK)     
Pearl Rivers (UK)     
George Rives (UK)     
Al Roach (UK)     
Harry Robbins sr (UK)     
Harry Robbins jr (UK)     
Ivor Robbins (UK)     
Jessie Robbins (UK)     
Harry Robens (UK)     
Stella Roberta (UK)     
Alf Roberts (UK)     
Bette Roberts (UK)     
Dave Roberts (UK)     
George Roberts (UK)     
John Roberts (UK)     
Dick Robertson (UK)     
Hugh Robertson (UK)     
John Robertson (UK)     
Stuart Robertson (UK)     
Paul Robeson (UK)     
Lionel Robins (UK)     
Phyllis Robins (UK)     
Bob Robinson (UK)     
Chater Robinson (UK)     
Eric Robinson (UK)     
Douglas Robinson (UK)     
Frank Robinson (UK)     
Harry Robinson (UK)     
Ivor Robinson (UK)     
H. Robinson-Cleaver (UK)     
Carson Robison (UK)     
Bob Robson (UK)     
George Robson (UK)     
Charles Rocco (USA)     
Harry Roche (UK)     
Stan Roderick (UK)     
Frank Rodgers (UK)     
Leo Roger (UK)     
Bill Rogers (UK)     
Charles "Buddy" Rogers (USA)     
F. Rogers (UK)     
Gaby Rogers (UK)     
Ace Roland (UK)     
Johnny Roland (UK)     
Johnny Rolins (UK)     
Johnny Rollands (UK)     
Adrian Rollini (USA)     
The Romaniacs (UK)     
Abe Romaine (Australia)     
Joe Romano (UK)     
Leslie Rome (UK)     
Ove Ronn (UK)     
David Rose (UK)     
Peter Rose (UK)     
Arthur Rosebery (UK) Pianist & Bandleader Arthur Rosebery is generally known today for the excellent series of recordings he made with his band in the late 1920s for Parlophone, but this is just a small sample from a long and varied career which started when Arthur worked at Francis, Day & Hunter as a demonstration pianist in 1921, through forming his own first band, a trio, which included Billy Cotton on drums, to being spotted by Jack Hylton in about 1927 or 28. Following the successful run at the Kit-Cat, Arthur & his band played in various smaller venues and in the pit for "Wonder Bar" before spending two years in Iceland  and subsequently at the Chez Henri in London amongst other West End nightspots. Following the awr, Arthur changed his name to Al Shine, working as a solo pianist in West Germany until the early 1960s. From 1968 until his death in 1986 "Al Shine" played at Flannigan's. Arthur Rosebery, MM 1028.jpg (45293 bytes)

 More information and pictures

Johnny Rosen (UK)     
Val Rosing (UK)     
Louis Rossi (UK)     
Lionel Rothery (UK)     
------- Rourke (UK)     
Jack Rourke (UK)     
Bob Rowe (UK)     
George Rowe (UK)     
Jack Rowe (UK)     
Derek Roy (UK)     
Harry Roy (UK)     
Syd Roy (UK) Pianist and bandleader, Syd Roy, formed his band, the Original Lyrical Five, in 1921 and played at many of the leading places in London, including Rector's Club and subsequently at the Cafe de Paris. The band included his brother, Harry Roy as tenor saxophone player and comedian/dancer. The band went on various tours from 1927 onwards, both in England and around the world, visiting South Africa, Australia and Germany. By 1931, Syd was back in England and, having been asked to form a band for the RKO cinema, needed someone with a strong outgoing style to front the band. He chose his brother, Harry Roy and set him on the road to fame. Syd became Harry's manager and relinquished his bandleading career.

Many more photos and extra information to be found here!

The Royalists (UK)     
Edward Ruback (UK)     
Jules Ruben (UK)     
Harry Rubens (UK)     
Sid Rubens (UK)     
Peter Rush (UK)     
E. W. Rushforth (UK)     
Connie Russell (UK)     
Francis Russell (UK)     
Kennedy Russell (UK)     
Jack Russin (UK)     
Van Ruth (UK)     
Harry Rutland (UK)     
Ernest Rutterford (UK)     
Monti Ryan (UK)